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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Ok, so I've been trying to get this thing to work for like an hour now and finally I just asked my buddy A.G. to fix me a lil place up on this here spot. I was told that this place is way better than myspace so I decided to give it a try and we will see what occurs. So as of today I'm a blogger (smile)

My name is Danielle and I'm currently a hard working alumni of GMU. I work in Washignton, DC. Yes the nations capitol at a law firm, I work hard for my money but I ain't too proud to beg (my parents that is lol). Anyway as you can see I love to laugh which means I have a sense of humor. I'm a Libra and that means my bday is coming up (Oct 20th to be exact) so all of those who know me and dont' call me on my bday that is a good way of ending up on my crappy no more friend list.

By writing this blog I hope to try to create some sort of balance within my life in understanding the daily trials and tribulations that I go through being a 22 (almost 23) year old, professional, intelligent, attractive black woman in the DC/VA area.

So have a seat, dont' put your feet up but feel free to relax and perhaps we can both learn something.
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March 16, 2007  

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