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Monday, October 24, 2005

Are you for real.....

Aight so last week was my 23rd birthday and let's just say that my girls did a good job of making it one to remember amongst the other bday's I've had since I've known them. On Monday night I recieved a lil dance from my favorite dancer (Outlaw), Tues I got the hair twisted (I'm in the process of getting it locked), Wed the girls treated me to a aromatherapy massage (off the chain, I recommend that everyone get one at least once a year), Thurs which was the big day we had dinner at Sweet Water (lovely place in Falls Church) I got to see Double 06, AG, and some of the girls so you know that was fun, Fri we hit the mall and I got to spend some of my birthday money (got a sweater and two blazers), Sat went to Pearl in DC with Tash, my Buddy, and two of Tash's girls. Had a blast there, it was croweded but of course it would be that way cause it was Howard's Homecoming and everyone and their mom was in town. I'd go back there when I get a chance, although it's small and you might get claustrophobic (it's kinda like a u shape...a small u lol).

So when did my weekend go into shambles..well it started Sat with the rain and my supposed date with Green Eyes (new male friend). When I say supposed I mean all week it's been discussed that we are going out so I slept late on Sat and was wondering what to wear when I get a call from Tash who wanted to go to Pearl that night. So I was like aight I haven't heard from Green Eyes yet and the week before last, when we were suppose to go out...... I didn't talk to him till around 8 or 9 pm in which I could have made other plans during this conversation he informed me that something had happened to a family member and he had to check on them. He would call me when he was done, and he never great. Since I hadn't seen him I was kinda happy about seeing him this weekend....needlesstosay I talked to him on Thursday night when he asked how was dinner and then he informed me that he had gotten called back to work (which is why he couldn't surprise me at dinner, aww how nice). So I said ok talk to you later. Saturday rolls around, I got out and about since the roomies had left for the weekend and taken my lil sis back home for me. I called him around 4ish and left a message..he calles me back to inform me that "oh, I forgot that I had my family reunion today I'll call you when I'm done". Now do you think I got a call back.....hell to the nah. Then Sun he calls talking about I'm at work been here since 11:30 am and won't be at home till about 8ish. I was like aight so you missed all the football games, he was like yea. We talked for a second then he was like I'll talk to you later, I'm thinkin yea aight. Then he was like I'll see you later on this week probably Tues or Wed and I'm thinkin I'm not counting on it cause you can't seem to get right. So I was bummed but I did get some good sleep on Sun. I was bummed because I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt and assuming he was different cause that's what he said to me.

I guess being someone with common sense is hard for some people. I mean how hard would it be to call and tell me when you went into work that you were going in and that you were sorry that we couldn't see one another. Don't give me no bullish about wanting to spend time with me and all that mumbo jumbo and not follow through. So I ended being mad at him on Sun night while watching Desperate Housewives, which was actually pretty good and watching Law and Order which was good as well. So I get to work today and he send me an IM "hey boo how are you" I was like fine and am giving him one word messages. He asks me if I was upset and mad at him I tell him no that I'm mad at work cause I was away on Friday and I get back today and I have all this work to do...and everyone says they need it today. So I'm venting and he was like well I can see you need to vent so I'll talk to you later bye. I'm like dang shouldn't you listen if I'm venting (I didn't say this but this is what I'm thinking) so later after I calm down i was like how is your day going and he's like fine I was like great to hear. Then I was like I apologize for being rude earlier....I got overwhelmed. He was like whatever you was madd rude to me. I'm like how was I rude to you, I said I wasn't mad at you. I was mad at work stuff then I was like I can't make you accept my apology that's up to you. Then he was like well get at me later, I'm busy.

WOW First of all you a grown man and you actin like a baby over an IM conversation. You can't really tell how someone is feeling anyway cause it's over IM, what does that say about you. Plus I apologized so dang. But anyway I was like aight it's cool just get at me when you feel like talking. I'm not one to be rude and will be the first to apologize if I think I have been but don't make the situation worse by acting like a lil kid (you made me mad so I'm takin my toys and leaving). I mean I thought we were past that phase in our lives. GREAT!!! I guess not for some people. So I'm treading water softly with him. Meaning I ain't callin him this week and will not talk to him unless he calls me (lets see how long I stick to this lol) I'm tired of being's time to be mean again. It got me far and cut the losers out which is what I need now. I don't like being mean cause that's not the type of person I am but hey I'll do what I need to do to get some things happening.

It's just sad that I'm really glad I didn't let my guard down with him cause he's beginning to be a bit weird. But I don't know what's going on in his head and he might be having issues..people tend to do that on Mondays...we'll see how he acts the rest of the week if I talk to him.

So last week was cool......especially since an ex called me and wished me Happy Birthday (an ex who I was thinking of marrying at one time and we are still on good terms) so I was trying not to think anything about this but I can't help it..ah well life goes on.
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