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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Things people say

Aight so I usually write on this thing once a day but today deserves two posts since the first one really wasn't one. I'm at work doing work for the most part and reading blogs (which by the way is slowly becoming addicting) people are too funny. I've gone from people being seriously deep on their blogs to writing about the ridiculous antics of the people in the celeb spotlight.

So needlesstosay I have been cracking up all day and I do mean all day. First I was cracking up at this blog that was talking about ANTM (America's Next Top Model). I missed last weeks show so I caught it last night. I was in tears, is it just me but isn't Lisa a crackhead. I mean who puts bubbles in the pool then takes off their clothes only to wear a swimsuit created by bubbles. Then she is making faces at the camera looking like that man in the wheelchair from Silence of the Lambs whose face was eaten by the pigs (look at his eyes next time and you will know what I mean). The Tyra talks about vices and she says she likes to drink wine and Tyra asks her if she is a wino.....and what does she say "Yea, I am a wino". Now I don't know if I would admit that on national television and ruin other potential job offers because I like to kick back some wine, but this chick doesn't sip on the wine..she drowns herself in it and takes baths in it if you know what I mean (Then she proceeds to talk to the bush outside and call it cousin IT) WTF??????

Aight so after cracking up on that and trading thoughts with my Buddy (She loves when I give her shoutouts) I started conversing on yahoo..yea I know I'm at work I should be doing work, but I was done. But anyway I was talking to a guy friend and he was talking about how he needed some and could I give it to him. I quickly reminded him that he had a baby on the way and that is why he wasn't getting any, his girl was pregnant with his big head baby (we have a twisted relationship) anyway then this other guy who I use to talk to sometime last year sent me an IM on yahoo talking about "hey, when can I come over and get some good loving". WOW I proceeded to tell my buddy this and she had me cracking up. I could see her laughing which is why I was laughin so hard especially when she does this AHHHHHH thing cause I know what her face looks like when she does it and it makes me crack up even harder. Anyway I was like ummm wow who says this and I was like not for real and he said
" I thought I was the last person you had sex with" umm bookie you were so last year which is what I'm thinking to myself. I was like "umm why would you think that" LOL (He got some nerve, acting like he got it like that)

So I ask him all these questions and was like why don't you ask the last chick you got some from to help you out in this dilemma and he doesn't respond for a while and then when he does he says ?, what you mean, so you aren't interested.....of course I'm not!!!! WOW I don't talk to you on the phone for like almost a year and you want to jump my bones and not even try to fake it lol. Mind you he's someone who threw rocks at my window when I was sleep trying to come into my apt. (Ok I wasn't really alseep I just didn't want him to come up) Then he wakes me up with his snoring so bad I went into my living room and watched TV then woke his tail up to tell him to stop before he got kicked out, then he wakes me up with his sleep talking and tells me that I'm selfish (Yea I know why do I do this to myself lol)

That's not all..when he did stay over we had this convo where he was talking about how he wanted to be with me and all this jazz when he couldn't even spend time with me outside of the time that is meant to be used for sleep...get the picture yea he thought I was stupid well I'm not. I may have my moments but I'm far from slow. So he commutes to work with me and while we are commuting (which in the DC area means bus, to metro, to work) I notice his shoes...can we say his soles were talking. I mean if there is anything that someone who knows me well knows is that I love shoes and my mom and aunts always told me to pay attention to a man's feet. I was like umm wow...nice shirt nice tie....busted up shoes. I mean it looks like he been running a marathone for like 2 years.....straight and no I'm not overreacting lol

Man men are too funny.

Random Thoughts:
I hate being someone's assistant...I'm made to be a leader not a slave (lol)

This lady next to me talks to much and digs in her pants

The new girl across from acts like she is from a trailer park and looks as if she stinks

Why does my boss seem to have no life outside of work. I mean you hear me on the phone discussing something with a client and you listen and then come to me and say "webcast problems huh I won't talkin to you" WOW
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