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Thursday, October 27, 2005


Man last night's epidose of ANTM wasn't as funny as last week but the day was funny. I spent most of the morning laughing with my buddy about things people had written on their blogs and trying to convince this guy (who is from St. Croix) that I'm not interested in him. So I get off at the usual time (which is quite unusual lately) hop on the good foot to get home in time to really relax before ANTM comes on.

So I get on the metro and yes here in DC it's already winter I don't know about the rest of the world (I think you missed the memo) but we have already hit frost on the car weather. But I digress....I'm on the metro (yellow line) going home when I start to people watch. Now it's not staring if you sweep the train and keep going. So I'm people watching..looking from one person to another when I notice this Hispanic chick staring me down so I look back at her and give her this "yea, what you lookin at" anyway she looks away and I notice that she is sitting next to this guy who has the worst case of painters pants I have ever seen (pants that look like you've been painting a house or something all day). I mean they have every color in the rainbow on them and then holes and I'm like I wonder does he really paint or did he borrow those pants from anyone I mean why put on pants with paint on them. Then again if I were a painter I would do that cause why mess up a new set of pants with more paint when you can wash the paint pants with the paint on them and get more paint on them (ah well)

So anyway as I'm on the train going home which is almost coming to an end I notice how white men stare and smile at women. I mean not stare as if to say ohh you are attractive, they stare as if to say I'm a killer and I'm trying to determine your routine so I can follow you home then they give you this sinister smile in which they look like the Grinch. WOW

Aight so I'm off the train and I'm at the pentagon and I notice how all the fine black men tend to be security guards at the Pentagon. I mean can I be frisked for a bomb. WOW I'm in line to get on the bus which is a long line of mostly whites or asians...I don't know what it is about Northern va after work but you see maddd white people. Anyway so I'm in line and I see my room mate in front of me and I push her to see what she says and she turns around quick sees it's me and says hey..that's when I see him. He's about 5'8, middle age, caucasian, leather jacket, tight pants and ohh yes here it comes a dangling ear ring hanging from the left earlobe. MAANNNNN all I could do what look at roomie and crack up. So we get on the bus which by the way is driven by a cutie. I sit and start to read Express and I notice wanna be biker is smiling at this black lady across the aisle and says in the most corniest voice I have ever heard "Ha, that looks like it could be a good read, ha" The lady looks at him and say uhh yea, goes back to reading her book then she falls asleep. I then notice that the bus smells like straight crap..meaning someone stepped in dog crap or slept in it LOL I was like dang I wonder who it is...

So I get off the bus wait to cross the street and I tell my roomie about the observation I made on the bus and we laugh about wanna be biker and then she was like why was he lookin and smiling at me waving. I was like what lol maybe he wanted to get your number LOL I then proceed to go into the house and get ready for ANTM. First I turn on the comp so I can talk to Green Eyes since he is at work late again and says he needs company. That's when carribean decides to send me an IM on yahoo. Talking about can he come over, I did leave out the part that he sent me an IM at work asking me to come over and I kept ignoring him so much that he keep IM'ng me and finally buzzed me so much (which is this noise that you can do on Yahoo when you want to get some one's attention) that I signed off. LOL who does that So he's asking can he come over and I'm like I'm busy and all that jazz. So he then signs off. I talk to Green Eyes till ANTM comes on that's when drama happens. I'm sitting eating my lil cheeseburger that my roomie bought me when in comes a new friend of hers. He proceeds to come in say Happy Belated Bday, which is nice and then carry on a conversation about how his boy Young Jeezy had to go to court for a child support increase. I mean ok, I feel where the sister is coming from...first you were giving her $200 now you blowing up she deserves an increase she had you kid. WOW men blow me.

But anyway, when he sees what we are watching he says I hate this show, I hate Tyra too. I was like well I don't care I heard she was hoe as well but she ain't paying my bills then he says well you paying hers. And I'm thinking how rude of you to come in here and be like oh i hate what you are watching on TV like I'm gonna change it. Boo this is my house, I pay rent..I was two seconds from showing his tail the door. He then goes on a tangent about how a WNBA star has since admitted that she is a lesbien. I mean so what, then he was like I was listening on the radio and they asked would it be different if a man who played basketball came out. Of whole point in saying this is why are you coming in here acting like you know everything about people in the celeb spot light. Like we care, then he keeps talking about some nonsense and proceeds to get on the phone. Meanwhile I'm trying to watch ANTM which is too funny (Nik is still hangin in there, Lisa is still a weirdo man that girl has problems) I was tempted to go turn up the volume, he doesn't excuse himself he just keeps on talking like he isn't in someone's house interrupting them. WOW how hard is it to excuse yourself..not that hard.

So by then I'm sick of him and when I'm sick of people I tend to get short with them. So he gets up to go to my room mates room which by the way he didn't ask could he go in, he just grabs her and goes there. He says to me, I would give you some bday licks I was like nah you aight and I go back to watching my program thinking this man done lost his ever lasting mind. WOW

This morning I sign on to yahoo and carribean man send me an IM calling me a fraud. I mean am I fraud because I'm not interested in you. Am I a fraud because I ignored you, or because you are so focused on sex that you can't talk about anything else. I mean thanks for being real but sometimes real is too real. I said my name isn't fraud and no where in my name does it spell that so get it right.

On top of that Red (dude from Texas) sends me an IM talking about he wants me to come visit and all this crap about a threesome and I'm like boo heck no. We were together for about a year and recently parted ways at the beginning of this summer becuase he is tooo demanding and talks to people as if he runs ish. He isn't even all that and he's the one that asked me to be with him. Then I said well if I come visit we need to talk about lots of stuff and he was like well whatever you'll get your time, i want us to have a threesome....yea I know WTF??????????? Who says that?! I said boo I ain't coming down there so you can turn me into a freak hoe..dang then he said you'll get your time shut up, i was like whoaaa you know I hate that word then he says how is work boo i was like I ain't your boo and you can take that talkin to me like I'm a lil kid to some other chicken head. WOW

I'm real......I say what I feel. If you dont' like it kick rocks.
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