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Monday, October 31, 2005

Emotional Rollercoaster

Well let's recap the weekend. Friday I got to leave work early due to a going away/halloween party at Mason. So I leave work early, get on the metro, get on the bus, go home, change clothes, hop in the ride......hop out the ride cause I forgot my work badge since I was going back later for a Happy Hour, drive down to the end of the street...turn back around cause I forgot my cell if that was any look into the future of my weekend then I should have paid attention. Anyway the party was nice, great food and it was nice seeing some of the people that I use to work for...and I felt a lil more grownup (I guess that's what graduating does to ya)

After that was all over I called one of the roomies and told her I would meet her in front of my office building so we could go up for the Happy I leave Northern Va at almost 5 and how come I didn't get into DC till after 6pm...yea traffic was that crucial. I mean bumper to bumper for no reason. I think people see Friday in DC as a holiday and try to run to the nearest bar as fast as they can. Then since I couldn't leave my car at a meter till after 6:30 I decided to pick the roomie up from a metro station in DC....needlesstosay I spent about 10 min trying to get back to 12th street cause part of it is a one way....great

Anywho...I pick roommate up, park, chat for about 5 min till I can leave the ride and go on up to enjoy an hour or so of free drinking. There were people there with their lil kids dressed up as pumpkins, a pirate and some others who I think just put on anything with no focus, but hey their kids so it doesn't really matter. I think the cutest one I saw was a lil baby who was about I think was almost one, dressed as a pumpkin....lil fat legs and these brown suede shoes on she was sooo cute. So I drank, talked, socialized, networked whatever you would like to call it then went on home, put on some pj's and called it a night. Tash came over to get her hair done so she had me crackin' up but sometime between her sitting under the dryer and me watching the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen I feel sleep on the couch.

Sat got up went to Verizon to try and this crap of a phone has a mind of it's own. It shuts off when it wants to, doesnt' charge like it's suppose to...the guy said he did a reset so we will see if that fixes the problem if it doesn't then he told me that next time they should be able to replace it. Yea aight, we'll see it took them about 2 months to give me a working phone. So after that I went home and fixed a nice lil breakfast and watched some tv till it was time for me to go pick up my phone..steel magnolias was on...I'm so mad that I always miss some of the movie. Then I dosed off, read a lil a call to say that we were going out to celebrate Nat's bday around 8ish at Tyson's Corner. So I had to pick something to wear. I pull out the brown sweater that matches the boots my roomie bought me...and what do I see..the ink theft tag still on.

Man I ammm too pissed, so I'm trying to think of ways to get it to come off when brainblast (something Jimmy Neutron says) I remember that we have a hammer. So I'm banging on the dang on thing with a hammer on the kitchen counter when it occurs to me that I might break the counter so I go downstairs to the fireplace. So I'm banging on the ink thing with the hammer on the fireplace and it finally comes but I notice that I have a hole in my sweater. Great then I have to rush and get ballons when the place closes at 9 and it's about 8ish now. Another great. So I'm flyin to get ballons, flyin to get to the restaurant.

I get there finally after a lot of headache, order my food a certain way and of course when it comes back to the table it's wrong so she sends it back to be fixed. Meanwhile everyone is eating and done by the time I get my food. So I politely ask for the manager and tell her I no longer want my food and she asks me if something else can be done so I ask for a salad and for the other meal to be taken off my ticket. I get the salad which by the way was off the chain...I do mean that. So I get a free salad out of everything although I was looking forward to eating my meal. We eat cake, converse, laugh and all that jazz then leave to go to the afterparty in DC.

We get there, people are in costumes.....drink a lil some dances, laugh at some people who we couldn't figure out what they were. Then leave cause the other girls had to drive back to as you can see the weekend was pretty eventful. Culminating the weekend with a nice chill sunday.

On top of all that of course my brain is overworking cause the new friend is working madd overtime and I haven't seen them in about 2 weeks...the old friend is going out to sea on wed which means we will be communicating via email for a second which lately seems better cause they are more open...weird. I mean why do I stress myself out so people irritate me LOL
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