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Friday, February 03, 2006

How Far Would You Go?

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Will & Grace. Well I've been a slacker in watching the episodes on Thursday cause I usually watch them at 11:00 pm on Lifetime, but anyway since this is the last season of the show I decided to watch the Thursday night episodes till it's over.

A few months ago I was watching Will & Grace and there was an episode where the gang (Jack, Karen, Will & Grace) were going to the Sound of Music Musical that was playing (I love this movie by the way). Without going into the whole story line which is very funny might I add...Will meets this guy in a cafe (he's actually suppose to be meeting Grace at the theater) make a long story short he talks to the guy and finds that he really likes him. Of course Jake and Karen get into something because Karen threw a flask over the balcony and it hit someone so they are running from the theater staff and Will has to come to their rescue. Which means he has to leave his new crush.

Last night I gathered that from this one meeting he had fallen head over heels because he was telling Grace that he kept seeing the guy and he kept wondering what would have happened if things had been different and what not. I've had that happen...seen and talked to someone and then lost their number or even forgotten to ask for their number and wondered what would have become of us if things had worked out differently. Well wouldn't you know that while all of the Gang (all of them including Jacks son, who is going to college in CA) is on vacation they run into Will's crush who is none other than Taye Diggs (the chocolate man candy from The Best Man, Brown Suga and Rent).

SILENCE....yea I was shocked when I saw the first episode that he was in and I was like noooo, why they got him playing a gay man and a gay man who is gonna potentially date Will at that. I mean dang, he could have dated Grace or Karen (Gregory Hines has dated Grace on the show I mean wow) but I got the shock of my life when during the episode they rekindled and Taye found out that he would have to go back to Canada (sigh) because his green card feel through. What to do, what to do. Well Will gets sad so he decides to go back home therefore ending his vacation early. He can't stand the thought of wondering what if and letting his guard down only to be hurt again. Grace asks him how does he know Taye (not his name on the show) doesn't feel the same and what does he even know about this man (pretty much being a friend).

Well Grace goes and finds Taye and talks to him finding out that he feels very deeply for Will just as Will does for him, he finds out that Will is packing and goes through this whole speech about Will's favorite color and what he calls his shirt board and what not running out of the lobby to go up to Will's room and runs smack dab into you know who...WILL. Well they commune and talk and are sad about saying good bye.....well while both of them are saying they would love to see where this could go..not knowing if it would go far or just be temporary they both stated that they did want to try, but how could they do that with Taye being in Canada (which Grace says isn't even a real country lol). WELL..........Grace says she will marry Taye, they ponder this and yep sounds like a good idea to them......Grace kisses Taye and yep you guessed it he (Will) proceeds to KISS (yes you read right) KISS Taye.

SILENCE........CRICKETS.....spit dropping out of mouth.

Now all of this is not because two men are kissing..I've seen that before. I live near DC and must I say I am a very open minded person and know that I can't judge (I am not God) plus it's all deeper than that (lol) too deep for a Friday. But anyway all of that is because I can't believe Taye kissed Will, I mean he's black he's a fine man and the first thing my room mate said was.......How much did they pay him to do that? Which is what I was thinking when I saw it and the time I saw Set it Off and Queen did it.

I mean how far would I go as an actress in a show....of course I would realize it's all acting. But I mean would I kiss on the cheek or a light peck on the lips (like Sug Avery and Whoopi in the Color Purple) or would I tongue a woman down for a paycheck or to prove that I could care less about people thinking I was a lesbien? On top of that how far would I go for a friend who has a new found crush but for some reason can't as in the case of Will and Taye. They couldn't get married cause gay marriages aren't legal as of yet so Grace decides to be a friend and marry him. Mind you these men didn't say they loved one another they just wanted the opportunity that most of us want to do but don't ......see if it could flourish into something. I mean would I marry someone from a different country just cause my friend wanted to see where things would go....that's deep the question of the day is "How far would you go"

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giiiirrrlll! we libras.. i tell ya! lol. I LOOOOVE Will & Grace.. and when Will & Taye kissed last night.. I screamed!!! I had to call my b/f and tell him, he was like.. there's not enough $$ in the world! if it was just a peck.. then ok i could accept that.. but the kiss lasted like 5-10 seconds... and NO.. i (as grace) would not marry taye.. she's still young w/ the possibility of marrying again.. there's always the option of taking many vacations throughout the year to see each other. taye could move close to the ny border so the distance wouldn't be a hassle.. many people have made long distance relationships work.. im curious as to what's going to happen next week!

February 03, 2006  

YES!!! I was too through with that. I was like them dang on men....Taye with his chocolate self. Man I can't wait to see how this is going to carry out...especially with Grace marrying Taye...just so they could potentially "date. Not I said

February 03, 2006  

When the Golden Globes were on a month or so ago, Taye was being interviewed at a post GG party... and he said that he had just gotten back from filming Will and Grace. But they really flipped it on me Thursday - dang. But I don't care what role Taye plays on tv... as long as he is on tv!

The Mad Dater,
"because there's a Bastrd in all of us"

February 03, 2006  

Never watched Will & Grace.

I probably tongue a woman down for $1 million dollors or more. LOL

February 03, 2006  

@ thoughts... LOL girl you are too funny

February 03, 2006  

So thats what the commerical was about. Glad I missed that

February 03, 2006  

Never watched Will & Grace either until it started coming on Lifetime. My sisters love it, but I never really got into it.

Girl, I have to admit that I would kiss a female on TV to if the price was right. I’m sorry, but yes I would definitely do it!

February 03, 2006  

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