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Thursday, January 26, 2006

My growing locs...

WOW..two posts in one day I think I've done this before can't remember. But I did a post talking about my locs actually my baby locs that's what one of my guy friends who has longer ones call mine lol......those accents emmm emm emm (lol) but anyway I digress. So I decided to put some pics up containing me and my growing locs.....I've had them since Oct and now it's January so yea they aren't that long but hey I love em just the same. The captions beneath the pic describes when the pic was taken.

This is me about 2 days after I got my hair twisted as you can see they aren't that long

This is me around November ish when I was about to go out...a lil longer not too much longer. i had to cut the color out of them.

This was me during Christmas. You can see they are a lil longer but not too much longer.

This is me about the 2nd week in January. A day at the office. They are longer than before and the ones in the back along with the ones that I continually twist all day have started to lock and tighten.

This one was taken last weekend...when I was having a night out in DC with the roomie. Man we had a blast and I was ohhh so jazzy!!!! See my hair is longer lol


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you look so sophisticated in that last picture. your locs are cute and suit you well!

January 27, 2006  

@accomplice..thanks girlie. I try to make it do what it do. LOL

January 27, 2006  

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March 16, 2007  

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