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Friday, October 27, 2006

Frantic Friday

Aight so I got to work like 10 min late cause I was at the DMV thinking that I could pop in get my registration sticker and pop out. OHHHH NO. Come to find out they can't give me a new sticker until I pay a I call the court to pay the ticket over the phone...but no they don't do payments over the phone. I can fax the info in but they can't send me a receipt unless I send them a self addressed form and a bunch of nonsense. It'd be aight if I could just go down there and get it but umm the court is like 2 hours away....I got the ticket going to my parents house. Great what a way to begin a Friday.

So yea...looks like I'll be driving around at night LOL...paranoid that the cops will be pulling me over....errrr

I want these boots from DSW..I'm so going to get them after work

What am I going to eat for lunch

When will this freaking weight come off

He'll be home in a month

I see HIM in two weeks and I still smile each time I see his face pop up on my phone

He's helping me get over HIM....and that is much needed

He is still trying.....but trying ain't cutting it this time.....let's pray I stand my ground

I'm going to TX to visit Red (Kappa ex).....didn't want to go to Vegas alone..casue you know they stalk people that are alone LOL..and R couldn't go out of town next weekend he has his I will be in Sunny Dallas....let's hope it's sunny

I have a layover in the CHI...sorry I can't explore more of it cause based on Tenacious' love for her city I've been dying to see crack heads on the corner and stop some traffic LOL...sike let me stop

It's finally FRIDAY...why do I crave the weekend so

I need to go back to BK's Jazzercise class...probably before Nov ends hahaah..then again hopefully before then

I need some stuffing in my life...I can't wait to grub on thanksgiving..i'm gonna stop eating now so I can fit all that food in

He says he yearns to hear my voice sometimes (yes sometimes..cause I can be a pain and this I know lol)

I love sleep..why can't I get paid to do it.....

My dog is crazy....he trys to act like he's walking me slow the heck down

I'm going to see SAW III tonight with R....the week before last we had a talk about where this whole thing is going...ummm we've known each other for 2 years and if it hasn't gone anywhere you really think it is going anywhere

He says the type of connection he has with me..he doesnt have with anyone else...alrighty buddy, what the heck does that mean..scratch that I know what it means

He says he cares about me..even loves me..but it scared...why is this the age old excuse..I mean come on man...I ain't gonna just continue to do what I do with you..I can move the heck on...LOL

Someone sent me a text yesterday...apparently it was someone I use to talk to..but have since deleted their number...I asked who it was..they didn't respond so I said well apparently you aren't someone I need to know anymore LOL....great

I think it was nurse dude for some odd reason.....

Why do I laugh when I watch porn LOL....

Did I really just admit to watching porn....

I need to go back to sleep
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U have a great weekend gorgeous.....U know they say the best way to get over somebody is to get with somebody new..hahahahhahahahhahah......

Stay outta trouble LEAD FOOT

October 27, 2006 too girlie. And i'm having fun getting over someone LOL..I'm trying to stay out of trouble believe me I'm trying LOL

October 27, 2006  

Yes this is boot season. I seen a pair of Micheal Kors slouch boots I want but those suckers are $700. Just wishful thinking....

Have a good weekend

October 27, 2006  

re porn
yes you really did but at least you have the good taste to think it's funny

re DMV
don't they have a pay online option? Gosh. What year is this?

October 27, 2006  

girl please get that ticket paid.

and i know BK is waiting on ya

October 27, 2006  

thoughts...I love boots although my calves will only allow me to get the kind that don't zip LOL which means I can't buy any cheap ones

gods cracks me up cause the crap they say on there doesn't even sound like a normal person talking..I mean who says cock LOL..yea they do have a pay online option..well apparently this court doesn't so great...i think they are stuck in the dark ages.'s being processed as we speak it ain't my fault I couldn't do it over the phone..yea she's waiting on you too LOL

October 27, 2006  

Oh no, here you go with the tickets again. You need to get a chauffer b/c you always getting caught breaking the traffic laws.

Its okay to admit you watch Porn, now if you admit to buying porn then we'll be worried about you. LOL

October 27, 2006  

T...LOL I wish I could have someone drive me I didn't say I got a new ticket this is a ticket that I talked about before that I somehow forgot to pay and in order to get a new sticker on my car I have to pay umm yea LOL..I didn't get caught cause I wasn't driving (lol)

October 28, 2006  

Not another ticket? *lol*

Porn...I thought I was the only one to giggle during porn.

*sigh* If you're flying in at Midway you miiiightt see some crack heads *lol* or just walk through the terminals going toward the CTA @ O'Hare trust you'll find plenty

Ooh and tell me how Saw 3 it worth my $$ better yet is it worth me renting the first 2?

October 28, 2006  

DMV will keep you with them all day. I only go there if I am off that day.

October 28, 2006  

Uhh yea...u admitted to watchin porn. But ur regular readers aren't surprised. U let that out of the bag...quite a few posts ago.

I laugh too...the "scripts" are guaranteed comment on the "ad-libs"...lmao Friday was odd 2...


October 28, 2006  

PS - Yea, if u fly into MidWay, fuck seein crackheads, u may have a crackhead flying the plane. Midway is the pits...and I don't even live in


October 28, 2006  

I had some dressing this weekend! Nan nanny boo boo! LOL

Some porn is funny, ain't no shame in watchin naked folks play naked games!

October 30, 2006  

@ Honey

*dead* That was the rest of our convo actually...Why I would another broad whose tits are probably bigger than mine rolling in the bed with me and a guy? *shudder* And what if she touches me or something *double shudder* And here's the guy...lazy as fuck while we do all the work...

No way Jose....

And oh my...don't make me make a list of the funny shit that goes on in porn...let's start with the dude wearing fucking Timbs and knee socks...butt ass naked...I mean really now you gotta take ur pants off, you mean to tell me you put the boots right back on?

Lawd let me quit....

October 30, 2006  

You never and I mean NEVER just go to the DMV and pop in and pop out.
I hope the rest of ur day go well

October 30, 2006  

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