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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Of course there are some others but umm we can't share those LOL..sike let me stop..if you scroll down to the last two posts you can see a few as you can see I had a ball..and I've figured out how to trick Blogger so I could post them (put the pics in..then type don't try to type and then post pics LOL)...anywho hope your weekend was as eventful as mine!!!!! I'm in the MAFIA now DOGGGGG!!!!

posted by Ms.Honey at 6:31 AM


i've learned that trick too! and sometimes you have to post 1 at a time...

glad u had a good time! if that's not all of them.. i wanna see the pics :-)

October 25, 2006  

what, no black and mild? what kind of cigar smoker ARE you?!? bougie negro! ;)

you looked beautiful! i love that outfit. uh, where the men at?

October 25, 2006  

Loved the pics. Looks like you had a blast.
Happy belated B-day, Lockaversary, and blogaversary.

October 25, 2006  

LOL hahahaaa looks like u had a ball.. ok I forgive you now..

So when u coming back to class?

October 25, 2006  

Dat's what's up! Getting your mafia on, I see you!

October 25, 2006  

That's where we did Bree's bday last year...had mad fun....

you know I'm nosey of course I want to see the pics.

October 26, 2006  

Love the pics. I use to love me some cigars. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

October 26, 2006  

@ Honey

Girl he's lucky I'm saved *lol* I don't know it is with me or shit maybe it's me...I need to go back to my old mean ass ways!!!

*sigh* Dani...myspace is the devil!!

October 26, 2006  

Thanks for sharing the pictures. It looks as if you had a great time!

October 26, 2006  

Lookin' like a boss with the cigar!!

October 26, 2006  

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