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Wednesday, October 18, 2006



So this very day one year ago I started this blog. It's been a year that has flown by..a year that has helped me come into my own somewhat. I love writing and reading some of my old posts and I can sometimes see how I've changed and how I still have some growing to do and that's fine with me....I don't mind learning something new and different about myself everyday it keeps me on my toes.

It's funny cause I can remember the first person to comment on my blog...Shout out to the Serial Dater LOL..he updates like once a year I think haha. I really didn't know what to expect when I started blogging..sometimes I still don't know what I want to blog about until my fingers touch the keys.

So what have I learned through this year of blogging.......

sometimes blog friends can help you realize more about life than the friends you see everyday

life is about change...good and bad

crazy men are drawn to me...or am i drawn to crazy men LOL (get back with me in a year maybe I'll figure out that one)

Constant was not so Constant...however I don't regret meeting him or having him in my life...

I sometimes choose to ignore the obvious and I need to stop doing that

Life doesn't have to be balanced in order to work's the imbalance that makes it life

I love reading blogs LOL

I love writing......

When I feel confused about something I go back and read my brings things into perspective

I use to be shy about writing what I really felt in the beginning now I don't's my blog leave if you don't wanna read what I got to say MAAANNNNN

I'm still coming into my own

I love how my mind works....even the craziness that my thoughts sometimes cause...that's what makes me me

Losing weight is a slow painstaking process LOL

I pray that this next year of blogging will lead to bigger and better things...with lots of juicy stories haha

So in closing...I wanna thank all my favorite bloggers who are listed to the left :) you all keep me help me get through the day and your comments make me smile and sometimes help me focus on what I need to do....

Take a second to go back to my first post if ya like...leave a comment or two :)

Shout out to the bloggers I've met in person: TTD, GTL BK, Anastasia (lol), ladies and guy (lol) are hilarious and I will def be hanging out with you again :)...sorry I missed the gathering but a sista was knocked out...I look forward to meeting some more of you when time and space permits....

Have a blessed wonderful day and don't forget to live today as if it's your last.......2 more days till my 24th bday :) This weekend will be all about poppin bottles..make sure you get you some

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I have learned alot, matured alot, and met some more interesting ppl. Heres to another year....

October 18, 2006  

Cheers to blogging for a year!!

October 18, 2006  

Happy Blogiversary! I can't remember how I found your blog, but I really enjoy reading about your drama and the random way your mind works. Keep it up, Honey!

October 18, 2006  

happy blog birthday
and enjoy your personal birthday when it comes.

October 18, 2006  

Happy blogiversary!

October 18, 2006  

Happy B-day, soo close to your real B-day!

I look forward to reading and "watching" you progress for years to come...if you blog that long!

October 18, 2006  

Happy Blog-Day!

October 18, 2006  

Happy Blog-B-Day!

October 18, 2006  

LOL ~ Happy Blogiversary!! (can I borrow that Rashan? Thanks lol)

You made it longer than I did...


October 18, 2006  

First your blogoversary, then your birthday. This is definitely your week. I'll pop a bottle for you on Saturday regardless if you're there or not.

October 18, 2006  

happy blogversary and happy early birthday. Its been a pleasure reading and meeting you. I look forward to reading more and gettin our party on....holla atcha girl

October 18, 2006  

i have learned alot from reading your blog! first off, i learned i actually have enough patience to get through the entry of someone almost as verbose as i am. LOL

for real though, i'm glad you started this blog because you share so much of yourself with us and i think many of us have been able to take away some valuable life lessons as a result. here's to another year!

October 19, 2006  

Happy belated Blogiversary!

October 19, 2006  

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