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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I'm Grateful

....for one of my favorite bloggers reminding me that sometimes the people you met in blogs can show you things that people you've known your whole life can't

.....for waking up this morning

....for your smile

....for your tears

...for the skin I'm in

.....for being able to sing in the shower and off key at that LOL

....for your hugs

.....for even being able to love you

......that life does go on

..that I finally erased your mean me no good and I realize that now

......for being able to talk to my toot this morning...his innocence makes me view the world in a different light each time I hear his voice

.....for another year (oct 20th) that God allowed me to be on this earth

......for your strength...girl you my she-ro (lol)

.....for the moments that I feel you near

.....that God saw fit to even allow this moment in time to occur

......that I've loved and lost

......for the silent conversations that require no words

......that you know just how wrong you were without me even having to explain

......for each moment that I live, breathe, and grow...the good, the bad, and even the ugly

.....that I'm me.....

......that I'm finally able to say NO....cause sometimes being nice aint' where it's at

.....that I found a destination to use my free plane ticket on...ok I have to go alone but come on VEGAS.....I'm GOING TO VEGAS!!!!!!!!

.........for It's" Just Me for reminding me to be grateful

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That is so true sometimes listening to others problems can make u greatful that ur not going thru it. Just when you think you got it bad someone always seem to have it worst so don't take nothing for granted. Have a nice day..

October 11, 2006  

glad that u've found things to be greatful for..

and being NICE all the time is NOT a good thing...

October 11, 2006  

It's always good to be grateful and show your appreciation sooner rather than later. We're not guaranteed a later or tomorrow.

October 11, 2006  

nice blog..and did you say Vegas...I love Vegas... last time I went there was last year and I keep trying to talk friend and fam into another trip as this year we've been 6 hours away from Vegas means I try to go often.

October 11, 2006  

Nice people who show gratitude!

So, I've lived 4 hours from Vegas for a YEAR and STILL haven't been there yet. I wanna go bad!

Play some slots for me!!!!

October 11, 2006  

When are you going to Vegas?

October 11, 2006  

Awwww...look at my lil shout!!! :D

You KNOW I love ya back Honey!!!

I'll be around...

October 11, 2006  

As simple as it is to be grateful, we forget every time...

Good Post!

October 11, 2006  


VEGAS BABY VEGAS! It may be a good thing your going alone so what goes on in Vegas can really stay in Vegas!

October 12, 2006  

I had so much in Vegas. You will have a great time. Just remember to wear comfortable shoes during the day because at night in the club the only sitting room you gotta pay for. I have saw a lot of girls carrying their shoes by the end of the night.

October 12, 2006  

Be safe in VEGAS but....have plenty of stories for us ;-)

October 12, 2006  

I'm supposed to be on a bloggin break but Ihad to this one...for Trizz!!!

I enjoyed reading yours...

October 12, 2006  

Yay have fun in Vegas!

October 12, 2006  

At times it can be hard, but it is necessary...

October 13, 2006  

Be grateful that you didn't go to Hawaii. 1st trip to anywhere shouldn't include an
Hope you brought me a Vegas shot glass one of those Nevada state magnets...lmao...classic travel mementos. Travel safely.

October 16, 2006  

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