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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Grateful Wednesday

I'm grateful for......

...your love and how you love me inspite of

....hearing your voice first thing in the morning you make waking up special

.....being able to be me and not be afraid of how you will see me mommy always knowing what to say even though she never really knows that I need to hear it when I hear it

.....finishing my rough draft of my grad school statement....closer and closer

.....for the music I can listen to at work cause oh girl would drive me crazy if I had to listen to her all day

.....for my nephews innocence and how he inspires me to be someone he can look up to

.....for my sisters phone calls although she calls me to tell me little things I love that she still looks up to me :)

......for the little things

.......for the extra hour that I get to sleep..I feel so refreshed now!

......for each and every moment that we share

.....for being able to just be
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Very nice Honey!
I'm grateful for my nephews (4 & 10), I'm grateful for the weekends, & I'm grateful for knowing love :-)

November 01, 2006  

I know i will be grateful when i Dont hafta take that class anymore

IM grateful that I do have some common mistakes and realize everybody aint perfect

November 01, 2006  

Paula..thanks girlie...I love my nephew I can spoil him and then send him to his momma LOL

negro..umm why have i been trying to comment on your blog for the last 3 days and it won't let me..great. I'm grateful you came by LOL

November 01, 2006  

I'm greatful for waking up this morning in my house, my bed, driving my car....and that i can do it all with out a man

i'm greatful for new found friends and that you are one of them

November 01, 2006  

im grateful for love & friendship....

November 01, 2006  

I love your Grateful Wednesdays, and I hope it's okay that I use the idea for my own blog. Also, I see that you are from Annandale. One of my best friends is from there and his family still lives there... small world, I suppose!

November 01, 2006  

knowone...awww I'm thankful that I even stopped my guurrrl now LOL

ttd..I'm grateful for that as well and I look forward to us hanging out again..matter fact I was in bmore last weekend at the bowling

xfactor..thank you and i have no problem sharing :)

November 01, 2006  

dont be coming in town not calling me!!! that's rude! lol.

November 01, 2006  

ttd..I know I know I didn't think about it till afterwards. I forgot the bowling alley we were at..roomies cousin had us out there for her bday

November 01, 2006  

Nice List Honey :-)

All wonderful things to be grateful more, I wish I were closer to my niece and nephew I'm missing my lil babies grow up :-(

@ Honey

LOL...thanks for the tip, I'll look into that tonight when I log in. I didn't put anything on that man, shit he put it on me more than I put it on him. *shrug* I don't know I guess I "get" him more than the average female. I'm just waiting for the phone call, you know some females never get mad at the dude, they come for the female....

Tell me why I'm going to a strip clun tonight LOL

November 01, 2006  

I'm grate for friends and family and the fact that I see them at least least two days (damn intrusive people that I love a lot).....for being able to mentor a 14 year old and make her feel like she can succeed at anything. I'm grateful for my niece and nephew and that when I have a bad day buying a Hanna Montana cd for my niece and seeing her eyes light up makes everything else seem so petty and grateful for reading nice blogs like this that keep my sanity at work.

November 01, 2006  

I'm grateful for new possibilities and what could be. I'm grateful that if I never hear the words I love you again that I was loved by someone once upon a time.

Nice list.

November 01, 2006  

Tenacious....dont cha just love the kiddies are a trip

Brown..thanks for coming by

freaky..i didn't think ya had it in you sike I'm jokin LOL

November 01, 2006  

Hey Honey, this is great. It's the second "grateful" post I've read. I'm definitely going to have to do one. Ditto on the extra hour of sleep.

November 02, 2006  

I too find myself in reflection on what I should be thankful for and what I am 'over' think. Thanks for the post... I appreciate it for making me re-think what is and really 'aint' important.

November 02, 2006  

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