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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Almost party time

Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!" ~Robin Williams

Counting down till I can wear open toe shoes and flip flops WOOHOOO LOL

posted by Ms.Honey at 7:32 AM


I'm assuming i have to do wait until i get to charlotte for real spring temps! 2 more weeks!!

March 26, 2008  

girl you know you saw them today in their dang flip flops!!! LOL

I can't wait.. 3 weeks till Mexico.. hercules hercules!

March 26, 2008  

I've been in open toe shoes since last week.

March 26, 2008  

Jameil...YAHHH for less than a month LOL

BK..Boo to you...Mehico without me...then again I can't wait to go on vacation plus your pics will make me feel like I'm there :)

TSG...AWWW NAWWW homie lol

March 26, 2008  

Girl me too... and its funny you quoted Robin Williams... his wife of 19 years just filed for divorce

March 27, 2008  

EB...what are you serious I would have thought since he's so funny that life would be a joy LOL guess you never know.

March 27, 2008  

Love that quote.

March 31, 2008  

I counting down to warm weather!!!!

March 31, 2008  

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