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Friday, February 22, 2008

I know I know

According to one of my blog sistasssss (I love the color purple) I've been slacking on my blogging and I do apologize. I keep saying that and I find myself not updating and not even stopping by to comment so charge it to my head and not my heart.....

I've been fine, nothing much going on. I'm working on finding a new job at the moment and so far it looks pretty good, we'll see. I've been with my practice group since I graduated from college and I think it's time for a move if I want to advance any's now or never.

The weather here in the NOVA area is HORRIBLE to say the least, if this means that the summer will be FIYA then please bring it on.....I'm so ready to wear open toe shoes that I dont know what I'm gonna do with myself.

My lil sis who currently has two bambinos is currently preg with her third one..I'm not sure if she is trying to populate the earth or make it impossible for me to catch up with her when I start to have my own children lol....great

On top of that my bestest is having a lil boy (she currently has a lil girl who is three today) so yea there are babies all around and no i'm not preg nor do I plan on getting preg lol, the pill and condoms are a great invention lol so is not having sex as my mother would say but hey what can I say.

Nothing to do this weekend, other than clean the house and work on sending my resume out ALOT. So I'll be catching up on Monk and my other favorite shows...I've just added Nip/Tuck to my lineup and I'm happy to report that via websites, and the FX channel I'm caught up for the season so when it starts up again I wont be confused. Now I need to catch up with the rest of the seasons.

I'll probably work on creating a budget this wekeend too doesn't make sense for someone with no kids to not have money LOL...clearly I need to change somethings up...great

I'm not really into American Idol this time around maybe I will be in a couple of weeks after they have cut em down a bit, but right now I'm into Law and Order so great.

I saw Jumper and 27 dresses, both good movies of course diff ends of the spectrum but both good just the same.

I have yet to see Untraceable maybe I'll take that in this weekend dont know yet, I saw Roscoe Jenkins, was kinda disappointed I thought it was gonna be funnier. Oh yea Hun has a show on Sunday so I'm going with him to that..should be very interesting....

Why is it so cold outside and I saw this lady on with a skirt and no stockings on WOW was all I could say I know she is freezing. I've got gloves, a scarf and a coat on with a hat and I'm still suffering from mountain climber frostbite.

I'm going home next weekend for my god daughters bday party, it's at a community center and I think it's suppose to be a pool party I'm not sure LOL...I get to see all my honies (I have alot now lol 2 nieces, 3 nephews and a possible since I dont know what my sis is having)

OHHH I just realized we're having a practice group meeting during lunch which means that I dont have to eat the peanut butter and jelly sandwich that I was gonna eat...YES!!! Darn those folks they aren't buying lunch so I gotta eat my sandwich great lol even the more reason for me to wish I were at home right now.

Have a great weekend...yes BK I know I've been tagged I'll do it on monday lol

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at least i know you are still out there doing what you do...
it is enterally TO COLD out here in the DMV! but i'll take cold over intense humidity and heat! i truly DISLIKE DC summers....
the show should be aiight...i don't have anything to do this weekend either...OH yes i do, my bro and sis-in-law will be up from VA for dinner on Saturday that means the comedy is a definite! other than that...nada

have a good weekend

February 22, 2008  

I have been fiending to catch up with this season. I haven't seen any of it. Where did you look at this season at online. Hit a sista up and let me know - thanks!

February 22, 2008  

I miss you...I've been so busy, I gotta stop by and see what is going on in your side of life more often...I tend to eat noodles for lunch.

February 23, 2008  

Your sister is a busy woman! But congrats to her and the bestest friend :-).
I have been so over American Idol for the longest time.
For some reason I didn't really think that Roscoe Jenkins movie was gonna be good.
Hahaha...about the moutain climbers frostbite. I know just what you mean. We just had a snow storm yesterday.

February 23, 2008  

Today is Monday *ehem*

Hey Girl!

February 25, 2008  

Got my fingers crossed that that next job comes soon.

February 27, 2008  

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