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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Wednesday Smiles

I'm thankful for these wonderful smiles...I love my babies.....they will do till I have my own lol

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March 05, 2008  

lol i LOVE cheezy children smiles!! your hair is gorgeous!! you're trying to make me lock up tomorrow and stuff...

March 05, 2008  


Ms. Honey...all three of them are absolutely adorable!!! :-).

March 05, 2008  

they are all precious

March 06, 2008  

I love the 4th picture where he's like...."This is mine! Get your own. K? Thanx.... Great...."

March 07, 2008  

That's how I was before I had my daughter! I had everyone's kid because I could always take them back home. Girl, good thing to do, BORROW THEM!! LOL

March 07, 2008  

Oh how cute! I love it. They are so adorable.

March 07, 2008  

too cute...nothing like seeing a kid smile

March 07, 2008  

Beautiful. Kids have such a glowing effect on people!!

March 09, 2008  

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