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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tuesdays with Honey

It a lil warmer outside I know I'm gonna see someone with shorts on lol

Why do I keep blowing my nose, I promise I dont have any more snot in there

I'm actually doing rather well on this no juice thing for a month...I only had a lapse this weekend at my god daughters bday party.

Hun actually had fun I think he was laughing at how much my nephew talks....he says he gets it from his aunt (that would be me lol)

We're doing a lil better, I tell ya it's hard work and on top of that he says I'm bipolar (of course I'm not) but I can't help that I have mood swings lol I'm a woman and most of the time my mood swings come when you know what is here.....he just doesn't put two and two together.

I think I've lost a pound or goal is to be back down to 185 by May and so far I think I'm doing pretty darn good. No juice and I'm eating more veggies and fruits so we'll I'm drinking water (I think I'm gonna be the new spokeswoman for Propel man I love that stuff)

I'm gonna start walking during my lunch break, so that should help a little. Plus I bought some lean cuisines to eat when I dont cook dinner meaning I dont have left overs for lunch so that I dont head out to get a burger or something else I dont need to eat

Hun and I are going to the gym tonight after I get home...that's one thing I miss..we use to do that on the weekends when we first started dating.....both of us have gained a couple of pds lol

I'm ready for memorial day...yea I know I have a lil ways to go but I think we're going on our first vacation together of course we dont know as of yet..gotta see how funds are but it should be fun either way I'm just not trying to be in the NOVA area

We are def going out the country before the year is over though I've already told him that he needs to get a passport......I wanna head to the DR

My sis found out that she is due in Aug, I'm glad this time it isn't a month before the baby is due like last time..that girl I tell ya

I want it to be like 68 everyday from here on out LOL...too bad dreams dont come true all the time

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68 - 75 degrees is my perfect temp...that is unless I'm on the beach somewhere tropical with drink in hand! LOL, then it has to be warmer.

Working out with your man...that's what's up girlie!

Walking at lunchtime isn't bad either...I might do that myself on days I'm not at the gym. It's so many damn tourists down here getting in the way though! lol

Anywho...enjoy your day!

March 04, 2008  

Water, veggies, and exercise will definitely help you meet your goals - try to stay away from the juices. I'm a juice lover myself and a fellow in the struggle so keep up the good work!

March 04, 2008  

Give me 77 degrees everyday. Keep doing what you're doing and you will make it to your goal in no time.

March 04, 2008  

*all smiles* definitely seems like you are well on your way to losing those pounds...i want to lose 10% of my weight by summer so we'll see what happens...i too have been dieting but since i have this never ending bug haven't exercised in a minute....

totally glad you and hun are working back through things and getting back on track..that's always awesome...

its still nice out today, especially considering last nights i couldn't even sleep...

March 05, 2008  

Ditto on your thoughts about 68+ degrees.

I certainly wouldn't mind seeing that kind of weather on a day-to-day.

LOL @ Hun thinking you're bipolar. M-E-N *SIGH* they just don't understand.

I've never been to DR but I hear it's beautiful so it's definitely a cool idea for a vacay.

Congrats on ya sisters pending arrival...[I know you're looking forward to it :-)]

March 05, 2008  

Babe, be glad you're not digging out of a foot of snow.
*Dang* I'm a Texan. I'm not built for this.

March 06, 2008  

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