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Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm aight....

I hate the fact that you weren't upset about me leaving the house and now all of a sudden you are...ERRR

If you did stuff with me you wouldn't have to worry about me hanging out

Sometimes the things you love about a person can also cause you to dislike them

I'm ready for a vacation

I know money is important but what are you gonna do sit on it all day

Perhaps I'm over reacting

It seems like just when I try to create peace you wanna keep the drama coming

Your pushing me further and further away

You just dont get you

I wish I could just run away....see if I feel better than that

Boo why are you talking to me now that all the white folks have gotten off the elevator....with your sweatpants leg rolled one does that anymore...get outta here

Why does your face look like you got smacked in it with the branches from the ugly tree

I dont know if I'm gonna go on vacation come Memorial Day I might register for prioritize.

Might just wait for Vegas in June.....I am sooo excited about that. Getting my plane ticket sometime next week

I thought it was gonna be more expensive...not too bad. I'll be there from Fri to Thurs

You are on my list that's all I got to say and it aint the good one.

No more ms. nice lady you get what you get and no more than that

I am hooked on the French Vanilla cappachino at 7-Eleven and the toquitos I dont even know if I spelled that right.

Dont try and fuss me out then try to be my friend....that's why you got no love this morning...meditate on that

I can be just as mean as I wanna be

I'm gonna get you.....AND YOUR LITTLE DOG TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Talk about random. lol

I say we all runaway to a beach and have mojitos or something. I need a vacay too.

April 10, 2008  


April 10, 2008  

well i aint mad at ya...not even one bit!you definitely gotta do what you gotta do...

i feel like running away take me with you when you go

April 11, 2008  

Now that you got that off of your chest, do you feel better? I hope so:)

April 13, 2008  

feeling your sentiment on having him hang with you so you won't hang out and loving someone and disliking them. Real talk!

I'm in need of a vacay myself. Lil lady and I are planning for Jamaica in June.


LMAO @ "dont fuss me out then try to be my friend...that's why you got no love this morning...meditate on that" You're my kind of woman.


April 14, 2008  

I want to go to Vegas. My friend went and loved it.

I still roll my sweatpants leg up!! I only do it at the gym when it gets hot while playing bball.

This was deep!!

April 14, 2008  

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