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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Is it Friday yet.....

Locked my keys in the car this morning......they were in my trunk

Wallet got stolen, still has yet to be found..had to call and cancel everything and get new cards for EVERYTHING...even Blockbuster....great

I think I'm noticing the weight loss then again maybe not.....

I'm hungry but I know I'm not really hungry

I'm in dire need of a vacation......May can't come soon enough....South Carolina here I come.

I'm going to Vegas for Boule....buying my plane ticket first....maybe in the next two weeks.

Me and Hun had a convo about finances...gotta get use to sharing that info with him.....on top of that he called me childish I didnt like that......

I've stopped asking him to do stuff like go out of town....tired of thinking up everything....

Was talking to a guy friend and he asked me was I really happy...blank stare....

It's raining outside...well drizzling

The shoe store closed early in MD errrrrrrrrr I didn't even have time to try the shoes on...BASTARDS

I'm thinking about seriously going to Law School now......gonna take the LSAT prep course.

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long time no visit
re keys--ouch
the wallet--double ouch!
childish--I'd give him an ouch!
hang in there Ms. Honey
May is just around the corner.

April 01, 2008  

I so feel you on the needing a vacation thing...

I need to see a beach ASAP!

Its crazy because I just had one in february and I already need another one...

on the job they should have mandatory 1 week vacations every other month so just when your starting to lose the pep in your step you have another vacation coming to refresh you.

April 01, 2008  

Got to keep the finances in order.

I will have a fit if my wallet is stolen.

April 01, 2008  

Hey Ms. Honey,

Sharing the finances is not easy for me either! I'm going through a situation with my sweetie and he's told me that I get tudes when he brings up bills and such...

Why do those guy friends who really have crushes on you, the ones you ain't studying because they are more like good girlfriends than guy friends anyway, but they want you to NOT be happy so you'd consider them? Ooops, got lost there for a minute.. talking about my own ...ish. LOL

April 01, 2008  

dang, not in the trunk, and yea keep that up, talking and shar8ing fin. info is kley to a great relationship

April 02, 2008  

i had one of those yesterday hair got wet up on my way to see Colin Powell so my hair looked like a rats A$$ at the briefing, i lost my keys (for a brief moment) my croc shoe fell in the drain and i had to walk around in pumps, WITH my hair standing up on my yea i feel you...

oh and i have come to the conclusion to stop asking as serves me NO purpose and only pisses me off in the long run

April 02, 2008  

oh vacay. you can never come soon enough.

April 03, 2008  

Vegas for Boule' huh? You must be Blue ;-)

I was comtemplating going myself to see Ms. Patti, visit an old friend and see the Grand Canyon. Why not go and verge on Vegas with a bunch of Blue and White?

April 23, 2008  

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