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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


So things have been pretty hectic the last couple of days and I haven't been able to post like I would like to.

I'm pretty is aight

My fat fat got his first haircut and he is TOOOOO CUTE!!! Man I promise you if I didnt' have to go through nine months of fatness and then labor and on top of that have to deal with how much money it takes to raise and have a baby I would do it ASAP LOL

Gotta register for class, I'm trying to decide between taking a class this summer or just waiting till the fall and it's looking like I might just wait till Aug. I want to do some traveling this summer and I can't do that and go to school.

I'm working on presentation that occurs tomorrow. I need to time it. In case I havent' mentioned it I turned in a final project in my legal research class that consisted of creating a case memo and a case brief. Apparently I got a 100 on it...on of the few that my teachers has ever given out so he selected me to submit an application to present my project at the student spring conference. This is a great opportunity for me to network and what yahhhh for me.

Hopefully I can meet some pretty cool folks tomorrow and get a leg up in this industry.

Man gas is INSANE. Everytime I get in my car I cringe...never have I put some many "Can I get 5 on 2"'s in my car LOL....or I'm scrappin up change out of the house and car to make $10 LOL....RECESSION SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

The funny thing is I keep saying it.....someone was like lets do something this weekend I was like is it free cause we're in recession boss wasted some paper I was like you're killin trees..we might need those for fuel since we're in recession LOL....I might be over doing it a tad bit.

On top of that my Sundays have been filled with practice for spring 08's presentation (that's me and my linesisters). We have to create songs and greetings all that jazz...kinda like a probate but since we're not in college anymore a lil more sophisticated. Not only do we have practice for that on Sunday but we have practice on Mondays yea I'm pretty much tired come thurs or fri.

This weekend I have community service at 6am with the NPHC and then Sunday is March for Babies in DC at practice till Tues so I should be able to do laundry and clean the house a lil.

Have a great day!!!
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wow you're busy
congrats on that "A"
and you just might have to start taking some public transportation
I'm giving it serious thought

April 22, 2008  

I just got tired reading all of that. sheesh

April 22, 2008  

Glad to hear that everything is good with you. You have a lot going on, but seem to be handling it well. . . Oh yeah, I'm back!!!!!

April 24, 2008  

I agree with GC. Public transportation sounds appealing.

Good job on the good grades.

Your schedule is hectic!!

April 24, 2008  

i feel you on the gas situation. if public transportation was decent here, i'd definitely be on the 1st thing runnin'!

you have a lot going on, but it seems like you're doing/handling it well. have a great weekend, in spite of the recession! ;-)

April 24, 2008  

lol, oh I'm loving the recession thing..I'm gonna have to steal that and overdue it...see me with the 10s and 5 in the car..I use my debit card so I don't feel like a dork...I mean I've come to the point of telling people either pick me up or you won't see me. lol

April 26, 2008  

Busy busy busy I see!

Congrats on the A! Now you network the hell outta that conference!

Let's not talk about gas....

April 28, 2008  

Gas *Yuck*

Your A *Yayyyy*

glad to see you're doing well.

Have a nice week.

April 28, 2008  

Girl this gas situation is ridiculous! I rather eat peanut butter sandwiches than waste gas going to the store.

April 28, 2008  

Gas is too much!!! This recession is no joke!!! I'm getting a bike and I'ma start biking to work...well maybe if I didn't work in Rockville and live in Laurel...LOL

Spring 08?? what org?? I think I need to go back some months and catch up. :-)

Congrats on your A!!!

April 29, 2008  

Ok...I went back...

Congrats(all late)!!! Welcome to Greekdom!!!


April 29, 2008  

well i am glad you are out there doing the dag on it!

April 30, 2008  

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