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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A quarter for the bathroom

This is a pic of me last night before the adventure started.................

Growing up as a lil girl in a home where religion is very prevelant, I can honestly say that Halloween was not celebrated. We went to church, played games, got some candy then went home and to be honest I don't feel as if I missed anything. This year I hung out with the roomie at Adams Morgan. If you live near DC or are from this area then you know it's kinda like a stip of clubs and bars. So after arriving home, I find something to wear..we both decided that if we were asked what we were then we would say victoria secret models lol since we both had on corsets (spell check lol). We get dressed go down to DC and meet her co-worker and a friend of i don't do the double date tend to be a lil corny especially if you don't know the person before hand however it was Halloween and I didn't feel the need to stay home.

Before we meet them we decide to hit up the local MacDonalds since we didn't eat dinner before we left home and everyone knows that there must be food in your stomach before you partake in drinking or you will look like a fool. So we are in this place of business trying to order food....sad to say it wasn't fast food. No one spoke English and if it did then it only pertained to the menu. So this guy is complaining cause he only wanted a small fry and she gave him a medium and a small and he asked for a refund on the medium fry and she told him no in an accent that said boo you better back up......the medium comes with the meal and you wanted an extra he moved it on after complaining for a second. While all this is going on there are people eating and we notice some of the costumes and all I can say is...only in DC

Me and the girls have this saying that anytime spent with us will always be an adventure. We don't know why, we don't know when and we don't know how, but trust and believe that no matter what we do even if it's something small....there will be some sort of adventure gained from our experience.

Back to the we are getting food and it's our turn to order when all of a sudden this older black lady comes up and says that she put a quarter in the bathroom and the door wouldn't open...ok. Me and roomie look at one another...a quarter WOW we know we are in the ghetto if you have to pay to use the restroom I mean wow she could have went to starbucks or some lil side street if it was all that serious. Anyway...she is complaining and of course no one is listening to her so I try to get the person who took my order (her name is Gloria) to help the lady out so she was like No key and that's all she kept saying. So I'm like aight where is the manager..I see him in the back cleaning up something so I motion for him to come up since no one seemed to understand english. Meanwhile the lady is ranting about how they think they can get away with no opening the door and the manager comes up and I try to explain to him in a nice professional manner that this woman needs to use the restroom he says that he can't give her back her quarter and some other stuff. Once she hears this...homegirl goes off. She starts throwing napkins and then she picks up this lil thing on the counter which looks like it is used to hold calorie menues....once the manager sees this he jumps and she throws it over the counter.

She then tells Gloria that she could punch her in the head I was like wow. So then she starts yelling how much is this huh how much is this...while yelling she goes over to the counter and throws straws on the floor. All of this over a quarter I mean wow I could have given her one if I had it cause sista girl was too madd. Needlesstosay the lil manager proceeded to quickly open up his lil flip phone and dial 911 (lol) Of course the police don't show up and she leaves to which he comes over and asks if I know the lady. I guess he was asking me this cause I tried to help her out. Nah I didn't know her I just wanted to help her out, I know how it is when you have to use the bathroom and you can't. So then he rambles about how she is crazy...and he says I not do nothing...she crazy, she crazy (mexican accent) she call macdonalds I not do nothing. I was like ok boo i'm trying to eat and then roomie proceeds to cosign what he is saying by saying yea uhhh huh she probably didn't even have to use the bathroom she just wanted a quarter.

Man, after that the guys arrive and we go to this lil spot where there was no cover and they were playing reggae. Now I love raggea but I can only take it in doses not all night. So roomie was gettin' it on the floor while I was knocking back some vodka and cranberry juice. While drinking I was conversing with my "date". I discovered the he had a son who turned 9 but he lives in NC and he works from home making software for the government. Interesting....he was nice, converstaion was good. I kinda felt bad cause I really didn't dance..first cause my corset was killing me (lol) second cause I can only deal with reggae in small doses and the whole night they played reggae. Plus I'm not too keen on how guys tend to dance with their private area. Meaning they wanna rub it all over you and think that's dancing. Ummm not for real.

After that, they walk us back to the car and he gives me his jacker, which is nice and the gentleman thing to do. He asks me what kind of guys I deal with and all that stuff. Once we get to the car, he proceeds to try and move in with the lil hug, arm under the coat move. I indulge him...we continue to talk and he asks can he call me. I give him the number and then he spends time asking me what ring tone that I wanted. I finally decided that I wanted must be nice by lyfe..while he is continually asking me don't I want Alicia Key's Unbreakable ring tone....I tell him no I wanted "Must be Nice". Then he asks can I come give him some body heat and I say I'm about to go get in the car and create some heat of my own...he asks can he come in and I say it's not my car then he asks where is the car and I'm like are you kidding me. So I see this lil bike near by and I saw I'm about to hop on my bike and ride back to Annandale, roomie and the other guy start laughing while the other guy is looking at me like umm ok....

So we finally tell him that we are in front of the car he goes to open the door and I motion for roomie that it's time for us to rollll out. I think the guy was hoping for a kiss cause he was like can I take a picture of look so pretty. I'm like why...then he keeps trying to pull me closer and i'm steady standing with my arms folded. Then he asks me if I was a cheerleader in HS and I was like no why you ask that. But I was in ROTC he says I figured it was one or the other cause you are standing at attention my sister use to do that. I thinking aight and your point for saying that was.............

He's rubbing on my back and all that I guess trying to get me warmed up to him. Asking if my shirt was sheer and I was like no why then he was like what is this..meaning my skin. He was like ohh it's so soft I thought it was sheer. I was thinking that was soo corny, my skin feels sheer....sheer is material what you tryin to say man.

We got in the car and gave them a ride to one of the guys cars..the guy that roomie was talking to and we saw that he was driving a minivan....umm yea. Now I have nothing against them, cause my mom drove one and I had to drive one when I first got my license...but later on after we were leaving DC me and the roomie said that's why he didn't want a ride to the car and kept talking about going to get some pizza down the street lol, great.

The night ended with a visit from the Green Eyed One (got me skipping to work)-smile

Random Question: "Can the words spoken during an outstanding sexual experience or a sexual event be admissable after it's over"?

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