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Monday, February 06, 2006


As usual I can't go anywhere alone or with a room-mate or friend without encountering some craziness. Here is what my weekend consisted of:

Friday: Got off work and decided that I would do laundry and clean. I was going to hang out with a new found friend that I met a couple of weeks ago but I feel asleep and oh what a great sleep it was.

Saturday: Had to go to MD cause my cousin is having a lil boy and they gave her a breakfast baby shower at the Golden Corral at Arundel Mills. So of course I dragged the roomies with me and we ate, played games and chatted it up with the rest of the people who were there to celebrate this wonderful new life. It's funny cause she looked like she was about to pop but homegirl was dressed too jazzy to be ready to drop in 3 weeks (lol). On top of that between her and my cousin (she married into our family) they already have 3 boys so this will make 4. I asked her if she was going to try again she was like yea I want a girl...more power to ya sister lol. But I know one thing those boys will take care of her being that she is the only female in the house. After me and the girls left there we went home (it was raining so great nap weather) and as I tried to take a nap movies kept coming on TV that I wanted to watch. First The Lovings came on (Lela Rochan & Timothy Hutton) . Which is about the trials and tribulations of an interracial couple who marry despite it being illegal for them to marry in VA. They are arrested on their wedding night and from then on drama follows them until they are forced to move to Washington in order to lead a "normal" life...of course it's not normal but hey what does "masa" know. Anyway it's one of the movies that I love watching when national television feels the need to remind black people that we have soo much to be greatful for (saracasticly) how convienant that it occurs once a year and in February (lol) anyway I digress....then the Rosa Parks story came on...which stars Angela Bassett....I watched some of this but didn't watch all of it..I don't know why it couldn't hold my attention but ah well I'm sure I will catch it again. After that I took it upon myself to twist my baby locs myself. I also counted them and I have 91..I'm thinking of finding a big one and making it two so I can have an even amount lol. Man needlesstosay my arm was tired and I was like dang I can do this but I would prefer it if someone did it..good thing my roomie does hair, but if she ever can't do it, isn't there or just doesn't feel like doing it..I can do it myself (yea!!!)

After that one of my roomies asked me and her sister to go with her to a birthday party in old town alexandria before we were due at another bday party in DC. So we decided we would go with her and then just roll out to the DC bday party. First I should have known something was up when she told us that it was for one of her friends at her job named I love me some white people but sometimes I wonder about them. I also love bars and out of the way spots cause sometimes that's where you have the most fun..I don't always have to be at a club. Anyway we get to this place and find out that it's an Irish pub....we walk in the door and there are two soon as we walk in why did all of the heads in there turn towards us like "why these black girls just walk in here" I lie to you not that if it had been anywhere further down south I would have turned on my heels and ran back to the car. I mean they were giving us the ice grill stares....and on top of that they had some dude who was singing on the mike sounding like he straight needed to be back in Ireland and during the course of the night he had the nerve to sing Lean on Amy is telling us that they were going to a karoke bar and what not but the rommie told her we had somewhere else to be..I'm like yea aight even if I didn't I don't think I could stick around too much longer. But while there I did notice one thing about amy and her friends which caused me to think of a difference between some whites and blacks. About 30 min after we got there Amy and her friends were gonna pay their ticket and go downstairs so each person was giving their money for what they had and what not. I'm guessing from what I saw that one girl was taking care of Amy's drinks since she was the bday girl and the bill was like $120 or something like that.....well they kept counting the cash and what not and one of the dudes had just gotten up and left the table and of course he didn't come back, so they were short. One girl pulled out her credit card and just put it on her card and kept the if that were me. I'd be like uh huh were oh boy at let's go find him cause he bout to get beat down or I would have told him nah we can get you change from the waitress so you dont' have to leave till we settle the bill. Or I would have divided up the bill to begin with so that kind of thing wouldn't occur.

Aight so after that disaster and feeling like I was being mentally lynched we left to go to DC for yet another bday party. I thought this one would be better cause I mean it's DC lol. Yea well I was wrong. The spot was a nice like restaurant that was a club at night and when we first got in there not alot of people were in there which is cool cause we got there at like 10 something. We sat down got a drink and just chilled listening to some house music (which is trance lol) after a while I was like aight when is this DJ gonna switch up the music...he kept sayin I'm gonna hype this party up..yea I should have known there was gonna be a problem once he said that lol. Well he didn't play good music till about 12 something and by that time some more people had shown up but my ears were hurting. We didn't have to pay to get in which is why I was aight cause I would have been heated if I had no harm no was just a waste of time.

Sunday: Slept late and decided that I would watch Glory (Denzel Washington & Matther Broderick). This movie is about the 54th Regimen(an all black volunteer regimen) lead by Col. Shaw. I love this movie...not only because Denzel was great in it, but because it deals with so many issues and the way the characters are protrayed in certain parts always makes me cry. For example during the whole movie we know that Denzel's character is very hard headed and stubborn and was beaten because he was going to look for better shoes (his feet were torn up). Well at the end of the movie there is a part where they are putting the bodies into a burial site...and they throw Col. Shaw's body in and then Denzel' he is falling he falls right onto Col. Shaw's shoulder. I mean how weird is it that two men who clashed so much during most of the movie..die together and on top of that die beside one another...WOW (I was in tears)...even more so I think I cried hard too when Col. Shaw got down off his horse (literally and figuratively) and fought side by side with his men....if you haven't seen this movie it of course is a must see. After that I decided that I would organize a lil..since I have baby locs now..I have mad hair stuff and need to keep it all in one off to the Dollar Store..which is a great place to get containers..and I'll probably be back there in a couple of days to get some more for my bathroom and hall closet. Anyway after I did that, me and the roomie (her sister who is my other roomie was off with her nonsense of a man, a whole nother blog topic and did she ask us to go....heck no but we always invite her....losers lol) had to decide what we would be doing while the Super Bowl was on. We ended up in DC at her co-workers cousin's house. We were the only 2 females there amongst a group of men who had me crackin up the whole time. I think they assumed that we didn't know what was going on. I mean I may not know all the players on the field but I do aight once I get a couple of questions answered (lol). While there of course one of the guys I had met before and he voiced his observation that I looked nice and that he was happy to see me again and he was very attentive...we'll call him KK. Well anyway he made it a point to say that he wanted to take me to Jamaica and I laughed...I don't need someone trying to make it seem like they got it like that...I'm not gonna throw myself on you just cause you mention he said that when he gave me a ticket I wouldn't have nothin to say and I said you are correct I won't (lol). I'm sure you're like well what's wrong with him......aight this might sound corny but it's his voice...I don't know what it is but it sounds like he has a lispe one moment then it sounds normal the next. I mean it annoys the heck out of me, which is also annoying cause he's really nice and when we hang out we have a nice time, on top of that I have a lip thing..I love nice, soft, juicy sexy lips and as I would call it he has white people's lips lol...I can't suck on those. But I don't think I can totally cut him off cause I mean my mom said when she met my dad she thought he was why stop a potential great friend or my future whatever just cause I am somewhat irritated by his voice lol

So after the game we stayed and watched a lil Flava of that show cracks me up and watching it with a group of men is even funnier. All I kept hearing was dang she fine, yea he should have kicked her out, dang I would love to be him right now. But we all did agree that we liked Hoops....after that me and the roomie rolled out, went home and I passed the heck out into my bed.

Another Monday (another day in the trenches)

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Whoa. Sounds like you had an eventful weekend.

February 06, 2006  

naps in the rain are great!

February 06, 2006  

@luvin me...yea it is what it is

@ttd....girl I was loving it

February 06, 2006  

i hate watching movies that make me cry.

February 06, 2006  

@mrs tj...I love those kind of movies even though I be crying. If you don't like to watch movies that make you cry...then don't watch The Notebook you will use a whole box of Kleenex..

February 06, 2006  

Glad you had a weekened.......

February 06, 2006  

people can really make another person's day so much more interesting

February 06, 2006  

I saw glory on Sat. to they had it on the History part of the movie is when he asked,"if this man shall fall, who will carry this flag" and Denzel stepped up...

February 06, 2006  

Damn I don't think I ever had a weekend like that nor I don't think I would want one.

February 06, 2006  

you had the bomb weekend! wish i had been there to see your face when you stepped into that irish pub though. LOL

you know, it takes me FOUR HOURS to do my locs. get ready, sista.

February 06, 2006  

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