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Friday, February 10, 2006

It's Friday afternoon and the weekend's here....

..well the words are really "It's friday night and the weekends here...blah, blah, hey mr. dj..." I'm sure you know the rest. If not holla at me in about an hour and I might remember then all.

Well be prepared for some randomness cause I got a lot going on:

I came to work kinda pumped cause I's Friday and for some reason I get a burst of energy when I come to work on Friday. I guess cause I know that I don't have to come in the next day. Anyway needlesstosay at the law firm I work at this season is very busy....the practice group I work for deals with compliance issues and this season is when most of the companies have to compile data for the government so they can be audited and what not on who they hired, fired and increased pay and all that jazz (minorites,females, blacks, whites, ets). So yea we got like 10 audits that have to be defended on the books to handle now and they keep coming in. Which means more overtime (yeeaaaa and boooo) and lots of late night (yes on the money and free dinner, booo on having to see the bosses when I want to be in the bed).

This weekend will be extremly busy.....tonight is the Young Alumni Happy Hour...that should be fun. Drink specials, seeing old beans. After that might hang out for a while, then hit the sack for a long Saturday. First we have to get the transmission fluid in my Blueberry changed (my corolla, I call her blueberry), then head to campus for the block party (lots of free food and stuff), then off to Maryland for a Celebration of Life service (this woman at my job has cancer, she kind of looks after me like a mom and her hospice care told her that she should do it since there is no telling where the cancer could progress to) then off to a bday dinner for a girlfriend from college (we will be dining at maggiannos little italy) and I heard we might go bowling afterwards. I also wanted to check out the event that is posted on ttd's blog (I live in VA so bmore is about 40 min away if I can drag one of the girls with me, I'll def try to make the next event my main event for that day).

I'm going home next weekend for the 3 day weekend to chill with the fam.. which by the way is doing good. Here's a pic I took of me and my ja-ja..he is too funny..lookin like he been sippin on some spiked milk. I'm also looking forward to spending the weekend (Feb 24th) with my cousin next weekend cause she is having a baby and her husband (she married into our family) is going skiiing with some men from his that should be fun..just us two with 4 lil boys (WOW, talk about a crash course in parenting) Let's see what else is going on..oh yea I've lost like 5 pounds..alot more to go but I'm so happy with the fact that I'm doing wayyy better than I thought I would be doing right now. I started calorie counting and writing down what I've been eating and it's funny cause i don't eat alot and even trying to eat 1200 calories a day is wayyy much. You'd be surprised how many calories are in those nuggets that I love to eat so much (Wendys) and I've also been tryin to eat by servings know the recommended servings on the packages (instead of eating a whole big bowl of ice cream I try, key word try to eat only one cup of 1/2 cup) It's been a struggle but for 5 pounds in 2 weeks I think I'm on the road to healthier living.

What I also found funny was the fact that technically according to the infamous "white man" I'm really suppose to weigh in at 121pds. Now if you've seen pics of me you know that I have a butt and hips just like any average black girl in fact the women in my family all have betty boop shapes...small waist nice boota (lol) so if I got down to 121pds and still tried to even look like my gene pool should be...I would look like (in the words of KK) a crackhead or in the words of my momma a pencil with a big I'll stick with being a thick but just toning it up a lil bit. One of my friends was trying to give me pointers on what to do and was like you can have a body like Buffy the Body and I'm like yea as a guy you would say that..but no thanks I dont' want to look like her and why do people feel the need to tell you how to do what you need to do. Boo what worked for you might not or won't work for me...that goes along with when I decided to get locs. Everyone and their momma was tryin to tell me what to do and this guy at work has even stopped me and told me what kind of gel and oils I should use for my hair. I love and appreciate the help and advice but don't try to push it down my throat..dang. What's good for the goose might not be good for the gander (ya feel me)

WOW...Will & Grace was off the dang on chain last night. Not the whole episode but the parts when I kept seeing Will rubbing Taye's back and what not. Then he was calling him Brown Suga and Jack kept threatning to get naked....but the kicker was when Grace found out she was pregnant......DANG! Married and pregnant in the same day...that's some powerful sperm (I know it's not Taye's baby, lol) but this causes a surprise to me cause that would mean that she is going to have to some how find Leo (I missed how he left or if he died so if you know fill me in). I'm looking forward to these last few episodes so I can see how they are gonna end this show. Hmm what else, oh yea I was listening to the news the other night and I heard about this girl who met this dude off of and he beat her to death. I tell ya meeting online aint' what it was when I did it freshmen year of college...that's a whole nother post (lol)Let's just say pictures may say a thousand words but seeing someone up close and personal can lead to a billion more and not in a good way.

My roommate (I live with 2 girls who are twins..M & T) the one we will call T, is still with her boyfriend who I consider a joke cause she pays for everything everytime they go out. It's gotten to the point where I said that if she says something to me the wrong way I might get diarrhea of the mouth and say something to my friend that could ruin what we have. I have to make myself speak to her sometimes which is sad but hey what can I say....her situation annoys the heck out of me. I mean why would you date someone and brag about someone who a. lives with another woman who is not in anyway shape of form related to you or even a family friend, b.who isn't taking care of their child, c.who just got kicked out of school because of "family" problems and who d. you said yourself that they need to find a source of income cause you can't keep paying for everything. She's lied to us so much (she said the boys momma ordered him a 2006 Cadiallac and her one too, boo it's 2006 where is the car at) that we dont' believe nothing she says anymore. There's no point in callin her on it cause she will just act like she doesn't hear us. Ah well there is too much to say about that here so let's moving along........

I talked to my mommie today and she got into a car accident yesterday..some young chic smoking a "long nasty cigatette (lol, those are my moms words) hit her Tundra (my mom is 5'2 so it looks funny when she is driving her big truck). But anyway the girl ran the red light and hit the passenger side and when the police got there she tried to lie and say her light was yellow and that my mom ran the red light (now mind you I would have gone off on her) but my mom was like "God is so good there was this man there who was a witness and he told the officer everything he even waited 45 min till the cop said it was ok to go" He said that the light was green and that they all followed my mom when it turned green so if it were red then all of them should recieve tickets..needlesstosay the girl got charged with running a red light and my mom will be getting her truck fixed. My lil sis is going through some drama with her baby daddy (I ahte that word cause he ain't really no real daddy....once again that's a whole nother post). He is in NC right now supposedly with his sister and wrote my sis and told her that they can't live together or get married right now cause she needs to finish school and get a job (in other words be prepared to support him cause he don't have no real job now). She's upset and what not cause she "loves him" and I told her that you can love someone and not be with them, you can love someone and focus on your child and that I can't tell her what to do, she has to make her own decisions just be smart in making them and focus on there future and how making a decision now can affect that future. I know how your first love can be and I didn't listen to anyone when I thought I was sooo in love with my first "boo". It took a lot for me to realize that he wasn't good for me and she will have to do the same.

I think that's about it, if not I guess I'll be back lol

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He's cute!! Yall look alike!!!

February 10, 2006  

i hope you can make it tomorrow.. if not.. i understand.. but don't worry b/c my husband stay promoting/throwing parties.. i'll keep ya posted.. but! if it snows like they say it's gonna snow.. i aint going!

February 10, 2006  

@insanely...thanks (like I had something to do with it lol)

@ttd..I hope it doesn't snow, most def keep me posted I'm always looking for a new spot to hang out at.

February 10, 2006  

He is such a cutie and really blessed to have you...Have Great Weekend...:)

February 10, 2006  

I saw you had left a comment on a blog I read often so I thought I would just check you out. I like what I see I am gonna read more often.

Congrats on the weight loss. I had to lose weight before my boxing tournament and it was hard. Changing your eating habits is very difficult. Good luck and keep working at it.

February 10, 2006  

Girl I feel the same way on Fridays. That is my favorite day of the week. The baby is so cute. He looks so much like you to. I hope you are having a great weekend!

February 11, 2006  

hey.. dont know if u made it thru or not on sat.. i aint f*ck wit it.. the snow was too much.. i'll be sure to let you know of other events in the future

February 13, 2006  

@sunistar....thanks bunches that's my heart till I have my own (lol)

@epsil...thanks for coming by..feel free to come back. I'm gonna check you out as well

@n..thanks and I'll be posting about my weekend as soon as I get a chance

@ttd..heck nah girl I went to dinner and after I saw that it was still coming down I said heck no but most def keep me posted.

February 13, 2006  

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