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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What the Fudge......

since I'm working on my cursing I am saying it or leave it lol. Anyway, I got the surprise of my life when I went back to my alma mater (George Mason) for a Homecoming event last night.

My roommate and I were on the program board and in NAACP while we were in college so we try to go back when there are events just to show our support and to see old friend and all that other stuff. Well last night they had an event called Wild N Out which was loosely based on the MTV Nick Cannon show. Now personally I do watch the show, not faithfully but if I don't see it on during the week then I catch it on the weekend.

If you watch the show you know that it's a type of improv show where they plays games and then joke on one another in order to get points therefore winning the game. Well last night I caught a glimpse of something so horrible that it made me feel 1. Old and 2. Like I should be talking to the president of the university about how the hell these kids got into the university (lol)

First it was sooo unorganized, besides it not starting on time the so called hostess was walking around before the show started trying to get people to offer suggestions on what stars the particiapants could protray in one of the games during the show. Now she could have done this before when people were walking in the door, or even the week before the event she could have stopped people in her class or walking in the Johnson Center, this would have cut down on the time that people were looking around and talking all loud and would have allowed to the event to start on time and also create the illusion that they knew what they were doing.

Then on top of that there were several times during the game that they particiapants I have nothing against people that do that especially since I'm working on that myself but the thing that bothered me is that Mason has always prided itself in events that occur during homecoming week to be family oriented especially since many Alumni come back and bring their kids and what not. Now they were like Motha F'er and saying A** and what not then on top of that and this is the's Black History Month and although we should always try to advance ourselves during Feb you should especially be on top of your game...anyway they were throwing the word n**** around.

I was like dang Coretta just died and they are no longer associating that word with blacks in the dictionary but I mean WOW...then the only girl on one of the teams had the nerve to say get these N****'s off the stage they look like the Katrina victims.....GASP!!! Everyone was like BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO(lol) it was funny cause she got booed but not funny cause someone in the audience was really a part of that. I was like dang she bout to get lit into lol and then during another part of the show they said the might want to talk about homosexuality. Everyone was like no..cause there are too many peopel in here with too many views and we all knew that someone would A. be offended and B. another person would take it too far. I was like dang these kids needs some diversity training. Then there was no clear understanding of the rules, the score keeping and the host kept yelling out into the audience and saying what, what (she was from the 757 and I am as well..I kept sayin no she ain't, no she aint' and then was informed that she is from Norfolk, which would explain why she was sooo extra ghetto lol, no offense to Norfolk people cause I have fam from there but oh girl was irkin me)

So in short I could write more but they irritated the heck out of me and sad to say I am kinda anxious to see what the talent show will look like tomorrow night....errr. They need lots of help and clearly need to be in class

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that's probably why i never went back to vist my old school PSU.. I KNOW they need to work on their diversity!

February 07, 2006  

@ttd..they made me so mad I wanted to scream. I told my roomie, are we getting so old that this crap is unacceptable to us. I mean I hope to God that we weren't like that when we were there. As a matter of fact I know we they had jokes about the NAACP..I was like ohh no!

February 07, 2006  

damn! i can't believe she pulled in a joke about katrina victims! that was about as uncouth as it could possibly get. i would have been irritated too. as for the diversity issue, i attended famu, but i've no doubt that my rattler folk would probably have been saying some of the same stuff.

February 07, 2006  

girl that sounds like a H.A.M. event, you shoulda took pics

February 07, 2006 just irritated me that in a couple of years these indivuduals will be looking for jobs lol..WOW

@accomplice..there is a talent show tonight hopefully I can take some with my camera phone..if not I will def have a play by play

February 08, 2006  

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March 06, 2007  

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