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Thursday, February 09, 2006

To have or not to have.....TALENT

Last night was the annual talent show that we have during homecoming and let's just say that I wish I were Simon and that this was American Idol cause of those people should have been told that "It's a No, you must Go".

The host of the talent show was a comedien by the name of Micheal Blackson. He's from African and he is well known for calling people motha suckas...he's kinda funny. Some of his funniest lines were about how in Africa if you are big you are considered rich so when he came to America he thought everyone was rich. Then he said in Africa sex is pain, here it's pleasure, in Africa you tell your wife to go upstairs so you can "tear" her up and she starts crying, in American you tell her to go upstairs and she be like bring it on. He kept sayin that in Africa it's so painful that they give out bladder infections (wow). Another funny thing he said was about how black he was when he was little...he pulled out this photo album and was like this is my momma and daddy...everyone started laughing. He was like this is my mom she is 49, here's my dad he's 99 and I'm 5. I was like dang lol, but hey he's right people in African we living a long time.

The first person up was a girl who decided to do her own remix of a 60's song from Romeo & Juliet. She was aight. Looked like she could be a hippie but hey what do I know. Then we had a group of guys who just knew that they were rappers cause they had the nerve to have a back up I'll give it to her she was hurtin em on her own. Acting like she was in a video but her dancing wasn't really going with their rap, but what do I know. Plus home girl was about a size 0 so everytime she pop locked I felt sorry for her cause it looked like her bones were rubbin together....or is that me just hatin cause I got junk in the trunk lol(nah).

Then we had this girl who decided she was gonna play the piano (2 selections) which she was on the second one the comedian came out and started dancing like he was in a ballet cause that's just what it sounded like (classical music) I was about to go to sleep, but she was pretty for the main reason I was cracking up. This guy who I guess thought he was Omarion/Usher/Fantasia (lol) came out. He was a cutie till he opened up his mouth and sang. Cause he was singing hard like he knew he could sing and if anyone told him other wise he would go off! He was like this is for the fellas cause you know sometimes the ladies don't be treating us right..I'm gonna do my own rendition of it (I said doesn't everyone do their own rendition of songs lol). He started belting out I ain't gonna beg you no more by fantasia. Which would have been aight if he could sing. I kept getting the impression that instead of saying girl (the original words are of course boy) he really wanted to say boy. He had locks which were cute but his eye brows were arched so high I thought he looked like a dear in headlights on a wooded road (WOW)

The winners of the talent show were these two girls who sang Weak by SWV..they did pretty good. I told my roomie I'm glad these underclassmen know how to go in the studio and take out the singers voice and put theirs over it but they need to be in class....everyone can't be in the studio (lol).

So all in all, it was better than the Monday night event, although the rappers kind of irked me. The comedian was funnier than the monday night host (who could barely hear, cause she kept saying what the hell ya'll talkin about)..he even cracked a joke about this old man in the audience and asked him if he was a 30 year senior (you had to be there lol) he said that they would throw him a prune juice party graduation..then he was talking about having bad breath and what not.....and how his brother said he was smart but he asked him what yield mean and he said go slow, why his brother was like...wwwwhhhhhaaaattt doooooeeeessss yiiieeeelllllld mean LOL now that was funny.

Randomness:I wonder if dreams are any inkling of things to come, cause I dreamed my sister died (eek) and I woke up this morning crying and my pillow was soaked. I need to call her to check on her.

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the 30 year senior thing sounds funny to me and i wasn't there.

swv, gets em everytime.

February 09, 2006  

you should come through... Sat Night

February 09, 2006  

Sounda like you guys had quite a show.

February 10, 2006 was girlie

@ttd..I was def thinking about it..a friends bday is that day and we are takin her to dinner if i can get someone to come with me I'll be there

@luvin me..yea it was...quite lol

February 10, 2006  

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