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Monday, February 13, 2006


Life goes on even when there is more than 2 inches of snow on the ground. Yep, here in the good ole area of Northern VA it snowed over the weekend and to top it off it had the nerve to not continue today..which means that yes...I'm at work and hating it. Here's a recap of my weekend:

Friday: After work went to Happy Hour at Fat Tuesdays in Fairfax for the Young Alumni Association. It was great seeing everyone I went to school with and I had about 5 shooters and some bomb wings and fries...yes I cheated..what can I say I'm gonna have to work extra hard this week so that I can lose a total of 10 by the end of sun (I have lost 7 so far) it shouldn't be so hard if I don't cheat anymore. I've also found out that you have to be careful when you run up a tab on your card (those suckas at Fat Tuesdays double charged me, I ain't got money to be paying double for some dang on drinks) good thing I look over my bank statement daily, cause I was on them like white on rice, like too small underwear on a fat lady (lol) aight anyway needlesstosay the person who handles the books will be in the morning and I will be calling back to have her handle the sitiation (yes I meant to say it like that) ASAP! After that me and the roomie went home and I decided to tackle the task of dying my hair (semi permanent) well as we all know relaxed hair (meaning processed hair) takes to color better expecially semi permanant (also known as a rinse) so my scalp is burgandy and as my friend would say it looks like it's bleeding lol but you can see the color if you look closely and in the light (yea alot huh) but I refuse to permanetly dye my hair until my locs are strong enough to handle it which most likely will be around the year mark. My babie will be 4 months on the 19th (yesss).

Sat: There was a block party at Mason so me and Ween went there and got some free goodies and stuff then I had to meet my godsisters mom to pick her up so she could hang with me for the day and spend the night at my house (she kept saying it's so big I tell ya) She's 11 (we have the same bday) and she is too funny, I don't know if it's because we have the same bday but even when she was in TX for a couple of years she didn't forget who I was or anything . It's so funny to have watched her go from a baby to now and she's so grown.....I use to play in her hair all the time and take her everywhere with me. Her mom and cousin came up here to go to H2O that night so she hung with me and I took her with me to dinner. She was oohhhing and ahhhhing all night cause she said they dont' have this in Newport News, they nice up here at home they ghetto lol..she's just so funny.
I told her that she can definately come visit more often. I had a blast with her and the whole time she was like I had so much fun, I can't wait to come back. I always have fun at your moms house so I knew I was going to have fun at your house. Hopefully it will be warmer when she comes so I can take her around DC. We stayed up and watched Enough and then bless her lil heart she wanted to sleep in my room with me. So I let her and I met her mom the next afternoon so she could go see her other godmother and go home.

We had dinner at Maggiano's Little Italy in DC which is all the way down Wisconsin to celebrate Que's bday. I haven't seen some of the girls in a while so it was nice to talk and chat with them over a nice dinner. Plus the servings there are so big that I know I took about 10-15 bits of my food maybe less and I was done. Of course T'nai didn' eat all of her food so she took it home with her and was surprised by how much food she had left...I found out she likes the Cheesecake Factory so next time she comes I'll make sure to take her there. Well with dinner and all the gifts opened we decided that we would go see Something New, with Sanna Lathan. Well needlesstosay we got to the door and it was still snowing and sticking even more than before. It's one thing for me to drive in the snow but I had precious cargo with me (my godsister) and I didn't want to take any chances so after sitting for almost an hour trying to decide what to do we all decided that it would be best if we went home and were safe and sound in case it got any worse.
After we got home...T'nai picked out a movie for us to watch and we (the roomies, me and nai) watched about half of it and we were all passed out on the couch and finally hit the bed.

Sunday: Woke up and saw that the ground was covered with snow and since I had to take Nai to meet her mom I had to shovel the car off. So I did my car, the sidewalk and some of the steps. Man I tell ya, white people be on it. They were out and helping others shovel the steps and sidewalk. We live on a sidestreet so we dont' get the whole cleaning crew thing, it's just us. I took Nai to get some breakfast, met her mom gave her the whole speech about being good and coming back to visit then treked it on back on and finished shoveling the sidewalk and steps. One of the other neighbors came over to help me as well so it didn't take that long. I was heck of bored the next day and why this guy that I use to talk to who lives in B-more called talking about I miss you and I would like to see you but my car is broke down so can you come visit me...I was like ummmm.....umm...I'll think about it. In other words when he called back I said No lol and told him that I haven't talked to him in about 2 weeks which means that apparently he didn't miss me too much and on top of that I hadn't seen him since dang on Jan sometime so he can cut the bull and not try to play me. I won't coming to bmore in the snow unless someone in my family told me it's an emergency and I had to be there STAT!!! So he can kick rocks, but suga emailed me a couple of times yesterday. I love the weekend cause he has more time to talk to me and he'll be back sometime next week. Man I hate when he is out to sea but this is the easy part, when July comes he'll be gone for 6 am I going to deal with that...just like I did last summer when he was gone for 5 months (I was sooo excited to go surprise him when he came back, of course he was excited and surprised to see me) I love making him smile (smile) to Hampton this weekend, so that should be fun. I get to see my family and my bestfriend along with my goddaughter who will be one next week. Boy time flies...

Randomness: Why my ex who lives in TX who I tried to get to move here and pass me his resume has all of a sudden seemed to make it his priority to get me his resume. Boo don't bother now, I could care less and on top of that I called him this weekend to ask him about it and did he call back...NOPE but you best believe he has sent me 3 emails today saying hey and I love you and all that it's over. I'll be your friend and if you can't deal with that then we don't need to deal!

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I love to see tha Divas doing it Big!

February 13, 2006  

Hey Miss Honey L! Just checkin' in and shoutin' out to ya. Looks like you had a good weekend.

Girl, I love a good party, and Happy Hour is right on time with me, lol. I'll be back later to see what's going on. Have a good one.

February 13, 2006  

@boss....we do what we can

@insane..hey girl, it was def loads of fun.

February 13, 2006  

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August 22, 2006  

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