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Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday..enough said!

Who's getting tagged today? I think it will be:
and let's throw in and for good measure LOL (I added some questions to make it an even 100)

Rules of this Meme:
1. You can only say YES or NO.
2. You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone sends you messages/comments and asks!


1. Taken a picture naked? yes
2. Painted your room? No
3. Made out with a member of the same sex? No
4. Drove a car? yes
5. Danced in front of your mirror? yes
6. Have a crush? Yes
7. Been dumped? no
8. Stole money from friend? no
9. Gotten in a car with people you just met? yes
10. Been in a fist fight?no

11. Snuck out of your house? no
12. Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back? yes
13. Been arrested? no
14. Made out with a stranger? no
15. Met up with a member of the opposite sex somewhere? yes
16. Left your house with out telling your parents? no
17. Had a crush on your neighbor? no
18. Ditched work to do something more fun? yes
19. Slept in a bed with a member of the same sex? yes
20. Seen someone die? yes

21. Been on a plane? yes
22. Kissed a picture? yes
23. Slept in until 3PM? yes
24. Love someone or miss someone right now? yes
25. Laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by? yes
26. Made a snow angel? yes
27. Played dress up? yes
28. Cheated while playing a game? yes
29. Been lonely? yes
30. Fallen asleep at work/school? yes

31. Been to a club? yes
32. Felt an earthquake? no
33. Touched a snake? yes
34. Ran a red light? yes
35. Been suspended from school? no
36. Been late to work everyday for a month? no
37. Been in a car accident? yes
38. Hated the way you look? yes
39. Witnessed a crime? yes
40. Pole danced? no

41. Been lost? yes
42. Been to the opposite side of the country? no
43. Felt like dying? yes
44. Cried yourself to sleep? yes
45. Ever peed on yourself? Yes
46. Sang karaoke? yes
47. Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? yes
48. Laughed till some kind of beverage came out of your nose? yes
49. Caught a snowflake on your tongue? yes
50. Kissed in the rain? yes

51. Sing in the shower? Yes
52. Made love in a park? no
53. Had a dream that you married someone? yes
54. Glued your hand to something? yes
55. Got your tongue stuck to a flag pole? no
56. Ever gone to school partially naked? no
57. Been a cheerleader? no
58. Sat on a roof top? no
59. Didn't take a shower for a week? no
60. Ever too scared to watch scary movies alone? yes

61. Played chicken? yes
62. Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? Yes
63. Been told you're hot by a complete stranger? yes
64. Broken a bone? no
65. Been easily amused? yes
66. Laugh so hard you cried? yes
67. Mooned/flashed someone? yes
68. Cheated on a test? yes
69. Forgotten someone's name? yes
70. Slept naked? yes

71. Gone skinny dipping in a pool? no
72. Have you ever snuck into a movie? Yes
73. Blacked out from drinking? no
74. Played a prank on someone? yes
75. Gone to a late night movie? yes
76. Made love to anything not human? no
77. Failed a class? Yes
78. Choked on something you're not supposed to eat? yes
79. Played an instrument for more than 10 hours? no
80. Cheated on a girl/boyfriend? yes

81. Do you celebrate the 4th of July? yes
82. Thrown strange objects? yes
83. Felt like killing someone? no
84. Thought about running away? no
85. Ran away? no
86. Did drugs? no
87. Had detention and not attend it? no
88. Been a bully? No
89. Made a parent cry? yes
90. Cried over someone? yes

91. Owned more than 5 sharpies? yes
92. Dated someone more than once? yes
93. Have a dog? yes
94. Own an instrument? no
95. Been in a rap or singing group? no
96. Drank 10 sodas in a day? no
97. Broken a cd? yes
98. Shot a gun? no
99. Had sex with more than one person in a weeks time? yes

100. Laughed so hard you farted? yes

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posted by Ms.Honey at 6:52 AM


ROTF at 100... It makes me want to laugh right now.

June 02, 2006  

You've been tagged...

Oh Oh, please tag me on this one!

June 02, 2006  

LOL...those are the best ones

nsane...alrighty I'll make that my sat post.

June 02, 2006  

Explain number one in slow, graphic detail, please. Thanks in advance, lol.

June 02, 2006  

since you added # 100, why dont you go ahead and explain that one for us. LOL

June 02, 2006  

Explain #7, 20, 39, 47, 67, 99.

June 02, 2006  

Freaky...hence your name huh LOL..sike nah to make a long story short I had a boo who was in the military and I sent him something to keep him occupied..hey you gotta keep em on their toes LOL

T. Cas...well when someone gets me in my tickle spot I tend to either fart or pee LOL..but that's of course after I've eaten some beans or drank milk LOL

June 02, 2006  

nsane..(7)I always seem to get them before they get me LOL (20)this lady at my church died beside me before sunday school she was pronounced dead and everything...I was torn up a bit she was like a grandmother to me (39) this man was breaking into a car one time while I was in DC..I shouted he ran..that was it LOL (47) I use to always say I would never let someone go down on me.....LIES man once I got it good and right that's a requirement now LOL (67) was at black college weekend in daytona it was sophmore year and I just wanted to do something so I showed the boob and the booty lol..I was young what can I say and on to (99) aight so I was messing with this dude and we did the dang on thing that was like on a sun I think then I went on a date on Fri night and I was sooo physically attracted to this dude that I sort of handled that as well...see Im not a bad girl LOL

June 02, 2006  

I Like this.... I may have to jack it. LOL

June 02, 2006  

Interesting answers...and even more interesting explanations...

June 02, 2006  

msnhim...jack away LOL

charles...hey some of this occured when I was a lil younger c'est la vie

June 02, 2006  



June 02, 2006  

I'm doing this today.

explain #20 and #22

June 02, 2006  

never pole danced?...

June 02, 2006  

I'm curious about #78.... and actually I decided to do this on mines..regardless of being tagged..

nice blog. :)

June 02, 2006  

i'm just commin thru to say hi and bye!
sorry i haven't been by, but u seem to be doing just fine. lol

take care mama

June 02, 2006  

that's cute...thanks 4 not taggin my non typing a$$ LOL

June 03, 2006  


June 03, 2006  

Number 100 sounds like it could hurt!!!

June 04, 2006  

I did this on my space. I love these meme's. Good stuff.

June 04, 2006  

ladynay....we all waiting for you to do it LOL

thoughts...this lady died beside me at church right after sunday school and my first real serious boyfriend I didn't get to see too much so I would kiss his picture and I kissed my grandmothers pic after she died.

sarccastik...nope, waiting to get over my shyness LOL, let's just say I was pleasing my suga booga and got a lil choked up LOL

diamond..hey girl, glad you came by I'm good how are things for you?

dee..only cause you dont' be updated LOL..big country got you occupied LOL

tenacious...dang girl aight(9) I was at black college weekend in Daytona and the bus to our hotel left before we got there talking about they thought everyone was on we saw these guys and asked them to give us a ride back..we sat in dang on 1 hour of traffic tryin to get back to a place that was 5 min away LOL...(43)when I broke up with my first serious boyfriend although we are still friends it hurt at the regrets though(47)cry over a guy and the whole down town thing LOL(54)when I was younger I was tryin to put on fake nails and glued my fingers to the table LOL(67)once again another black college weekend experience(74)when I was in the 8th grade we went on a field trip and the girl who was stayin in our hotel room fell alsleep first so we put lotion in her hand and powder in her hair and tickled her was too funny she was mad though LOL(78)let's just sayin deep throating takes truuu talent LOL

epsil...yea it could but it's funny LOL

organized too I find out lots of things about me that I've forgotten.

June 05, 2006  

lmao..I've had that I

June 05, 2006  

Excellent, love it! » »

March 01, 2007  

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