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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

(EDITED) Getting over the Hump

So it's Hump Day also known as Wednesday and I'm feeling aight. My blog looks a lil diff and I finally learned how to link people. Of course all my favorite blogs aren't listed below cause some of them I find when I read your comment I'm nosey and what lol. When I find them again I'll add them but for now you can check them out.

At this moment I'm thinking that:

I'm so ready to freakin go home why can't I find a millionaire sexy black man to marry LOL (if I did find out I doubt something would jump off)

Nurse dude must have sensed what I was feeling....he called yesterday and twice today to say he was thinking of me.

Constant finally called and I made the convo last 2 min...hi, how are you (he's going back out to sea and will be back on Friday) and ok take care bye.

It's easy gaining weight but it takes TIME for it to come off.

I'm going to start using my food journal again that seemed to help.

My nephew is the funniest lil person I know right now....he was tryin to snap his fingers to lean with it rock with it and hold up the peace sign but he ends up holding all his fingers up.

I'm going to have decide what I want to do with myself in the future....Law school or Grad school...and it needs to be soon!!!

I'm wondering if Nurse dude is running reason it's just a thought we females tend to have everyonce in a while

Why has my roommate not been home this whole week..ok I'm not her mom but dang if you gonna move out then take your CRAP!! LOL let me stop she'll be gone soon enough to live with her boo.....whatever

Why must people irk me I mean does it look like you need to say hey to me each time you pass my desk/cubicle...I have seen you 3 times already..enough!

My roomie is a suga momma I know her boo is loving it...too bad she can't pay her own dang on bills.

Is it too much to ask that you call when you come back in town I mean ok I'm confused or rather you are confused about what we are but we're friends so why not call to say you got home ok....freaking loser!

Chicken Little is the cutest movie...I'm gonna have to buy it (yes for me and not my nephew lol)

I'm gonna see if I can burn a DVD on my laptop haven't tried that yet.

I'm coloring my hair next week a honey blond color...hopefully I don't look too scary.

I wonder is Myrtle Beach going to be as nice as it was last year.

People on the metro are weird....this one lady got mad cause I almost stepped on her if you would not sit on the outside and take up all the seat, I mean I was squashed up against the window..then when I got out I wouldn't almost step on your fat foot.

Why am I aggressive with some guys but semi-aggressive with others. For example one of my friends called last night and I fussed at him cause he asked me to call him at 6:30am to wake him up I said boo I get up at 6:45 not 6:30 set your wasn't that serious cause I use to call an ex of mine each morning to wake him up or he would call me to get up for class when i was in college....but I just didn't feel like doing it for this friend cause he already assumes stuff and you know what you do when you ASSUME......

Is it just me or does Donnie Simpson remind you of a old drunk uncle at a cookout. I mean he's funny but that laugh has got to go....

I have to go home this weekend to drop my sis and nephew off and turn right around and come back...great what was I thinking when I did that lol...that I miss them both dearly and I dont' get to see them often I guess

My ex sent me an email stating he misses me and what you are weird and you still live in TX I'm not going there again. How you gonna not talk to me for like 3 months and think we still together...yea he did that till I informed him of the newsflash that he apparently missed.

I'm not buying another bathing suit I found one from last year that still had the price tag on it lol..great

I saw my first boyfriend this weekend at church my mom said he might actually turn out to be my husband in the future..yea right this from the woman who forbid me to see him...ok I was in all of elementary, middle and HS and he was seen as one of the bad boys at church but I mean dang I'm over that lol

I get to get a new phone next month courtesy of New Every Two...I think I'm gonna get the's bigger than what I'm use to but I like the features.

What is the purpose of Mondays?


I WON!!!! Well not me...Danielle off of Top Model. I am sooo excited..she deserves it. How come when we win something we can never believe it lol...she was like Mommy I'm a cover I won. I'm happy for her cause Nicole was gettin on my nerves she looks a hot mess and I wouldn't buy cover girl if she gave it away. In other news I dyed my hair and it's a honey blond color guess I'll post a pic sometimes in the future LOL....and the man I saw beside this morning smelled like old syrup. Plus he was playin around on his you aint' special everyone and their momma got one these days....

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SOmetimes it be like that...Im always wondering if ppl are running G on me.....Usually Im right. US women get these feelings im the pit of our stomachs.....

May 17, 2006  

That was a lot of thoughts! LOL I have to go rent chicken little....

May 17, 2006  

free agent.....I'm sayin in my best old lady voice....something just aint' right in my spirit LOL..sike but yea it might just require time was soo cute that pig had me crackin up of course my nephew sat down all of 2 min and kept poppin up snappin his fingers

May 17, 2006  

Don't you love when you find clothes with tags still on them. I know it can be seen as a sign of a shopping addiction, but I chose to look at the positive.

May 17, 2006  

miss jj...yep I have a problem but hey that just means I don't have to spend money now which is a positive..I'm glad someone else agrees with me lol

May 17, 2006  

Hey, you fixed your photo.
Blog is looking perfect now.

May 17, 2006  

Love love love the new layout and yeah I've had the MIA roommate before too. It makes you want to put their stuff in as corner and throw a blanket over it and call it a chair.

May 17, 2006  

i like your new template. i hate hump days!!!! but hey it just means friday is just two days away. i was the mia roommate. lol.

May 17, 2006  

the purpose of monday is to make tuesday seem like less of a sucky day.

yesterday was gonna be my random thought day, but AI was on, so thats what i blogged about.

and on the topic of running game - i promise to you, if i didn't learn anything else in last 18mos of my life, i learned that the 'feeling' that something isn't right is a good thing. and that 'feeling' pertains to any type situation. i say proceed with caution.

May 18, 2006  

Trust me I have my brakes on and am reviewing the road ahead with EXTREME CAUTION! LOL

May 18, 2006  

That hair color could be interesting...

Also, didnt you get the memo??? Laptops are a status symbol!!! Lol j/k j/k

May 18, 2006  

Well I must be doing it big cause I got one too LOL....

May 18, 2006  

I feel ya!

May 18, 2006  

You want to know whats crazy! I say "monkey balls" all the time, lol

May 23, 2006  

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