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Thursday, September 28, 2006

I'm Thinking....

...I can't wait for ER tonight..please don't let the lil baby die

...I missed Grey's Anatomy that's my new favorite show

.....One Tree Hill is my soap opera and I missed it last night

...I want some Girl scout cookies (tagalongs)

...Young one has me doing stuff I didn't think I'd do....umm no not like that nasties LOL

...I drove all the way there so he could come home for the weekend....

....I'm sleepy...I came right in took a shower, changed and went to work....

...Flava Flav..yeaaaboiiii (He is sooo nasty looking)

....He is a sweetie... no I'm not talking about Flava Flav LOL

.....ummm are you really gay cause I need to know why you still trying to get in the honey pot LOL

....I can't help ya with that buddy sorry

...why is everyone around me getting engaged...where is my man at!!! I need him ASAP LOL

....I can't see the fam till November hopefully I dont' go through withdrawals

.....we fell asleep on the phone the other night was funny

.....last night while he was driving back he said the person that he is usually on the phone with at this time of night was right beside him sleep..that made me laugh (cause I'm the one he's usually on the phone with and I was knocked out)

.....I wish I could tell when people were lying (like angela's eyes on lifetime)

.....My godsister is gonna be 13 WOW I remember when she was born....dang on it she's getting old

...I love MUNCHIES....and I mean LOVE them! dog is gross he ate his own poop and got sick....I tell ya

....he thinks he's playing me little does he know that he will get what's coming to him and it will be worse than anything I could think of

......Young one said I looked like a school teacher/student today with my lil vest and button up on LOL

......I'm happy that I could be there for him

.......Perhaps I'll go out with that cutie tomorrow hmmmm

.....did someone say company picnic..cause you know that equals free food LOL I really on the phone with him too much

....I finally told his boy who use to want to talk to me that I now converse with him....he was "shocked" and "appalled" (his words not mine)

.....I can't believe everything people say cause ummm you're gay remember oopps sorry was I not suppose to know that.

......I can't wait till saturday when I can see him again (he's spending today and tomorrow with the fam)

.....hearing light bright makes me smile......

....when I eat gummiebears I think of him....

.......he plays in my hair it makes me sleepy

........I'm suppose to be in chill mode stop liking him LOL

....I'm not playing cool I am cool LOL

By the way ladies I'm counting down till we hook up next month WOOOOHOOOOO...too many fine women in one place is against the law...

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hehehe@chill mode. that's when you can't chill, when you ain't looking.

young one sounds yummy.

gay dude getting at the honey pot? i knew you had it like that but i had no idea you had the power to make a brotha switch teams like that. shit, sell the secret to that cuz i saw this really cute gay dude a couple of days ago and i wouldn't mind trying it out. LOL

September 28, 2006  

You can't get engaged yet! That would mean no more dudes and their issues! As the Honey Turns will turn into some chick flick! LOL

September 28, 2006  

nikki...where have you been girl, you neglecting me LOL. I'm always confused as to what chill mode is...he is rather tasty LOL..yea girl some dude who young one says is gay is not admitting that he is and is trying to dip it in...he aint dippin nothin near me LOL

ladynay...I know I know but can't a girl dream LOL, chick flick NEVER I'd find something to complain about LOL

September 28, 2006  

Hey lady thanks for stopping by my blog. Some of you thinking are my thoughts almost to the letter. It's scary.

Isn't it nice when you can't be with him and you fall asleep together on the phone.

September 28, 2006  

Stormy..hey problem I will def be back. Scary when some one thinks like you do sometimes at least it is to me LOL....yes it was soo cute to see that we had been on the phone and were both knocked out..but I'm tryin not to think about that too much might start to like him more LOL

September 28, 2006  

Aww ~ some of these could've been on my blog too! :D Get outta my head Ms. Libra! LOL


September 28, 2006  

I love me some tagalongs too.

September 28, 2006  

Cookies sound good!!!!

Its whenever we dont look that it comes to us. I dont know why but it just works like that.

September 28, 2006  

eh I can't get into grey's anatomy I must have missed the boat...

If you have some some elixar that turns gay men straight sign me up b/c there is this FINE ass gay man who works at the Banana Republic in Georgetown...

Engaged?! Is something in the water?

September 28, 2006  

be "ice cold"....u can maintain shawt!!! but you can't can you?

September 29, 2006  

Aw sounds like somebody is infatuated. I like that feeling. I guess count your blessings about not being engaged. Cuz when i get married i only wanna get married 1x. I know too many marriages that dont last.

September 29, 2006  

Take your time with getting engaged. It's overrated...unless you find the right person.

September 29, 2006  

i cant wait either!! you figure out when/what we're doing for your birthday?

and i see you.. got young one up there, but u going out w/ cutie tomorrow?? lol

September 29, 2006  

Edy's makes Girl Scout cookie ice cream. You've gotta dig for it in the stores in your area. They've got Tagalongs too. I'm sure you'd love it.

September 29, 2006  

hey mama...
i just wanted to check in..and
yeah Flava is kinda nasty

great adjective!!

October 01, 2006  

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