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Monday, September 25, 2006

Get it Together

Ok first let me say to BK I know you mad but I had a hang over and you can thank TTD for that ummm yea I wouldn't have looked right in class falling over and laughing at everythign you would have been mad plus when I woke up I had a headache that made flushing the toilet sound like niagra falls...anywho sooo I will do my best to make it another sat class and make sure not to drink the night before.

Me, the rommie and another friend of mine went to TTD's house (her blog is on the side..I try not to care) and helped her celebrate her bday...I finally got to meet her, GTL and Kween. Let me tell you those folks are toooooo hilarious I also met another blogger she's on TTD's blog under bloggers I know and I will call her T. First we had to come from VA so you know we were in for the long haul, we stopped off to get her a lil gift cause it wouldn't be right to come to a house party without a lil after we did that we got on the road would have made good time if they hadn't shut off half a lane and some truck tried to bully me into getting behind him...booo hit me I want a new car LOL...matter fact just go buy me the new camry in silver..thank you very much. SO we get there and as soon as I walk up GTL was like you're Honey-Libra LOL..I was like yes I am so he leads us inside I meet TTD she shows us where the food was at after that it was a wrap. That girl put her foot in that pasta salad..anyone who knows me knows I love i mean LOVE me some pasta so I was good for the rest of the night. Got some some Gin and Juice, then some 99 Bananas mixed with OJ and I was aight for the rest of the night. Kween came in and DIVA is jazzzzyyy LOL...she was killin em with the heels...told her to email me so I can come to her next play as long as it ain't $30 cuase if it's $30 I'm gonna expect a meal to be included LOL...anywho....The party was cool, I look forward to seeing those girls again and I had a boat load of fun that night. Roomie drove my car home cause I was knocked out..didn't wake up till she was parking LOL

Saturday went to return some shoes that I got that were too big..I mean when I put them on they fit LOL..what happened..ahh well guess I have to find some more brown pumps....after that headed out to the mall with roomie and my buddy to find something to wear to the bday dinner we were going to. Why the whole time we thinking the party started at 730 and we get a call at 455 talking about are ya'll on the way...umm what LOL...great so I hate to be rushed therefore I took my time and we got there around 615. Had dinner at the chophouse in DC on 7th street...I tell ya people always take forever with the bill...all I got to say is please make sure you bring more than $15 if you know we are eating in DC. After that we went to Lucky Strike...from what I hear Gilbert Arenas was I care but others did...I had a blast and then was passed out when I got home.

Sunday slept a lil late, walked the dog, was on the phone off and on with Young one all day and then around 4 he called..he was in GA this weekend so he called when he got back home and we were on the phone till about 5 this morning (talking, joking reading poetry) yea a sista is hurt LOL. I'm going down there on Thurs to get him so he can spend the weekend up here and then I'm spending the weekend down there the last Friday in October...wooohoo road trip!

Ok now on to the drama you know it wouldn't be As the Honey Pot turns unless there was some all know about Constant and how he cheated on me with some chic I went to elementary school with (he didn't know we's a small world that's all I know) after that occurred I told myself and everyone around me I was done, if he wanted to be my friend ok, but it would take God himself coming down to tell me that I had to give him another chance. I get a note on BP saying that I'm cute and if I'msingle and what not...I was like yea I just stopped dealing with someone so I'm in chill mode..this person goes on to ask me what happened and lots of other questions like what ship is he on and what not...I didn't tell them just kept sayin thanks and what not. Finally this person is like I'm sorry to lie to you, I'm not a guy I'm a girl on my brothers account name is your ex's name Constant.....I'm like oh lord what now. I give the chic my screen name and we have a conversation.

Come to find out that her and Constant were supposedly engaged and have been engaged since right before he left (since June) they have been "together" since March of this year. I busted out laughing....then homegirl told me that she had been crying and she didn't know what to do, they hadn't picked out rings but were gonna do that when he got back in Dec. I later talked to her on the phone (I had no problem talking to her I ain't got beef with you, it's not that deep) and she was like I'm soo mad, I've been crying. I asked him about you and he kept telling me not to worry about the past and blah blah blah. I was like girl he ain't worried about you or me, he can move someone in your place he doesn't care. On top of that this chic hasn't seen him since last who in their right mind would get engaged to someone that they haven't seen in almost a year...not I said Honey LOL. I forward her emails from him so she knows that I could care less what he told her and could care less what she does. She can be with him, but she should know that everything that comes out of his mouth is a LIE. He sent me an email saying he talked to her..not that he was engaged to her..she was upset cause he picked out a dress and what not, she said she gave up stuff for him, I was like how was he gonna pay for the ring LOL...she brought up examples of when she was suppose to see him, I told her that he was with most of those times. I made her laugh cause I brought up stuff about him that I don't like and that helps me remember just how stupid he is. He sent her some poetry that I wrote...she was mad about in short Constant is a bamma...I can't believe that after 4 years someone would all of a sudden change because they are around others who find this behavior normal. Ok he might have been like when I first met him and it was subdued but the navy gave it a breeding ground. Hope this chic don't get too clingly and try to become my best buddy LOL. I mean she's cool folks don't get me wrong but umm yea that's about as far as it's gonna go. I don't want to talk to you all the time about Constant. He doesn't deserve the energy that it would even take to think up what to say about I'm DONE.

I just can't believe that after I gave you the opportunity to come clean and still "redeem" yourself you can't even respect me enough as a friend, someone you've known for 4 years to tell me the truth....that's bad business, real bad business. I hate when people think I'm so stupid and naive just because I don't call them on their nonsense...I don't call you on it cause I want you to hang yourself why should I do that for'll do it eventually and he has done it. Sent home girl an email sayin me and him were over we were the past I said ok boo he's right we are done but what you don't see is that that same day he sent me an email saying I wanna work things out with you when I come home in you tell me what you think about that....then he sends me an email saying I'll explain everything I know you won't understand (TRY ME)...and that out of everyone he dealt with I was the one he never wanted to hurt and he'll spend the rest of his life showing me that...ok, boo you do that, but while you doing that I'm gonna go over here and be happy while you live a life of regret cause you suck monkey balls and you find out that they aren't as good as you thought they were.

Nurse dude sent me a text last night at 1:40am (I only remember this cause I was on the phone with young one and I told him about it we laughed) talking about come over....I ignored it and kept I am not and will not be your booty call thank you very much, there are rules and you can't even abide by those think you got it like that NOT.....but if he was closer (young one, lol) he would :) we both agree that we like what's occurring but we both just got out of relationships and don't want to rush into another hurried whatever happens happens but I'm enjoying the ride :)

Going to the gym tonight to start my trial membership (Bally's) hopefully I like it, if not I'll try another gym down the street I have till the end of this year to meet my goal and I have 25pds to let's hope this helps LOL. After that a friend that I met through roomie..who also happens to be a cutie is suppose to come over to chill since I haven't seen him in a while..he called last night to apologize about not keeping in contact (I told him it's not that deep, if you call you call, if you don't you don't) and he said that he really had a nice time, I was surprised to hear from him, I have stopped hunting and chasing people down unless you rob me LOL...cause you know how to use a phone, if he ever lost my number he could get it from his boy who talks to my roomie..there are ways...sooo great. I'm just glad that I've come to my senses about Constant..yes it took a second but eventually everyone shows who they really are and I'm glad I found out before we got married or even had a kid together. I have distractions...LOL..getting over him will not be a problem.

By the way: Check out Lupe Fiasco's's hot and Fergie...I'm loving number 4 on her CD....bout to go listen to Janet and Luda's album on AOL music...

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Lupe F, hmm, his first single sounds like somehting Pherral would do...i just downloaded fergie this weekend, i will check that out...

and yes i didnt read everything yet, i skimmed and scrolled'll be back though

as for Friday, I am so mad I didn't know about this. I was off Friday nite, damn damn damn

September 25, 2006  

ok, finished reading and all i can say is that nicca Constant is the king of all bammas, and nurse dude is the prince. I think Constant needs a name change. Cause his ass is obsolete now..

wishing you luck with yougin...

September 25, 2006  

A post starting with an apology because you was too hung over to participate sound like a good weekend! LOL

You and your men friends...that's all Imma comment...LOL

September 25, 2006  

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September 25, 2006  

BTW, I am gonna be around on the 21st! I wouldn't mind jazzercising withchall or whatever.

September 25, 2006  

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September 25, 2006  

hmmmm the plot thickens...damn what is up with this dude I mean damn if you're going to lie PLEASE cover your tracks better nigga we live in a technology age where folks from all over can compare stories!

*disgusted face*

At least YOU had some type of excitement...I was stuck at work all fucking weekend!!!

September 25, 2006  

lol...Libra I did get my beyonce tail home...thanks girl for saying i was

girl, it was so cool to finally me you, and you see how zany we are (i mean TTD and

September 25, 2006  

So u just save that energy for when I come there..i dont wanna hear no excuses chica.....

September 25, 2006  

Lmao cause u said "suck monkey balls"...hilarious. Is that worse than tossin bright red monkey booty?? Jelly or syrup??

This cat keeps findin ways to clown the fuck outta himself. Classic.

Music comments to follow...

-Diggz (I'm so f'in lazy, I should just sign in huh?!?)

September 25, 2006  

Nah!! Constant's name is fitting. Just a new interpretation - Constant(ly fuckin' up)

As far as Lupe...yes real hip hop is makin a return and showing it can be profitable w/o commercial sellout or just wack ass jingles (soup anyone?? Let it breathe, you'll get it)

As far as b4, I said "tossin bright red monkey booty" but meant "tossin bright red monkey salad". I'm sure u got the point.

As u see, I'm still lazy!


September 25, 2006  

Ok all I got to say is you need to let me know how to be a big pimp like you, lol.

ps- Constant is on some serious booshit. He'll pay for that sooner or later.

September 26, 2006  

Glad you had a great time!! I'll be sure to let you know about the next one..

So this is a 3rd chick that contacted you?? Constant is wild! Glad not much more came b/w ya'll two

September 26, 2006  

I met up with bloggers this weekend too. Constant got more shit going on than a lil bit. Stay far far away from that dude.

September 26, 2006  

sounds like a fun weekend. as far as constant. they come and they go but ur still standing wiser and stronger. the nurse dude he tried but if that's not what u want don't stress.

September 26, 2006  

I had lost my link to your page and moved my page around but I'm glad I found you again. I'll be back to visit.

September 27, 2006  

I'm glad you had a good time hangin' with TTD.

Constant is still up to no good I see...

September 28, 2006  

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