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Thursday, September 21, 2006

First Born

I decided to do something a lil different today.

As I look into eyes that remind me of my own I smile

I never thought I could be so blessed

You have the nose of your father and the smile of your grandmother.....their strength will give you strength you glance at me I see an innocence that I pray will not be stolen away before you realize just how special you this world......

In your eyes I see a future so bright that at times I wonder will you even be able to grasp just how great you will become

As I hug you to me I pray...

that God gives me strength to be the mother to you that he needs me to be, that he allows me to allow you to grow into your own, that he molds you into something bigger than you could ever imagine

As I kiss you I pray...

that the blood running through your veins ignites a fire in you that will never die, creating such a force of nature that others will wonder just who you are

You are are

...have helped me realize the meaning of true love and that love deserves and needs to be nurtured.

You are the beginning of a something beautiful.....your siblings will look up to you...they will need you just as you need me at this very moment and I .....need you

At this moment nothing in this world could feel better than knowing that you are forever a part of me

You are an extension of my heart, outside of my body......a seed that was planted by God...he has given you to me to nurture you

A creation so beautiful that as I stare down into your eyes I wonder how God could ever bless me with such a huge responsibility

I will love you and will nurture you..helping you to understand that no matter what occurs I am here for you assure you, to comfort you, to cast away the doubt that will be placed when you feel like you can't make it hold you, to keep you warm and to provide for you

as I hold you in my arms I thank God for you and all the memories that we will create

I thank him for first born
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see you tomorrow!!

September 21, 2006  

That was beautiful. I'm really feeling it!!!! It kind of makes me reflect on how my mom used to (and still does) look at me.

September 21, 2006  


September 21, 2006  

That was beautiful

September 21, 2006  

Aww thanks guys..I feel special you liked it LOL

September 21, 2006  


September 21, 2006  

what they said ^^^^^^

September 21, 2006  

I am feeling it.

September 21, 2006  

Aren't you sweet!!!

September 21, 2006  


September 22, 2006  

thanks for sharing your words again.

September 22, 2006  

good.. see u manana

September 22, 2006  

really beautiful....I'm feelin' it :-)

September 22, 2006  

I wonder if that is how my mom and dad felt about me until they had the rest of the bebe kids :-)

It was really beautiful!

September 23, 2006  

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