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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thursday Thoughts

It's raining outside and I want to go to sleep

Why was I on the phone with him till 1am and then again at 5am

Today is my work tomorrow!!!!!

He calls me Rainbow makes me smile

He makes me smile

Calm down, things are always nice in the beginning lol

I miss my nephew

I am sooo loving Justin Timberlake's CD

I heart him LOL

We talk alllllll day...and yes I mean all day (via text, IM, or phone)

My hair is getting longer..wooohooo

That drive tomorrow should be interesting

I wonder what he has up his sleeve

Why the heck would you send me a text at ain't got it like that...but he does (smile)'s like that..that's how you going dog....WOW

Never would have expected to learn that about you

I'm letting go of you and it hurts...but it's what i have to do

I can't make you love me or feel remorse

Stop acting like everything is fine when it's NOT

I have a 7 hour drive ahead of me......I will be singing all the way down there

Have you even thought about what you did and how you hurt me.....


We're going on a picnic (that's so sweet)

We played truth or dare for two days lol

I want you to hurt like I hurt....even if it's only for a second

I want my bluetooth...NOW

I need a serious vacation these one days off got to go

I can't wait to get my new furniture

Funny how I'm telling you not to worry about me and you still do...did you worry about me when you were kissing her.....

I wonder if she knows that I admire her.....

He's quickly helping me to forget about you...what does that mean

Now why you wanna go and do that....

He says he misses me when he doesn't hear my voice....I blush

It's raining outside
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damn you just did a total 180!!! are you talking about the same person?

September 14, 2006  

gurl u must elaborate so i can know who ur talk about. don't worry just another hill to climb over.

September 14, 2006  

Kool...nope I'm not talking about Constant although he is still trying

sweetness...I'm talking about newbie (aka young one)..yea I know but sometimes it gets frustrating

September 14, 2006  

I am just glad you are not talking about Constant. He seems like bad news.

The Young One seems to be making you smile, which is good.

September 14, 2006  

I need to get Justin's cd.

Have fun on your trip. Make sure you do plenty to blog about Monday. LOL

September 14, 2006  

miz jj....girl he is trying but it's not working...some of the angrier ones were directed toward him LOL

thoughts...girl I have been listenin to that thing online for like 2 weeks and i'm going to get it roadtrip music and I will def blog on monday

September 14, 2006  

Dag I thought you was talking about Constant, glad your happy with ole dude, long distance sucks!

September 14, 2006  

Honey ~ Why did you just take a lot of these directly out of my head?! :D Thanks girlie...have a wonderful weekend!!


September 14, 2006  

Who hurt you?
Who do I need to fuck up?

Why is everybody sayin I heart ....

Where are you going?

7 hours?
I hope you not driving alone...

Its always beautiful in the beginning, don't you just love beginnings?

September 14, 2006  

HAY HONEY!! BEEN Awhole--but Im gone need for you to go to bed at night on that na but thats black love!!!

September 14, 2006  

Yay, today is my Friday too! I'm always off Friday and Saturday and I love it!

Give us more details about this man who seems like the object of all your affections...

September 14, 2006  

It's always good in the beginning...But it's good to enjoy the moment just the same, whether you think it's goona last or not.

September 15, 2006  

i LOVE JT's new CD.. it's that fiyah!

have a safe & fun trip.. and keep smiling!

September 15, 2006  

I've done those 7 hour drives ... no joke. Brings plenty of music and enjoy yourself!

September 15, 2006  

Get some rest before that 7 hour drive. I miss Justin on the awrd show but heard he had a great cd.

September 15, 2006  

Enjoy the trip!

September 17, 2006  

7hrs? I bet you do want a blue tooth to help you make that drive. I want one too. My sister got one from a crack head for 10$. I need a crackhead discount.

September 17, 2006  

A 2-day long truth or dare game . . . that's what up.

September 18, 2006  

Justin **love sick sigh**

OOOH I want some juicy details!!

September 18, 2006  

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