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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Its Wednesday

....and you know what that means. A gratitude post. Let me just start by saying Red is corny yes, I thought by going down there that perhaps he wouldn't be so corny LOL and we could move on as friends...ah well it was a bust and a lesson learned...listen to your first instinct. With that being said I love grateful wednesday's, they allow me the opportunity to stop and just thank God for everything he's done.

I'm Grateful.......
.......that I see HIM tomorrow
....for being able to talk to my toot...his new word is be quiet LOL
....that you make me smile each day
.....for the rain that is coming down outside
.....for being able to go to work
......that I'm realizing more and more about myself each day
......that I talked to Trish last night....she is one amazing person
.....that I have weight to lose...some people have diseases where they are seriously obese and others are seriously underweight...
......that God knows just when I need even when I don't know that I need it
.......that he will be with me all this weekend
......that he shares so much with me its like I'm there with him throughout his day
....that I am now willing to say no and not feel so bad about it.
........that he calls me a blessing
........that it's almost FRIDAY!!!!!
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I love the gratitude posts. They are so positive, which is something that I am trying to embrace.

November 08, 2006  

All things to be thankful for :-)

Gone get ya mans....

November 08, 2006  

Thats sweet..glad Trish is in good spirits!!!!

November 08, 2006  

Thanks for the reminder.

November 08, 2006  

miz jj..I'm gonna have to think of a prize for being first LOL

tenacious...yep yep even the rain

negro..she's a trooper

lady..anytime mannnn :)

November 08, 2006  

I'm nosey who is Trish?

I'm grateful for waking up this morning.

November 08, 2006  

did someone watch house last night?? (grateful for weight to lose)

im grateful i woke up this morning...

November 08, 2006  

I'm grateful that blogger is working long enough for me to respond. because I tried to get on to JOUN you about Red but after like 5 attempts with blogger I said eff it....

November 08, 2006  

thoughts..a fellow blogger is going through...

ttd...of course LOL..that man had me greatful for not being obese LOL

November 08, 2006  

YOU are the amazing one Honey!! ;o) I'm glad we talked too... I'm is! LOL I've got fifty-leven different monikers, you may have seen Trizzy, Just Me, rapturous soul, brat, mommy, LOL ~ let me stop.

I love your gratitude list momma ~ love it!

November 08, 2006  

wow i have so much to be thankful for I will not know where to start.

i'm glad you have alot to be thankful for.

November 08, 2006  

I am glad you have a lot to be thankful for. This reminds me to be thankful also. It is easy to forget when you go through the hustle and bustle of the day.

November 08, 2006  

@ Honey

Ima get me some help...and then Ima need some help to get my foot out my brother's ass!!!

November 08, 2006  

I'm greatful for so many things as well...This post has me smiling.

November 09, 2006  

Greatful for your positivity....

greatful for my bills and my ability to pay them

November 09, 2006  

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