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Monday, November 06, 2006

Texas Roundup

NO PIC!! Needlesstosay I was ready to go home..Red annoyed the SHIT out of here's a rundown of the weekend.

Friday: I left work quarter to 12 so that I could hop on the metro and make it to the airport. My flight left at 2 and I wanted to make sure I was sure I was there and at the gate and not flying through the airport like I'm on Home Alone or some nonsense. So anyway I get to the airport..get through checking my bag (which was overpacked LOL..what can I say I wanted to be prepared) and get through security (put all my liquids in a plastic bag and I was good). I call everyone who is on a need to know basis that I'm at the airport and will call them when I get to Chitown and then will call then when I get to Dallas..which was at 7:11pm. So I call Red and tell him the night before and about 2 times today what terminal and all that stuff I was gonna be at. Of course I didnt know what baggage claim but hey I figure if he's in the right terminal how hard can it be....apparently too damn hard. I told this fool about 12 times I was at E31..he says E3..I said no fool...E31. By this time I'm yelling and what not...agitated cause I have been two diff plans since 2pm. So finally after he goes in the wrong door I go outside and he's there. I told him he could call me when he got outside cause I wasn't standing out there. All the while I'm on the phone with Young One ranting and raving that I heated and of course my suga is the voice of reason and tells me to calm down, have fun and dont try to stay too mad...errr how can I stay mad lol when he's so calm. So I tell red that I'm on the phone with mom and all that stuff. He talking about she can wait, I'm trying to find you. I said it ain't my dang on fault that you dont' know where the hell you going...bye. So I'm pissed at that. But before that I was pissed cause I thought we were staying in Dallas and this fool talkin about we going to Killeen which is about 2.5 hours away. His folks stay there and he had to get his car looked at..I was like you couldnt' do this before hand and we get into an argument about that. So we're in the car...he's trying to hold my hand..I tell him that's dangerous...I go to sleep....wake up ask him to get me some then go back to sleep all while listening to my cd player cause I didn't want to listen to him talk. We get to the house and I go to bed..he tries to make moves and I place a chain lock down on the good...DANG can I sleep....

Sidenote: The flight down was good...there was this cute lil baby on it and he was a gem the whole way loud crying no stinky diaper..made me want to have a baby. No weird flight I was good.

Saturday: I slept till about up and we all went to a chinese buffet for lunch. Ok so here is where I might appear mean. I have this thing..if you annoy me I start to get annoyed at EVERYTHING you do. The way you talk, how you eat, how you dress, how you's sad cause I know I'm not perfect but I can't help it. So since he annoyed me it seemed like everything that he did appeared gross. The way he ate, how he spilled food on the he got two plates to start off his sleeve kept dippin in his plate. How his sweater sleeves were too big. Man I was like errr all on the inside. So we decide to go to walmart (then best buy) so I can show him the mpg player that I want..but first we make a pitstop at this african art store and I fall in love with some oil burners. This guy bought the ones I wanted so red said he would get them and mail them to me....umm great..another reason why he has to stick around. On to the movies we go after he introduces me to half the town. I didn't get my mp3 playa he talking about I'm gonna get it when I go back to Dallas and ship it to you..I said boo whatever I can get it myself in the time that it takes you to do all that...freaking kids ain't no dang on good. We go see Catch a Fire..with Derek Luke. I love him and the movie was even better. So we're watching the movie and there is a part in the movie where his wife is concerened about what she is going to do because he got arressted....this fool talking about get a damn job...ok it was how he said it cause before that she had asked her husband for some furniture and he said they couldn't afford it and she was liek well baby you're a foreman now and some other stuff...and this fool again says get a job. So then there is one part where she is smelling her husbands clothes (he cheated on her before) he talking about just like a damn black woman..I sensed some issues so I was liek could you shut up and let me watch the movie..I'm saying how sexy Derek Luke looks and he goes and says so do you find me drop...umm I think you're cute now back to the movie LOL. After that is over...I was like so what are we going to do...meaning later on that night...he says well what do you want to do..I say I dont' wanna stay in the house...this fool goes off....Honey, I'm tired of you saying that I know you don't wanna stay in the house but ain't nothin open right should have seen the look on my face. I said first of all I'm not talkin about right now....i'm talkin about later....and you can chill the heck out (i didn't say heck..he causes me to use foul language) I was HOT!!! I got soo tired of him talkin to me like I'm a lil kid and what not...he talkin about he don't do clubs I said boo I do clubs but I prefer a lounge he talkin about well they fight here at clubs and lounges and I said well I'm gonna need for yall grown folks to know how to act. That ain't my I got some E & J with coke and was knockin em back. He popped an porno and thought he was gonna get some LOL..LIES cause I was crackin up at the girls and the dudes on there..I think he was gettin mad so I told him...I don't want you, and watchin this aint' gonna make me want you so I'm good watchin doesn't bother me in the least bit to watch it with you in the room if I was with someone who I wanted to dick me down then I'd probably be tryin to get some..but not from you buddy. He gets mad and gets on the phone. So I was drinking and what not...and since he's in the same room I can hear what he's saying...and I was like why you beggin a grown ass man to talk to you (come to find out he was talkin to some chic)..cause he kept sayin are you gonna say anything...and some other stuff...he got mad when he got off the phone....talking about I don't need to be in his convo..I told him to leave then...then i said it won't my fault it sounded like he was beggin someone to talk to yea we argued like I was Ike and he was Tina LOL...well I was Ike and Tina and he was just there....I felt like having his face run into my fist.

Sunday: Wake up and shower. Pack my bag...get some breakfast. We get on the road and he is trying to show me some sights...while I'm sleep. He wakes me up to show me stuff....I hate when people do that...let me sleep please errrr. I was also annoyed that the whole weekend whenever he got off the phone he'd be like that was my homeboy or that was my homegirl and then go into a description of the convo or how he knew that I don't care. He was probably upset that I was texting and talking to Young one. I mean I wasn't doing it too much while he was around but I talked to him a few times and I was texting him the whole time...I see him on Thurs..he'll be here till Sun...WOOOHOOOO. I told him that I was agitated and he calmed me down from kicked red in the face LOL. We're going to play Laser Tag on Sat and do dinner....he mentioned a trip to Vicki's..emmmm I likes that idea LOL. Got back in town and called everyone that needed to know that I was good and at home...played with the dog, plopped in the bed..talked on the phone. Got a phone call from someone that I met around the time that I met nurse dude....who I talked to phone wise for about a month then according to him during his move he lost my number and just found it. He wants to dinner sometimes this week. So great. Talked to Young One till we both fell asleep on the phone then woke up and started to talk again and was passed out again.....soo umm yea we talk all day pretty much LOL

Hope you had a better weekend than I had. I mean it wasn't totally horrible...the flight attendant on the way from TX to the CHI had us crackin up. You could tell she loved her job..she was about 60 askin folks were they sure they didn't want to keep their cups cause they wash them and reuse them. The whole flight demonstration was a lil too theatrical...I was crackin up. She gave people the wrong snacks..I was crackin up it's back to the grind only to count down till thursday when I can see my Young One......

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LOL....This was the funniest stuff I have read...You are sooo wrong for the *cricket chirp* yeah you cute...That is SOOOO me.

And I hate unneccessary comments in the theater shut the f*ck up.

Red is a trip and a half, I would've had to kick him out the car...while moving...during some point of the will NOT wake me from my damn slumber.

LOL...Whew I needed this laugh...gotta beg someone to talk to you on the phone should let you know something

Good thing youngin' was there otherwise we'll have to start a pay pal account and solicate funds from bloggers to get you out of jail LOL

November 06, 2006  

@ Honey

You know I would've gotten on the stage drunk and all and dropped it like it was hot...matching bra and panty set that night too?! Shit there goes my student loan payment for next month at my feet AND maybe a lil' bit left over for Vickies

I think I told dude I was currently taking applications or some drunk shit like that...

Oh yeah...FIRST!!! HAHA

November 06, 2006  

damn.. sorry you had a bad weekend.. hopefully this upcoming one will be better...

and some of that stuff you described IS disgusting & it probably woulda annoyed the heck out of me too!

November 06, 2006  

Tenacious..I know one thing I picked out my stripper song it would be money maker cause that's what I need LOL...I mean i can understand talking but when all your comments are about black women (like you ain't black) it gets old. Yes I was on the phone with him off and on all weekend..i know red was mad and i don't care.

ttd..yea let's hope so Young one will be in town so I know I'll be fine..he takes good care of me ;)

November 06, 2006  

Was this the trip you took with the free ticket?

I'm like you once you annoy me everything you do is annoying to me.

November 06, 2006  

I am so mad you went through all that ish....and still didn't get your MP3 player....making the trip a complete waste...

I hate when men think porn is the magic way to open our legs...tnat and cunnilingus...(although i've fallen prey to the latter a time or two)

and i hope you know, you aint gettin ish from that African store, LOL....

November 06, 2006  

I sure did have a better weekend than you. Your "friend" made it easy. It's too bad you can't get your time back. You need a refund.

November 06, 2006  

thoughts..yep free trip which was why I was kinda mad...but his mom is cool and I got to see and hang out with her

knowone..LOL umm yea that's what he thought..I mean if I wanted some then maybe the movie would have helped him...and I know LOL..I ain't holding my breathe.

Godschild..I wish I could get refund on time and the free plane ticket haha

November 06, 2006  

Dang, should've went to Vegas huh?

November 06, 2006 darn straight at least I would have had a better story..then again being kidnapped ain't a good story LOL

November 06, 2006  

You know not to go visit him ever again. You gotta make up for it this upcoming weekend.

I would have to say I did have a better weekend than you.

November 06, 2006  

epsilonius....LOL...well I'm glad someone had a good weekend.

November 06, 2006  

I'm the same way....if someone annoys me...I just can't do it...I'll start noticing the way they pronounce words, their smile that looks fake, how they breath out of their all starts to drive me crazy and I just want to tell them to stop breathing cause it is annoying the hell of out

But boo to Red and his lame stunts...

November 06, 2006  

i get annoyed like that too. one false move that pisses me off and every little thing about that person is annoying. i usually have to leave that person's presence b4 i flip out.

so, was Red ever cool? something about him had to make you want to go and visit.

November 06, 2006  

Nice post...just stoppin by to speak...VA love and all


November 07, 2006  

Yo!!! So you wasted a free plane tix to go to Texas?!?!? WTF?? I'm not the I Told You So type but.... (whispering "shoulda hit Vegas") Didn't George Bush (I and II), Terrell Owens, and David Koresh teach you anything?!?!? Folks in are just "different" clap clap clap clap Deep In The Heart of Texas!!!!

But I'm sure the experience was one to remember. Reminds me of my juant to VaBeach in Sept. While it wasn't as bad as your trip, I def had an experience to learn from.

Move forward and enjoy ur time w/ YO...I would send you a mix joint but w/o an mp3's all good they'll be avail for download from the myspace page sooner than later.

Everything happens for a easy...

November 07, 2006  

Sorry you didn't have fun in Dallas...not that there is a whole lot to do down here anyway.

November 07, 2006  

@ Honey

Girl you know me...denying the pregnancy all the way to the hospital, like "I'm telling yall...I just got fat. This is just gas it'll pass"


But I really had to look at the phone like is this chick serious? She doesnt have a bad figure at all for working on her 3rd baby but I'm like "Hun there's more important things to worry about doctor appointments, clothing, diapers...and not fucking prom!"

November 07, 2006  

I am confused. Who's Red? And why did you go see him if you aren't into him like that? Sounds like a busted trip.

November 07, 2006  

Yeah I'm agreeing with Miz JJ...why did you agree to go down there....and too bad you wasnt down there about 2 weeks from now cuz I will be down there.

November 07, 2006  

Great trip! And by great trip I mean that sounds like the worst trip ever! Does Red know that he was that far from gettin in there?

November 07, 2006  

Oh wow, your travel experiences are too funny!

Anyway, I went to Dallas/Ft. Worth several years ago and I didn't enjoy myself much either so we have something in common.

November 07, 2006  

Imma need you to leave the busta cracks alone. Thanks.

November 08, 2006  

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