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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thursday Thumpings

So last night I stayed at work a lil later than normal. Partially due to me having to leave work tomorrow on a flight to DFW at 2pm. So I've been coming in and staying a lil late to make up the difference so I won't have to dig into my PTO which I'll need when I take my vacation next year (we can carry over time). Hopefully I'll be in Jamaica somewhere come July..staring into the eys of a man whose complexion reminds me of warmed butter and whose breathe reminds me of a mint patty LOL..ok enough of that

Roomie calls and informs me that we must go see Lil Weezy at being the spontaneous person that I am I say cool. As long as she goes home to get me some clothes I'm down. She goes home, get's me some clothes and I change here at the office. Ok so what she brough was correct I just didn't count on my shirt being short LOL and I had to pull my pants up all night cause I didn't want my butt crack to show...being that I've lost a lil weight I can't go without a belt now and last night I wore a big belt over my shirt (you ladies know what I'm talking about). So I had on a belt but the belt wasn't in my belt loops...great. We get there around 8ish and we're in line...and we're in line...and we're in line. Man it's so funny to watch people park while freezing..actually it wasn't freezing it was just night time and here in DC it's warmer than va but it's still winter. So we're watching people park, giving each other the eye at females who seem to forget that just because they make it in your size doesn't mean you have to wear it. I mean ok it's cute but umm I can't get past the boobs about to hit me in the face. Last night was one of the few times that I felt like a small girl and I am by no means a size 7 LOL matter fact I don't think I've ever been a size 7..maybe when I was 7..anywho I digress.

So finally we get inside and me and roomie call the back room of H2O the ugly room. Last night that room explained itself. I mean there were NO real cuties there and when I say none I mean none. Me and roomie standing there and drinking two steppin and what not. Laughin at people and I feel a bump on my arm..a bump that causes some of my drink to spill down the front of my white shirt and the drink I had in my hand was red (created by the bartendar cause I wanted something a lil was called a Watch Yo Mouth)..anywho I turn around ready to slap that dookie mess out of someone or at least look like I was about to and who do I see...19 dollars. In case you don't remember who he is..he's this one guy I met..he has locs..which he has since cut off...we went on one date...he embarassed me by saying 19 dollars about 5 times when he heard how much the movies were that he was buying tickets for. Plus I paid for my own dinner anywho to make a long story short he was not someone that I wanted to continue conversing with so I pretty much stopped calling and returning his phone calls. Young one says that was mean but oh well. So I saw him...he nearly knocked me over and that was that. Roomie said he was looking at me throughout the night but umm what do I care?

On top of that Lil Weezy the Boss didn't even show up. Well I take that back he might have but I had to be at work in the morning and on top of that I hadn't packed anything yet and I hate to pack right before I leave to go out of town cause I always forget something. So we left at midnight..sorry some might say we getting old but I wasn't trying to come to work lookin like I had just given birth in the middle of the jungle LOL. Me and Killa (Roomie) were cracking up allll night at the following:

This older man who was dancing like he in Soul Train...twirling around people and then he did the rope dance where he looks like was pulling on a rope and some nonsense LOL

A skinny chic who was dancing like her butt was bigger than shanana's LOL. Man she was pookin it out you would have thought that she had to dookie. The guys were eating it up though for some odd reason..apparently skin and bones meaning no cushion is in.

This dude who was buff but he had on tight clothes I mean can you breathe buddy

People wearing dark, dark sunglasses. I mean ok you can wear tan ones or even clear ones...sunglasses in the winter are still not a good look but please you are not the state troopers LOL

Almost 7 out of every 10 females we saw had on those red shoes with the wood lookin bottom...I was so glad I didn't get them..but I do want a pair of red pumps roomie calls them FMP..meaning F*&( Me Pumps LOL

A guy wearing a belt with words going across make matters worse he couldn't dance and I didn't know what the heck his belt said..if it said anything LOL

There was a fight near the bathroom...WOW

This girl who had a glow in the dark necklace on...matter of fact it wasn't glow in the dark it was the light necklaces that look like stobe lights..then her homegirl had on this cute sweater dress with those dang on red shoes with wood bottoms and she kept pulling it down..i mean wear pants or something if you gonna keep doing that...I'm not saying I haven't done that but I mean she kept walking around like she was the bomb dot com and wanted everyone to see her tail

These two dudes dancing cause one sat down and the other one grabbed him by the wrist and was like come on....umm is that your boo LOL

This dude who looked like a baby ostrich..his head was huge or should I say the back of his head he had like a major dent in that junk like when his mom was having him they had his face out but had to do a lil extra work to get the rest of that thing out..WOW

The fact that we got in free and people were rolling up paying $50 when we left...he wont' even there yet!!!

Older women in the club...please don't let me be like that LOL...there are no words that could even explain cause ya'll know what they look like haha

The fact that my homegirl Ray almost bit my head off cause I said Lil Weezy the Boss ain't all that..I mean ok if I put a bag over his head cause his mouth bothers me...his body is aight but his mouth bothers me..sorry LOL...we can't all be in love with him haha

We didn't even have to parallel park we just drove up to the curb LOL...anyone that has been to H2O knows how serious that parking is down by the water front

Do we look like that when we dance....

Why are guys so persistant when it's clear that a girl dont' wanna dance with them

Groupies..enough said

Over dressed people...umm yea about that

All in all it was a fun night out in the middle of the week....

I'm on a plane at 2pm tomorrow to go see Red and yes I'll have pics and one heck of an update on Monday....let's hope I do. I land at 7:11 and I told him I want drinks LOL..we'll see if he can follow directions

I'm trying to convince him to buy me this Mp3 player that I Creative Labs..I told him that I want it so I can work out more...he said we can go look for one when I get there....I'm gonna be sooo sweet to him LOL..I want that thing!

Let's hope I don't have to pull out my Susie homemaker gear to get it LOL

I probably won't update the blog again till monday so till then have a great safe...and take care :)
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Lil Wayne is so NOT cute. His whole face bothers me.

Have fun, girlie.

November 02, 2006  

WHo's RED? What is DFW? Glad u didnt hafta pay to get in there thats why I wont pay mucho dinero unless its a real CONCERT @ A venue not a club. Do u have a pic of said RED boots cuz i sho dont know what u are talking bout

November 02, 2006  

DFW means "Dallas - Ft. Worth". I'll be there in 3 weeks.

Have a safe trip babe...

November 02, 2006  

thoughts...I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so then again if I was I'd be glad LOL

negro..he's a Kappa that I use to date...Robert explained what DFW was...yea I ain't paying for a nonconcert LOL...and they aren't red boots they are red shoes LOL..and everytime I try to comment on your page I can't..what's up with that chica remembered to come by LOL..I'll def try to have fun :)

November 02, 2006  

ROFL@ the club stuff!

Travel safely and come back in one piece!

November 02, 2006  

LMAO @ Susie homemaker gear

lil wayne isn't cute.. so tell your homie to get a grip! lol

i HATE sunglasses in the club.. i dont care what season it is.. it's DARK in the club.. what's the point? can u even see??

have a good weekend! be safe!

November 02, 2006's funny cause I wish ya'll could have seen that old man dancing he was cracking me up...making me dizzy LOL (I will hopefully come back in one piece lol)

ttd..hey sometimes we do what we gotta do to get what we want LOL..I was trying to tell her that he won't cute dang LOL..I mean what about him is cute...nothing great...

November 02, 2006  

Have fun on your trip.

What's up with the Susie homemaker gear? Do you have any pictures of it? Just for the sake of knowledge and bettering my understanding, of course.

November 02, 2006  

Freaky....thanks suga I'll try to have fun..hopefully I don't get into any trouble....and about the Susie homemaker gear..umm I can't disclose that LOL..sike I just said that cause it seemed to fit

November 02, 2006  

Have fun Honey! You deserve it!

November 02, 2006  

LOL and you talk about me and my kicking it...I thought about h20 but I was having too much fun @ the strip club :-)

Have a safe trip and come back with lots of stories!

And fucking DC is too damn small! I swear you always run into someone you know when you least suspect it!

@ Honey

I heart you girl :-)

As long as baby bro is popping them out, moms aint giving me the side eye....

November 02, 2006  

lol @ the last being a 7 was when you were 7. i can relate!

i remember that story about $19. it's still hilarious...

i despise anyone who wears shades in the club. i went out last weekend and two dudes had them on... WHACK!! lol...

have a safe trip!

November 02, 2006  

red?...DFW...BALLIN'...yeah come with the pics shawty

November 03, 2006  

I have a hard time understanding the dark sun glasses in the pitch black club/party too.

If you bump into me while wearing glasses, its still yo fault and you still stupid for wearing them.

be safe on your travels honey!

November 03, 2006  

Now look at you...taling about people. Girl, I would have been doing the same thing! LOL

November 03, 2006  

have a safe trip....and them red pumps with wooden heel....we got them at payless in red, blue, and black....biotches breaking they necks to get them...i'll b ehappy when this red thing goes away

November 03, 2006  

and do they sale creative lab stuff in the store's, thought you had to order that webcam is creative lab :)

November 03, 2006  

Well i need a picture of the red shoes..i got these HOT Red Nine West joints.....i dont know why u cant comment.....i know blogger was acting stank but its alright now

November 03, 2006  

I hope you are having a grand ole' time. I know what you mean about not being in a club all night and those sunglasses in a club, I don't know what that's supposed to mean.

November 05, 2006  

I hate when those skinny chics try to make something outta nothing. If you dont have it, you dont have it.

November 05, 2006  

no pics?

November 06, 2006  

you IS a mess. as always. I was at H20 on the 27th. I spent last weekend in suck ass Bmore. HA HA!

November 06, 2006  

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