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Monday, November 13, 2006

The Rundown

Got off work early to head to dinner and get some stuff done. Left work at 430 didn't get home till 630...yea traffic was that bad.

Flew in the to Copelands and almost passed out from hunger. Kim is giving up a kidney to her nephew so we had dinner in her honor. The cake was BOMB...emm I love strawberries....the crab/shrimp alfredo was good too.

Hung out with some of her friends.....had some drinks..not me LOL...just didn't feel like drinking.

After that we went to a titty bar..yep a womens' strip club. I thought it was gonna be raunchy but it wasn't that bad..I didn't pay to get in so I was good LOL. Kim didn't want to look at the women I was trying to look at them so I could get some tips....let's just say I'll be practing on the lamp pole in my room. Let's hope I don't hurt myself. Be done swung around the pole so fast that I fly out my bed room window and end up in traction LOL.

The strippers were coming over and giving us hugs Kim was looking at them like they were crazy LOL...tell me why roomie was like their clits are hanging down...I was like what?! So umm yea I peaked when Tina was working it on the table and sure enough why that junk looked like it was worn the HELL OUT!!! It was hanging down and what not looking like some one had put a chain on it..cause it was hanging low..does your clit hang low, does it wobble to the floor can you throw it over your shoulder..ok you get it LOL...needlesstosay I was crackin up. One of them even showed us how to make our boobies move LOL...oh the joy..hey ma look what I learned at the strip club last week haha.

Some of them chics in there were gettin it. I was like dang I need to become a hostess (too shy to strip lol) in here cause even they look like they may make some money. I promise one stripper had enough money it looked like she could pay my rent LOL...I was about to wife her up. She started talkin about how she has a boyfriend and how they have sex and if he wants to talk then ok but she don't make him talk..I was laughing at her. Talking about she just treat him like dudes treat her...great. LOL she seemed kinda ditzy though...and why they had these men there holding their hand while they were taking off their panties so they didn't fall off the table...umm yea. One of the guys that was with us was like I want that job....umm great LOL. Their toes were hanging all over those stripper shoes I don't see how they do it. One chic had on white patent leather shoes why she had black scruff marks on the bottom part of you get them all the way under there LOL...must have slid against the pole too hard. I know their feet be hurting HAHAHA

On top of that I thought that when you were a stipper you're suppose to be seductive when you're taking your clothes off. Why these chics took their time in taking their clothes off (near the corner) and then hung them on a lil hanger on the side of the stage and when their time was up they didn't leave the stage before the other girl came...they went over to the corner and got dressed while oh girl was on the stage. Why the mirror was all smudgy it was too funny. The man was wipping the mirror while the girls were dancing. There was this stripper there called Lola. I called her Lola falana...LOL....she had on some plaid skirt and won't no one really paying attention to her she looked like someones mexican mami and i don't mean that in a good way I mean that in a momma LOL. All in all it was an experience. I'd probably go back with a boo or something to add a lil spice to the life. Poor lil things some of them were trying to make it clap and trust me there won't even a ripple LOL.

While I was out doing that Young one was at a party for his brothers bday. After I left he came over and we chilled out and watched a movie. Woke up and got breakfast...he ran some errands and I ran some errands. We met up and I cooked dinner..he walked the dog...we just had a chill night and that's what I love about being around him. We then went to the movies found out they were sold out, rented Litle Man and was knocked out. Got up on Sunday and drove to take him home...I miss him....can't wait to see him again :)

So as you can see my weekend was cool. I don't have my doggie anymore...he needed more space to run and play....a family that could give him more time and energy. So he has a new home now and yes I'm sad I even cried but I know it's best for him. I'll probably get a smaller dog later...but right now I think I'm gonna treat myself to that mp3 player. I need something to get my mind off of missing my Gizmo.

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OH WOW...a saggy clit. Hmph...never heard of that but it sounds horrendous! I've seen plenty of male strippers in my day but never any female ones. I hear they're all lesbians though so this could explain all those hugs you were getting!!!


November 13, 2006  

Yall needed to stop crackin on the strippas! LOL

Please don't break the lamp while your practicing!!!!

Your giving 301 a run for the money huh? Be careful, the closer it gets to Turkey day, the more po po's be out looking to give tickets! You've blogged more than once about that lead foot of yours!

November 14, 2006  

damn..a saggy that's eewww!!! it's probably been strippers i've seen down here with that...but i'm probably so engulfed with alcolhol and asses around me..i don't pay that no attention....CURSES STROKERS' 2 DOLLAR DRINKS!!!

November 14, 2006  

Girl, stay off that pole before you hurt yourself...LOL

November 14, 2006  

Saggy Clit...I've wondered about those. Seen them in the dirty pics. LOL! Now how in the hell does that happen. Hehehe!
Awww! Do what's best for Giz.

November 14, 2006  

what club sis you go to????Saggy clit, that is terrible...labia draggin on the floor----ewwwwww

Dang gave up gizmo....*hugs* sorry to here that...

November 14, 2006  

mistress...yea man I was like are you serious LOL...I didn't even know it could hang like that haha..I'm sure they were a lil interested..sorry that I wasn't LOL

ladynay..girl I was too done..alcohol and laughin don't mix cause I will laugh when it's not even funny no more

sarccastik..yea it was crazy

luvin me..I could put a pad underneath the pole so when I fall I dont' hurt myself isn't even the word for it..hilarious is more like it LOL

knowone..we went to Nexxus (i think that's spelled right) yea I had to give my baby up...I was crying and then went to bed LOL

November 14, 2006  

I avoid strip clubs. I have been before, but I just end up feeling like the people there are kind of sad.

November 14, 2006  

I do have a stripper pole in my living room. So if you ever need practice, holler at me. Practicing on lamp post can get you killed!! Hahahaha lol

November 14, 2006  

LOL you know what's funny friday I was suppose to go to Nexxus LOLOLOL I think I'll pass...I dont want some saggy clit all up in my face *lol*

Dont hurt urself Honey I dont wanna hear about you on the news...

And I think that is wonderful what your friend is doing, there's not a lot of A.A. donors out there, I wish her and her nephew a speedy recovery :)

November 14, 2006  

I know about that DC metro traffic!! Hate it!! And Copelands is one of my favorite restaurants!! Girl, their food is sooooo good!! I'm getting hungry now just thinking about it!

I've been to a strip club before! NEVER again!! I went to a gay male strip club in NE DC, with one of my gay male friends. Let's just say, I felt like a fish out of water (since I'm not a gay male)

November 14, 2006  

ROTFLMAO @ SAGGY CLIT.. hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

November 14, 2006  

Two of my favorite places... Copelands and Nexus Gold. That alone makes this post a winner :)

November 14, 2006  

that just sounds like a stipper nightmare...I try to avoid male and female stippers alike..they all just scare me, they seem so germ infested.

November 14, 2006  

Eww... a saggy clit.... that is wrong on SO many levels!!!!!! But I love the strip club - gives you some pointers!

November 15, 2006  

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