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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

You know what time it is......

I'm grateful.............................

.....for not being in the DMV too long this morning

.....for being able to finally drive my own car...I missed her (couldn't drive her cause I had to get new stickers for my license plates in other words renew my registration)

.....for someone reminding me that I'm a blessing to them

.......for my sister who calls me over every little thing (some people don't get along with their siblings)

......for being able to wake up

......for the MP3 player that I got..can't wait till I get it....

.......for a roomie who followed me all the way to the DMV to insure that the cops didn't get behind me LOL

......for DVR (this weekend will be filled with Law & Order, Medium and ER)

......for a new friend (he's a cutie LOL)

......for the strength to still talk to Constant and not feel as if I want him back in my life....I'm fine without him

......for the nerve to tell Red that we have nothing more to talk about and we can't even be friends

......for being able to find the words to explain why things are the way they are right now

.......for the parking space that I found at the back of the metro lot...a sista was about to go home LOL

.......for getting paid early next week because of Thanksgiving

.....for my auntie who is recovery from surgery

......for having friends like you who donate organs (you're one in a million)

.....for even being able to have things to be greatful for

........for each and everyone of you who reads my blog

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November 15, 2006  

Good is good to recollect all of the things that we should be thankful for.

November 15, 2006  

are u coming fri???

November 15, 2006 know it :)

1inthesame...yep I smiled while writing it

ttd...of course girl!!!!!

November 15, 2006  

I'm thankful to not have to read one of your usual long ass posts today. ;)

November 15, 2006  

Yay, auntie is healing!

Is this new friend someone other than young one? You know you keep a team going pimp! LOL

November 15, 2006  

stilt...dang it's like that aight I got something for you a** LOL

November 15, 2006  

ladynay....I know she's one of my favorites and has been through so much I'm glad she's doing better and yes this is a new one other than young one...I don't have a team LOL...just have some interesting folks that I keep around me

November 15, 2006  

great post.
I am glad to hear your auntie is healing

November 15, 2006  

it's always nice to reflect on the positives. ur a special person!

November 15, 2006  

you have alot to be grateful for. often times we never take the time to reflect on it. good post.

November 15, 2006  

Have I told you lately that (stealing a Tenacious phrase right here) I heart you?!?! ;o) Well... I do! :D

Outstanding list...


November 15, 2006  

deep..thank you and I'm glad she's doing better as well.

sweetness....aww ain't you sweet haha are correct and a very special person has taught me alot about being greatful and she knows who she is :)

rainbow..well you were my my shero guuurrrl LOL...and you know I heart you back!!!!!!

November 15, 2006  

Oh my Gosh! thta picture you posted my friend just brought the same one, but it is the MEN! Wow.

When your grateful God always shows you favor.

November 15, 2006  

Great post

I'm thankful your ass is not spending yet another day in the DMV...umm me and VA's DMV had I guess I'll be keeping my IL license until 2010....

Good for you for kicking Red's whiny ass to the curb!

And I hope the surgery was a success and speedy receovery for everyone involved :)

November 15, 2006  

@ Honey

LOL You know Im packing the sweats because I plan on pigging out!!

Im surprised her cooch isnt begging for relief one of these days her lips ar just going to drop to the ground *lol*

Errrg he's just irritating sometimes, I mean I guilty of the same thing *lol* but still...lazy punk!

And you know the old white ladies were clutching the pearls whispering in the phone to the police about the "unruly coloreds" on her floor....

November 15, 2006  

I ♥ U bout somebody calls me....tryna have a good day....we argue..i tell him to have a good day and he tells me he starting to hate me and to get off his line..NEGRO U called me did u forget

November 16, 2006  

Yay!! I am glad your are thankful for me reading your blog! You know I am selective about whose blog I read!! Hahahaha!

Me and my sibling actually talk more now. I am definitely thankful for that.

November 16, 2006  

you have a lot to be thankful for especially that roommate. lol

November 16, 2006  

feel to take to just be thankful for the little things..

....I am grateful for the fact that with all my medical bill ain't even hit $300! And my father for saying he is gonna pay all my medical bills...he is the BEST

....for life

...for my family & friends new friend he is a cutie too...HEEEEEEEEEEEY Snuck

November 16, 2006  

Amen!! Amen!!

November 16, 2006  

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