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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty. --Doris Day

I'm greatful for....

.....the cold weather outside, it makes me appreciate having a home to go to and a bed to sleep in wanting to come over last night and bringing your dinner to fix (I had already eaten but you let me eat off your plate)

.....HIM watching over me when I don't even know that I need watching over family, they are in my thoughts and prayers daily little sister (Havoc, I changed her name) who turns 21 today, I know that everything happens for a reason and I pray that this time she's going through in her life helps us all change for the better toot who told me to have a good day auntie (I love him more than life itself)

....the anticipation of the weekend..I have nothing planned other than the gym and a baby shower but at least I get to sleep LOL

.....the gay moments (that's what Music calls them) that I have with you LOL....I call them mushy moments, you make me smile and I just like to let you know that even if you find it corny LOL we hold hands as we fall asleep, yes it's weird but I like it just the same

......the anticipation of future time spent with you, I will admit I wonder what and how we will have progressed come the summer time.

......a job that I can come to each week day morning, many people don't have a job or are in jobs that they despise

.....being able to go to the gym and notice change, that motivates me to continue to go

.....understanding that my body has it's own way of losing weight, I can't force it to come off, it'll come off when it wants to

......knowing that because its coming off slow it will stay off (if I do what I need to do to keep it off) you sat on my lap this time LOL, like a big kid I tell ya

.....the frustration that verizon is causing to my brain, cause I have a cell phone...lots of folks don't LOL

......the $4 shoes I bought the other day, yes they are summer shoes but who cares LOL, they were $4!!

....understanding that I do have a shoe problem and I'm handling it, it's not easy being an addict

.....knowing when to say no

......stepping back and analyzing just how I've grown and learned over the last few years

.......realizing that letting go even when you think you can't is sometimes the best thing

...for my upcoming appt to see the dentist LOL..yea I hate going but I'm going to see how this braces thing works this year (I won't have to wear them long)

.....having a working cell phone after getting a new one on monday..this one seems to work...thank you VERIZON..I thought we were gonna have some issues LOL

.....realizing that I am fearfully and wonderfully made :)

Find the good -- and praise it.--Alex Haley

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I love these lists!

January 31, 2007  

I am blessed :)DId i save u to my gmail? U know i ram into the dude that bought us the drinks at the club when u came here? HE asked about you!!! He's too cute..buying me drinks and pizza

January 31, 2007  

weekends off...I do too, they make me take time to think about all that I have to be greatful for :)

Negro..No I don't think you did, I added you to mine...where have you been did awwww which one the darker one or the light one? What did he say LOL...awww I need to come visit again.

January 31, 2007  

amen. hallelujah.
I knew I just needed to stop by today and get some perspective and be grateful. Thanks!

January 31, 2007  

GC...Glad you came by and glad I could help :)

January 31, 2007  

this was nice. you are so special.awwwwwwwwwww.

January 31, 2007  

Deep...I try LOL

January 31, 2007  

Hey Honey!

My mother told me "don't leave a sale shoe in the store"

January 31, 2007  

I love sales!

Aww at holding hands when you fall asleep. That is cute.

January 31, 2007  

FOUR BUCKS oh heck yeah!

January 31, 2007  

This is a very sweet post, I have a cavity just by reading :)

"how we hold hands as we fall asleep"

"realizing that i'm fearlly and wonderfully made"

"anticipation of the future time spent with you"

Very nice, I enjoyed this gratitude

January 31, 2007  

My last memory of buying a shoe for $4 was pure dee hell. I am grateful for your postings it gave me inspiration to make it to the gym at 6am. Keep it up.

January 31, 2007  

TSG..I concur sooo agree with your mom LOL

MizJJ...yea kinda sorta LOL

Ladynay..yea that's what I said

Lyrically...LOL sorry, I enjoy gratitude as well

Mis..Girl they were so cute I couldn't pass them up.

January 31, 2007  

I found you over at weekends off and this list is great.... I am thankful too.....

January 31, 2007  

I love shoes too..and I don't past up $4 shoes either, they will sit until the right time to look good with the perfect outfit.

January 31, 2007  

funny how the shoe sale got all of us...Love these lists..great reminders..letting go is the hardest for me but you have to let go to make room of something greater!!! don't be skerred!

January 31, 2007  

i wanna hold hands too dammit!!!! damn your love honey! damn your love!! HHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA

January 31, 2007  

Wow, you seem at peace.


But now I gotta go rant on my own blog. :-)

January 31, 2007  

Doggy...thanks for coming come back ya hear LOL

Brwn...Girl I was like what $4..I gots to get these they can sit for a while till I find something to go with them LOL

Gemini..I know LOL...I'm trying not to be :)

Fallen...It's funny cause it's so corny but I like it LOL

Mistress...I feel ya cause occassionally I have to vent too LOL

February 01, 2007  

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