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Friday, January 19, 2007

Go on Girl Get it in

It's Friday and I'm leaving work early so I could care less what occurs today and I promise if someone says or does something to annoy me I'm gonna just say what I gotta say and think later LOL

It's official I'm hiding my scale from myself. I jump on it every morning and that's not helping me lose the weight cause I keep being afraid that being down one day and up the next is for real. I mean last night I got on the scale and it I believed what it said I have gained 7 pds since saturday..which is highly impossible unless I was eating everything in sight and stuff that I couldn't even see. Then I got on it last night and this morning and it once again told me that I've gained and lost 4 pds in one the closet you go...I'll pull it out once a week if that just to check my progress, but I will not succumb to it calling me in the mornings LOL

My house will be FULL this weekend and I do mean FULL. My younger sister turns 23 on Saturday and instead of going to NC she elected to come visit me. She's bringing her boyfriend (who I absolutely adore..he just so happens to be my very first boyfriend's stepbrother), our two godsisters, her best friend, his lil sister and 3 other people. So after work I'm heading to the grocery store and the ABC store. Who knows what we'll do tonight probably sleep depending on what time they get here and tomorrow I'll head to the gym in the morning then cook them breakfast and probably drag them into DC or to the local mall.

I went to the gym yesterday and I can feel somewhat of a difference (another reason why my scale is about to be FIRED)...I don't get as winded when I'm on the treadmill. But to be honest I'm scared to up my speed LOL...I mean I can do 3.5 and still walk with an incline of 4.5. However I wanna jog I'm just scared I'm gonna fly off the treadmill or that I'm gonna look insanely stupid with my butt jiggling up and down LOL. I know vain but I'm self conscience about it and of course it's something I'm working on and yes I know that if I wanna see change I have to be about it so save it :) On top of that during one of my favorite shows last night (Greys Anatomy) I proceeded to jog in place during the commercial breaks....let's just say that my calfs were on fire (not just from that, but from the other stuff I had done at the gym) My scale is the DEVIL!! Ok I just had to get that out..I mean I hate that thing...granted it got me to take a serious look at what I was eating and helped me lose weight but now it's just freaking annoying me...I mean 4 pds in one day....and if it's wrong how am I suppose to know when it's telling me my right weight? I can't wait to go to the doctors office and check cause I only go there every 6 months and last time I went the scale was still wrong at my house compared to what she said I weighed. Ok at different times of the day it's different but how are you suppose to get on the right track when the freaking scale keeps yo-yoing and making me feel like a fat slob one day and a thicky thick girl the next....errrrrrrrr. Ok I think I'm done now....probably not but for right now I'm done

Perhaps I'll see Music this weekend...not too sure since the fam will be in town. If they get here earlier enough we're all going out to dinner and I invited him to come...he said he would. Knowing him he'll probably be working on music and I do like to give him his space :) Last night after I got home from the gym and ate my lil weight watchers meal I was gonna call him but I elected not to because I had called him the day we're not playing that he didn't call me thing so I'm not calling him...I just don't like to call all the time....and then BAMN he called :) Talking about it sounds like I had a slacker workout at the gym...I told him I usually get home at 630 and I head to the gym right after that he was like no you got to the gym at 745 and left at 8 LOL....funny, funny little man. I'll probably go pick up a picture frame for the photo that we took at Dave and Busters a couple of weeks ago. I don't want it to get messed up or wrinkled like he did when he was trying to steal it from me and put it under his shirt LOL.

I crack up when I talk to him on the phone though cause he doesn't say bye he'll just be like I'll call you later and I'll be like bye and he'll be like aight...or he'll be like aight and i'll be like aight and then he's gone. When we first met I told him about it and he was like my friends say I do that...I didn't really notice it till they pointed it out to me..I was like that's weird LOL. But I'm use to it now...funny cause sometimes stuff like that would annoy me but with him it doesn't. Neither does his saying about finding a cliff and think about executing (a jump) lol. When I say something insane he'll be like go find a cliff and think about executing now I say it to him. He trys to play hard but I told him that I'm growing on him LOL. I can tell ohhh ooohhhh LOL, the other day we were watching tv and I was singing and he was like dang girl you sound horrible. I was like you're not suppose to say that your suppose to say baby that was great LOL...he was like mannnn that was horrible lol then gave me a hug....I love his hugs....anywho I digress.

TSG sent me this website about anonymous emails that you can send to folks who have bad breath, stinky feet, bad fashion sense, etc. Man I was cracking up when I read some of the stuff that the email sends to them. I even sent one to myself to see if it came up anonymously and it did.

I'm wishing this day would hurry on by...cause I'm ready to GOOOOOOOOOOOO

EDIT: Ok so I forgot to talk about this earlier and why commenting on one of my homies blogs ( the left to the left LOL..yes I stole that from her) I remembered it. So yesterday at work I get a phone call from a 757 number (where I'm orginially from) I don't know who it is so or rather it doesn't look familiar so I dont' answer. I call the number back from my job and someone picks up I say hello and then they hang up. I'm like what the devil (clue number 1) so then I get a text from this same person and was like Honey?!! (clue number 2) right then and there I should have known who it was but my insane tail couldn't think straight. If anyone has talked to me recently you know that my phone has been on the fritz and instead of using my V phone (you know the one with the lil keyboard) I've been using my LG flip phone that I had last year. So this one is acting up too and not holding a charge and until I feel like buying a battery I keep it mostly off during the day. My LG doesn't really have any numbers in it, other than close fam and friends and of course folks I use to talk to last year or if I had had my V then I would have known this this was Don't Answer...that's this persons name in my phone. I named this person don't asnwer because of a few things....One I have never seen them in person...Two I have never seen a pic of them...Three I think it's a girl. PAUSE...yep I think it's a girl LOL. Now you're probably like I dont' get down like that and except for my brief stink when I was like 2 from kissing my sister (I mean hey we were kids lol) I have never been into girls LOL and don't plan on being into girls. So anywho during college this persons cousin started talking to roomies sister...therefore he started talking to me..meaning via IM..I was fine with that I could care less. Then I got a boo and we didn't talk forward over the years they've popped up and what not...supposedly had a kid and all that jazz. However during the time that we conversed I noticed a couple of everytime he was to send me a pic something happened, two he never called although he had my number and three everytime he was in va and i was too he could never be found. I got annoyed and told him not to call me anymore cause he was playing games...I asked him if he was ugly and all that he got mad and I was like fine leave me alone. He asked for my number sometime last summer and finally called....homie didn't say two words and I mean that literally. The convo was like:

hey....hey....what's up...nothing...silence....are you gonna talk....yea

I was like what...during this time I noticed that their voice sounded like a girl trying to sound like a dude LOL...I even recorded a convo (yes I have that feature on my phone) and played it for roomie....we cracked up. So needlesstosay the person has been trying to get in and chill with me...I told them (cause I don't know if it's a girl or guy) to stop calling and all that....i've been ignoring their calls since november...until yesterday since i didn't have my other phone LOL. I told them to once again leave me alone...they keep saying what I do, how can I make it right, i'll pay your phone bill...ewwww leave ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!! I'm contemplating changing my number because if I don't they will keep calling....when my phone was off for like two weeks I know they had to call like everyday to see if it was back on..they didn't even think that perhaps i changed it....cause as soon as it was back on i got a call from ummm yea. If you have my number and I don't pick up or I'm like who are you..dont' be offended :) I just don't have my normal phone...hopefully it'll be working in about a week LOL

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WHAT IN SAMTARNATION???? da hell a chick frontin like a dude.. I'm sayin honey you cute and all but DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN lemme find out.. she tryin to feel up on ya *ooops*

Anywhoo.. GOOD DEAL onthe gym!!! keep at it.. girl try jogging for 30 sec and then walking.. then keep doing that untilyou can run for minute then walk for 2 and so forth.. ;) I can send you some things.. you'll end up running in30 days for 30 minutes!

January 19, 2007  

Yo...stay away from scales...period. As long as you feel right, you should be fine. I know people get caught up with the numbers, but things like that don't happen overnight. I was obsessed with gaining weight to play varsity basketball, and that took forever. Needless to say I didn't keep it on...but I'm back to about a buck 85 though....still tryna do my thing. Just keep the workouts going.

January 19, 2007  

yeah the scale is the you maybe gaining muscle. muscle is heavier than fat....the scale won't tell you that unless you have one of them BMI scales that measures body fat. all it will know is weight....instead focus on how your clothes fit, how you feel, otherwise you will go crazy

lol @ this chick...she needs to find some business.

January 19, 2007  

Scales are evil!

Don't have too much fun w/the fam! I think it's cute they are meeting Music, maybe...

Lemme find out you got chicks frontin' like dudes to get next to you! HAHAHAHAHAHA

January 19, 2007  

them DO NOT ANSWERs are a trip!!! i think mine finally got the hint (knock on wood! lol)

hope u have a good weekend... and wish lil sis a HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me :-)

January 19, 2007  

BK...Girl!!! I be like leave me alone. I can't tell if it's a man or woman person won't say much LOL. I'll keep those tips in mind

Charles...I'm trying to remember that which is why I'm like I know I didn't gain all that weight cause my clothes that use to be tight are still lose.

knowone...perhaps but gaining muscle between sat and yesterday..if that's the case I should have hit the gym a while ago LOL..I feel fine but that scale is telling me otherwise LOL

Ladynay...Yes they are..I think they are created evil and not equal LOL...Yea only the sibling fam not the parents yet..we'll see about that in a couple of months. Girl she or he can keep frontin they won't stay on the phone or talk long enough for me to determine what they are so I'm cuttin them off at the pass LOL

January 19, 2007  

TTD....Girl I had to do it cause my memory wouldn't let me remember not to pick up so I put it in as DONT ANSWER lol...I will def pass on the message.

January 19, 2007  

Honey, I can't keep up with you. You have so much to say before noon :) I didnt know they had ABC her on what the Hawaiians call the mainland. Hawaii has those stores on EVERY corner. Out of Sight, out of mind....lose the scale. Have a good weekend.

January 19, 2007  

Lemme find out....:)
U know what GET IT IN Means right? Cuz it means something different to me...and u wont be doign that this weekend.. take plenty of pics btw im still waiting on the pics from when u was here heffa....

January 19, 2007  

The scale is not the right indicator for being in shape. Take it from me... I'm the obssessive gym person... the best indicator is your actual shape and how you fit your clothing. I presently weigh more than I believe I should, but the body looks hella-hot, so I'm working on not beating myself up any more.

January 19, 2007  

Did Charles just say he was trying to gain weight?!?!? SACRILEGE!!!!

January 19, 2007  

naw, not between sat and yesterday, lol...i was just pointing out other reason where the scale looks like a bold face lie...

i haven't been on a scale in a minute.

January 19, 2007  

now you know good and well that scales are NOT the way to tell if you are losing or gaining weight...its your if you can fit those jeans you couldn't fit last year than you are good...

I refuse to get on one

January 19, 2007  

Scales are the devil. If you feel compelled to use it then use is sparingly and only first thing in the morning.

That website had me cracking up!

January 19, 2007  

I see some business is needed for some people in th '07 *snicker* How high school...I sure hope those werent day time minutes he/she was wasting!!!

Thanks for the advice Honey theres a gold gym down the street from my job I might pop in there later

Special K *wrinkles nose* Is that like sweet corn flakes?

January 19, 2007  

Rule number one in physical fitness...stay away from scales. Muscle weigh more than fat, so as you're gaining muscle you will look trimmer, but might not lose any weight and you may even gain. So, ditch the scale.

Next, I have had the same problem, except I was in grammer school and a so-called friend and her cousin thought it would be fun to have the cousin act like a boy. Idiots. I figured it out and stopped being Melissa's friend!

January 19, 2007  

Hi again. They generally say to measure your waist in inches rather than get on a scale. Scales are innaccurate, especially if you retain water, etc...the up and down crap. I tossed mine and can more accurately measure whether I'm gaining or losing by how many inches I'm at.

As for treadmills, just increase it slowly, and you'll be at a faster walk and gradually go into a run. I was afraid of the same thing until I just went for it and hit the up button one digit at a time.

I didn't like that whole jiggly thing either, so I switched to the elliptical. :-)

January 19, 2007  

Your scale is WHACKED OUT girl!

And have you ever tried the elliptcal machine at your gym instead of the treadmill? It's MUCH easier on the joints and works the upper AND lower body...thighs especially which is usually a huge deal to my fellow black women. :-)

January 20, 2007  

Girl you need to put the scale on ice permanently. If you're going to weigh yourself, do it once a month--the readings tend to be more accurate that way.

And I co-sign on the elliptical machine. The rowing machine is also very good for a total body workout and it's not too hard on the joints.

January 20, 2007  

ooooooo...i love the elliptical! makes me feel like i can keep up with those skinny white sorority girls all named sarah and ashli!!! LMAO!!!

January 21, 2007  

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