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Monday, January 22, 2007

Snow Days

Remember back in the day when you were in elementary, middle or high school or for that matter college LOL...and it snowed and they cancelled class...let's just say that I wish I were back in school cause I woke up and was waiting for a phone call that I never got. On the other hand if I had some kids I could stay home as well but that aint' happening eithr so great...I'm here at some snow boots looking like I'm bout to head to the mall and not work LOL...great. I was not gonna be caught wearing heels and bust my tail cause I almost slipped walking to the bus stop...

I had a blast this lil sister came up here friday night with her friends (she turned 23). So with me and roomie included there were a total of 11 people in my house...and of course we only have 2 bathrooms so you can only imagine what the water was like when we all took showers saturday I had to hop in and hop out cause I was freezing LOL.

Friday: They were suppose to leave down there at around 530 or 6 these crazies didnt leave till about 8. They stopped in Richmond to pick up my godsister who goes to VCU so they arrived at my house at about 1130. Most of the last 30 min was them driving around cause they were lost LOL (they were 3 cars deep). So anyway they get to the house and I had ordered pizza. Music had come over cause we were going to the gym in the morning so they come in and get to grubbing....I bought some drinks and what not and based on what my sister told me I thought they wanted stuff like wine coolers LOL (my sis doesn't really drink) ummm no they wanted vodka and all that other stuff so mine you it's after midnight and we gotta find a liquor store. Me, roomie and Music hit the streets...all of us calling and dialing folks that we know drink or who live in DC and MD LOL....come to find out that all of them close at 12 or something like that...we spent 2 hours (well almost) driving through MD and once we figured out that nothing was open we headed back home....and passed out.

Saturday....Me and Music got up and went to the gym...we did the machines first and then I did 2 miles on the treadmill and using BK's advice (I hadn't read my blog comments yet) I slowly increased my speed until I was doing 4.5 which of course is high for me since I usually stop at 4.0 LOL. So I was lightly jogging listening to my mp3 did a mile and a half then went to lift weights. After we finished doing our own thing I hit the grocery store to get some last minute stuff to fix breakfast. I get home and cook....we all eat (Music included) I made waffles well actually Eggo did LOL...and I cooked some turkey sausage and eggs and grits for those who didn't really want waffles. They were all raving about how good of a hostess I am..I said my momma taught me well. It was really nice having them visit cause they are all kinda like little brothers and sisters to me..we have all grown up together...we went to the same church and for the most part went to the same schools although I am a couple of years ahead of them. So Music rolled out cause he had some stuff to do and we all hit the showers so that me and roomie could hit the streets with them in tow. We ended up at a shoe store,then we took them to Tysons...they loved the mall and we all chipped our opinions in to help my sister find something to wear for later that night. She's a tomboy so she doesn't do heels, but we found some low cute ones but they didn't have her size (10..yea big feet LOL) but we hit up payless and found some cute pink flats and her shirt was from forever 21 which was pink and black and she had on a black blazer and pink accessories...I made out with her bracelets cause her hands were too big for the bracelets to go over LOL.

So we eat at the food court, hit the liquor store to get the right drinks this time (we have all vowed not to pass messages through my sis again lol) and headed back to the house. Got some drinks in our systems well they did since me and roomie were driving and got dressed to head out. We took them to platinum since everyone isn't 21 yet (for the record there was no underage drinking lol) on top of that Sat's at plaitnum from what I hear are aight so we were good. We got on the guestlist which was free before 11 and we figured we'd be good...yea right. We get to the place and them fools are holding the door and then when it's of course 5 min to 11 they like let them in they were doing it on purpose on top of that it was $20 to get in and that was just for the girls. I was like ohhh heck nah ya'll. I got to H2O for free on Sat why would I pay to get in this sweat hole. I tell ya and yes I was loud of course we left..cause I won't paying that much to get in there and I didn't want them to have to do that either. We headed back to the house in the freezing cold and got toasted. Now before we left one of my sisters friends had been drinking so much that we left him at home....he was knocked out. When we left he was on the couch and we put the trash can beside him just in case...why when we got back he was in roomies room on the floor curled up in the fetal position with his pants around his ankles LOL LOL LOL hilarious..yes we took a pic LOL. He had thrown up in the toilet and on his shoes. Man...too funny. So we all change into pajamas and decide to watch Hostel..Music calls and he's coming over so we can hit the gym in the morning....I head out to meet him where I park my car at down the street since the folks had taken up me and roomies parking spots. So he comes in and we are all watching movies, drinking and laughing....and we are passed out. I head up stairs to get in my bed only to wake up feeling I don't throw up when I drink haven't done that since I was a sophmore in college but I was feeling funny and I was gonna make myself throw up but it wouldn't come so Music went down and got me some juice and water and I was fine. I found out the next morning that one of the other boys (they some light weights) had made it to the sink and thrown up and then thrown up beside himself on the floor LOL...I think he likes roomie LOL...awww Young Love LOL..

Sunday....we get up and since we didn't go out the night before we all just jump in some sweats and hit up the local diner for breakfast...yep Music included(you can tell he got some cool points this weekend) So we eat and then head back home and pass out while watching the Hills have Eyes (which is insane by the way LOL) when one of them who was on the phone is like it's snowing (we had just put in the Color Purple) and we were all like what..we jump up and see that it is in fact snowing so I being the big sister that I am LOL..tell them to pack up and get on the road because I didn't want them getting caught in something that might get worse and on top of that it would be traffic and I didn't want them driving in the dark. So they packed and we all went outside spent a lil time playing and chatting in the snow LOL..then they left (included Music). Man it was soo quiet in the house, me and roomie napped after that. I woke up around 4 they had just gotten to Fredricksburgh cause traffic was that bad, then they got to richmond around 6 or so and made it back to the 757 by 830. They called and told me they had a nice time, couldn't wait to get back..and I'm glad they had fun. Me and roomie ate and watched Deperate Housewives (which was INSANE) and Crossing Jordan then went to bed hoping to wake to a blizzard LOL...not happening.

In other news (lol) Music got a new job and starts today. I'm so proud of him..he's hilarious when he told me I was like yeaaa babe we should celebrate he was like Man F a celebration LOL...he's just happy to have something better than what he had. So I elected to buy him a shirt that he can wear to work since most of his clothes are too big....the fact that he took the time to meet my sister and hang out with us this weekend meant a lot to me. On top of that when he was over he wasn't standoffish..he was laughing and joking. One of my little "sisters" was like he's cute LOL...he hugged me periodically just at random moments and helped me in the kitchen....I even slipped and called him my boyfriend when i was talking about umm yea don't know what to tell ya about that. But roomie made a good point she said that she thinks we've progressed fast than me and R ever did and I've known R for 2 years. This is all very true and it's funny cause when I talk to other guys or they ask me out I feel like I'm cheating on Music LOL..I mean we haven't made it verbal that we are together but you get what I'm saying. We were jokin about the pic that we took and I said I'm gonna put it on myspace and he was like ok and I said it's gonna say me and my baby and he was like ok who knows....I'm content so it's allllll good :)

I found out I might be able to block that crazy man/woman from my cell so I might try to get that done. Cause they were still sending me messages......and I will be trying the elliptical..wait what machine is that again LOL...nevermind I'll just google it haahhahah. Good thing is that yes I was retaining water, will be for about another week if you know what I mean ladies hopefully after all that dies down I'll see the real number and your right I'm hiding it and taking it out once a month on the same day so I'll see my progress...thanks for the tips!!!!

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So glad you had a good weekend...

totally feel you on NOT paying $20 for brother turned 35 on Friday and I didn't even get to party with him because I was sick...still am...

oh, and by the by...Music DOES get major cool points for this weekend...diggin it diggin it...*smiling*

January 22, 2007  

TC...girl it was not going down I was like ohhhh HECK NO not platinum LOL..anywhere but there...yes he got lots of smiles..but I'll never tell him that LOL

January 22, 2007  

i KNEW IT...Honeys' got a boyfriend...HOney's got a boyfriend..say it with me boys and girls


im still waiting for the pics

January 22, 2007  

music and honey sitting in the tree k - i - s - s - i - n - g

January 22, 2007  

Negro...once again he's not my boyfriend!!! (Stomping AWAY!!) I have to get them developed I'm horrible

SMM...ummm NOOO although we do kiss LOL..just not in trees that's dangerous

January 22, 2007  

did u tell sis I said happy birthday??

yeah... i wouldnt pay $20 to get into platinum either! they crazy... they pulled that mess with me the 1st & last time i went there (holding up the line so you HAD to pay)

January 22, 2007  

TTD..I most def did she was like do I know her I was like no but she said happy birthday LOL..she said thanks...I was not paying to get in there and I won't having them pay either.

January 22, 2007  

I am mad yall took a pic of ole boy in the fetal position! LOL What was yall drinking to make most of yall not feel so hot?

The boyfriend slip up....mmmmm hmmmm I am not saying one word. LOL

January 22, 2007  

u sound like u had a great weekend like me. this music guys seem really cool. take ur time and be aware of ur surounding and everthing will play it's self out for the best.

January 22, 2007  

Ladynay...girl it was too hilarious..we had vokda, bacardi (the flavored stuff some of them were mixing that with vodka), long island ice tea, hurricane and yea we were done LOL

Victory...I did have a blast and music is cool...yea I'm taking my time and chillin..we shall see where it carries me :)

January 22, 2007  

Man, Missy got to it before I did! So, I'll just join in....HONEY'S GOT A BOYFRIEND, HONEY'S GOT A BOYFRIEND! LOL

I'm happy for you! Even if you say he's not your boyfriend...uh-huh. Glad you had a blast this weekend, though.

It snowed here in KC again, and it didn't start until I was leaving my oldest son's game, so after I hit the store and Pizza Hut, I went home and didn't leave until this morning. I didn't even attempt church yesterday cause it was still kinda slick here and there.

January 22, 2007  

lol @ the tree being dangerous.... come on be

January 22, 2007  

Synsational...see now ya'll need to stop. I don't have a boyfriend (smiling lol)..we just spend lots of time together LOL...I was hoping I wouldn't fall while I was going to work

SMM....I'm adventurous enough a tree is too much LOL

January 22, 2007  

Eggos and turkey sausage and eggs and grits.... and I wasnt invited ?!?!?!

and dont you hate H2O aka the sweat box, they need to work on that shit... 20 degrees outside and u still inside sweating like you are in the middle of arizona.

January 22, 2007  

WOW that was one long azz post. I am amazed I made it all the way through (my attention span is so short). Anywho...sounds like you had a great weekend...that's great. I remember those weekends when we'd have 15 people come to DC to visit us...GOOD TIMES!

Music sounds like a sweetheart...glad to see things are progressing postively Momma!!! No rushing...all will be as it is meant to be before long *wink* Enjoy your week!!!

January 22, 2007  

reddmann....I will send you an evite next time LOL. I actually like H2O I try to stay outside it's Platinum that I wasn't paying to get into LOL

Royce..I try to be short but hey what can I say LOL...I loved the fact that they all had fun :) he is a sweetheard I'm def not trying to rush cause us chillin has just happened and I like that LOL...see why I'm not trying to rush and claim him yet lol

January 22, 2007  

$20 for Platinum?! Yeah

since everyone has jumped in, I'm going to continue the taunting...honey's got a boyfriend

honey and music sitting in the tree

I'm glad to hear you had a great weekend over all :)

January 22, 2007  

@ Honey

LL is something serious...I'll push up to that anytime *lol*

Oooh Ramona....Beverly Clearly books ah I heart Ramona.

Did you read the girl talk books? Or was I the only one *lol*

January 22, 2007  

Tenacious...That's exactly what I said. Once again I do not kiss in tress LOL and he is not my boyfriend LOL...but I did have a great weekend...I'll push up to that and sit up to it LOL...nah i read some of the girl talk books wasnt' there a game too?

January 22, 2007  

You and Music sound like you are getting serious. He sounds like a good one.

I love being a hostess. Glad you had such a great weekend.

January 22, 2007  

well you had a very busy weekend, I actually had to copy and paste and read this posts on the sly at work since it was so it was worth the read. The elliptical is my favorite machine, my sister finds me crazy cause a good workout for me is 60 mins at level 16 doing hills on the elliptical,...but it pays pain, no gain.


January 22, 2007  

Mizjj...I'm trying not to think just do LOL...he is a good brotha though :)...I had fun being hostess

Brwn...yes I did..LOL sorry I try not to write so much but I get carried away LOL. I'm gonna have to try the elliptical

January 22, 2007 and Music are getting closer! Sounds like 2007 may be everyone's year to get a sweetie:-) I'm hoping for the best for you!

January 22, 2007  

Dayum you had quite the eventful weekend!!!

Oh and yes Desperate Housewives was SOOO GOOD! I was glued to the TV girl.

You and this boyfriend sound so cute together....

January 22, 2007  

heyyyy honey!!

dang girl! when you start writing, you WRITE dontcha? (LOL) glad you enjoyed your week-end! sounds like a good time was had by everyone. and i'ont care what you say... music IS your BOYFRIEND!!! (hehehe)

Peace Momma!

(LOL! still laughin' about the Music thing... LOL!)

January 23, 2007  

okay, you don't have a boyfriend but whatever he is, I want one of those.

January 23, 2007  

It sounds like you had one hell of a weekend there!

January 23, 2007  

Dollface...thanks mayum :)

Mistress....girl I can't wait till next week...that's my suga LOL

JB..I did have a wonderful weekend, it was very enjoyable from all angles...he's not my boyfriend LOL

GC...LOL, great just great

Weekends...that I did, hopefully this weekend will be just as exciting :)

January 23, 2007  

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