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Monday, January 29, 2007

Weekend Wrapup

It's Monday and I'm tired. My body hurts and I just want to go to sleep. It's not like I didn't get any sleep this weekend but I just wanna go to sleep. I'm not sure if I'm getting sick or what...I fell asleep last night while the Celebration of Gospel was on and woke up aroun 930 to my roomie telling me my phone was was a text message from Music.

So lets just say this weekend had it's moments LOL. Like me and Music on our way to dinner on friday and discovering that I had a tire that was spitting out air..and I mean spitting it out. He put his finger over the hole and there was a hissing noise when he moved his finger off of it was SERIOUS. So we got back in the car..after making it all the way to Uno's and no less than 5 min down the road I heard the tire rolling on the we pull over into the nearest neighborhood and get the spare out. I will be emailing Toyota cause the jack that they included in my car is straight garbation. I mean I'm a female and from recent gym visits I know that I have no upper body strength...I don't know how they expected me to work that thing with that lil wrench thing a majic that they gave me. I was like what the piss good thing my handyman was there :) that's what I'm calling him LOL. He put the spare on after we realize that we probably shouldn't use that wrench thing but the thing that holds the tire in's gold I have no clue what it's called but umm anywho we or rather he..I held the tire bolt things LOL, put the spare on. So I have to get a new tire sometime this week. Since I don't drive my car that often it doesn't really matter. I told him that everything is an adventure he was like no everything with you is an adventure LOL...I said this is our first adventure together, he reminded me of our hunt for imaginary liqour stores a weekend ago when my sister was here LOL. I told him I keep his life exciting :) So we get to dinner, eat and what about work, we spend time together...has he ever lived with female and all that jazz....and no we are NOT moving in together LOL We then went home and tried to watch Snakes on a Plane but fell asleep.

Saturday we woke up kinda late....we were gonna go to the gym but he forgot his shorts at home (funny thing is last week I was gonna buy him some, but I didn't) so we just laid around the house. He was suppose to go over one of his boys house to make some music but he wasn't picking up his phone so he worked on some stuff at my house...we played around on his camera phone taking like a billion pics LOL..or should I say that I played around on the phone. He said I was molesting it LOL. Let's just say that most of the pics he has on his camera phone now are either him, me or me and him LOL....and last I checked he hadn't deleted them LOL We grabbed some lunch...watched The Devil Wears Prada (yes he got some cool points for that LOL) and he even told me and roomie that we don't pick out bad chic flicks LOL...I think he liked the fact that the boss was so cruel..go figure. So he headed home, but by this time it was a lil late but he had to finish something for his friend....since we were going to the gym the next morning he comes back over a lil before 12.

Sunday we got up went to the gym and let me say that this dude is hilarious. The Bally's we go to is down the street from my house and they just did some construction to it. When we first went there he was like mine is better than yours and all this crap and now he's like dang man I love your Bally's it's cooler than mine LOL. We did the machines for a little, lifted some weights...I'm a serious weakling...I was struggling lifting the bar which is 45 pds LOL. We did some things with the arm weights and some arm curls then we headed for the treadmill....I did 2 a half miles on the treadmill..half was an incline the rest was no incline and I made it up to between 4.5 and 5...of course stopping and going again. He was laughing at me talking about that's a walk for me yea well buddy I was about to pass out. My calfs were killin me. After that we did the stairstepper. Man I told him don't ever do that to me again I was on fire..I couldn't even do it for 30 min my legs were hurting so bad...I said the next time we go we have to do that first then the treadmill, cause I was bout to fall off LOL. After that I chilled while he finished the stairstepper and then we did some more lifting and all that jazz. Went home and ate some chicken breast (that he cooked on the foreman) and some brocolli (that I was suppose to cook but I took a shower so I was fired LOL). I'm gonna try to make it a point to eat more veggies and less carbs...not eliminating them just reducing them. So we'll see what happens when I do that. But I know my arms are straight hurting well maybe not my arms but my chest too LOL. He stuck around till about 7ish I think and then headed home.

It's funny how it doesn't feel like he's over that much, but it's only on the weekends maybe once during the week. Plus he doesn't have any clothes over except for a shirt so he's not "living" there but when he's gone I miss him LOL. I mentioned his name when Young One (yea I know) called and asked me what I was doing..told him me and roomie and music were watching the devil wears prada. On top of that I suggested we go ice skating of course he looked at me like I was crazy but I think we'll go..who's amazing to me how much he surprises me. Just when I'm like hmm I wonder if he likes me as much as I like him...he'll hug me, or chase me around the house...or call. Last night the text message that I got said You're a good woman....

I'm not worried about a title cause it is what it is.......we just are...if someone views that as being together then ok and if someone views that as not being together it doesn't matter cause we are what we are LOL...he's special to me and we'll just leave it at that. I told him that I spend so much time with him that it's like we're together and he agreed as that's that LOL

In other news...I'm trying to get my sister to move in with my best friend. My other sister is reeking havoc and if my parents won't put my lil sister out then I told my sis (who came up here)needs to save herself. She won't prosper or do what she needs to do if lil ms. I am the ish, continually steals her stuff, and annoys the crap out of her. The bestest said she would talk to the leasing office to see if there was a 3 bedroom available...cause she has a little girl. On top of that she thought about it when I called her earlier that day just forgot to mention it to me. I feel horrible for my sister (middle one) cause she's sooo sweet and she called me crying...she NEVER I was about to drive down there on a spare and get her. Yes she's 23 but she's my little sister and when someone harms her friend or foe I'm ready to kick some tail...I promise if my dad hadn't been my dad I would have yelled yesterday cause he was like well it's the usual and I said no it's not dad she is crying she NEVER cries...this has got to stop. I feel bad for my parents cause they are doing all they can and lil sis is making their lives hell on earth.

Off to see what your weekends were like

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A full weekend. The way you talk about you and music is so cute. I'm glad you and music are comfortable with just doing what you do and not worrying what yall need to call this thing that yall do

January 29, 2007  

Your family sounds like mine. My sister and her behavior and treatment towards us was the pitts...and my parents, I felt so bad for them trying to deal with her...

Your weekends sounded like a lot of fun with your friend! That sucks you got a flat tire, tho! I don't have a clue how to change mine...thankfully each time I've had a flat it was at home and my boyfriend was able to fix it, lol.

January 29, 2007 know how I do LOL, we are very comfortable and his text last night caught me off guard...cause he doesn't normally talk like that LOL

BlackMamba...Yea home girl made me wanna go down there and bust some heads together..yes it so sucked but he was on his hands and knees changing he's now my handyman LOL

January 29, 2007  

Aww, you're so cute the way you talk about Music. I can only hope to get back to that place with someone again. I'm happy for you!

I hope the situation with your sister improves soon. Maybe getting her to move in with your friend is a good move.

January 29, 2007  

I guess this is "catchusoffguardweek". I think it's better when we don't put a "title" on it. I didnt even hit the gym my "trainer" didnt call me. Spare tire? HA! I cant even twist the thingy open to get my spare out...I think it's rusted.

January 29, 2007  

Ok you confusing me with all this lil sister speak....

so do i have this righ????

your middle sister is the one that wants to leave the house, cause your youngest sister is reeking havic. And how many sisters do you have? I vote you do a family tree and give all the sisters a name to squash confusion...

PS. I'm updated. Be patient. lol

January 29, 2007  

Tasha...LOL thanks..yea my lil sis is a mess and I hope my other sis moving out will give her some piece of mind.

MisUnderstood...LOL I guess it is, I kinda like it though don't you LOL..that shows that sometimes they (men) do think without us having to bring it up...girl I was cracking up at him changing it..good thing I have AAA.

Someone...LOL, I have 2 sisters both younger and an older brother. Yes my youngest sister who will be now known as Hellion LOL is the one wreaking havoc while the other who I'll call Favorite wants to move out

January 29, 2007  

Your sister "favorite" is in my thoughts, for I can relate. You and music are funnnnty. Hope it continues to prosper. glad the weekend was cool. I love the Devil wears prada.

January 29, 2007  

Are either of your sisters single?

How could you fall asleep on Snakes on a Plane? I don't think I'll ever look at you the same way again. Scandalous!

Sorry baby sister is causing so much trouble. Have you had a family meeting or something to discuss the problems?

January 29, 2007  

Dang Honey why you have to write a book? LOL

*going off to read*

January 29, 2007  

since it is what it is... i wont tease u about having a boyfriend anymore :-)

sorry about ur sis... hope things work out for her..

January 29, 2007  

Sounds like you need to start soaking those muscles in a bath to help recovery.

You and Music are cute.

January 29, 2007  

Music sounds like a decent dude...I agree, don't get caught up in titles...just Be whatever it is that makes you both happy. Whenever you start with expectations the wires quickly get crossed...its easier to live and love without all the drama...good luck!

January 29, 2007  

Deep...Yea I think of her and wish I could make things better...hope we continue to prosper as well I like where we're at right now

Freaky...leave it to you LOL..the one that's causing all the trouble is single can have her..well actually I tried to watch it the next day and I still didnt watch it all the way through...I suggested we do that we'll see what occurs know how I do LOL and yes I need to soak cause my arms are killin me I don't think I can lift them all the way up

ttd..good LOL cause you know I can't take it LOL...I'm hoping she'll straighten out as well

Royce's D...he is and I'm not (so far lol you know how we women can get) I agree with all of that LOL

January 29, 2007  

girl you and these long posts are killing me! but I LOVES IT!!
Yuck on the flat but i'm so glad you weren't alone..perfect timing EH?? glad you and Music are having fun and just enjoying each other, don't over analyze!!!

January 29, 2007  

Those jacks that the company provides suck so much they are so janky. keep up the good work at the gym. are you staying away from soda?

January 29, 2007  

your sister reminds me of one of my aunts who wreacks havoc. except, she's around 40 years old. yeah... i said 40. a mess... well, hopefully your other sister can move out and on.

January 29, 2007  

Gemini...LOL what can I say. Of course I'm trying not to over analyze but you know how that goes LOL

LadyJ...umm yea I was upset I was like now if he wasn't here what the heck would I triple A LOL...and yep I really don't drink soda anyway unless it's sprite or strawberry and that happens once in a blue moon...

blkbutterfly...WOW 40?!!! What the piss LOL..I hope she fixes herself before she hits 40. Hopefully she can move out and move on.

January 29, 2007  

sounds like you had a good time...

January 30, 2007  

thanks for the clarification

January 30, 2007  

i know its easier said than done, but your sis really does need to be put out. folk take that blood is thicker shit to heart and it's not cool cause they're always the one who get hurt. as much as it hurt, i had to remove myself from my baby bro because he was doing more harm than good to me, his son, and himself. it's been almost 15 yrs since i've last had contact with him and though i wish it didn't have to be like this, i had to protect myself and my family

January 30, 2007  

you're a heluva sister to even be involved in a roommate situation that involves your own tWO real life siblings!

January 30, 2007  

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