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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Who Knows..

..where this post is gonna go this morning. First it's cold as a polar bears piss outside and I can't say I'm too happy. Although I sleep better in the winter, I love spring and summer cause I don't have to wear stockings and I can wear cute sandals LOL...yea I know I have a problem with shoes already why wish for a season when I buy lots of shoes....but I digress

Why must people annoy me....yesterday at work we had a lunch meeting for the secretary's. So since that is what I am I had to be there anywho we're eating lunch and talking about stuff that needs to get done, stuff that's gonna begin to happen and how we're getting new attorneys and all that jazz while home skillet is staring at me. I mean I'm eating this cookie and instead of putting the whole thing in my mouth I'm breaking it off on the plate and she is watching I look up and stare right back..she looks away. Out of the corner of my eye I catch her doing it again..I mean dang why must you stare at you wanna see how I'm eating...want to see how the crumbs caress my lips..freaking idiot! On top of that this lady already thinks she knows it all cause she works for the managing attorney of the office. But I mean just cause you work for him don't mean that you're perfect cause from what I hear folks be having to ask another secretary to do stuff that she does wrong....and no one wants to call her on it. This chic is the type of person you don't want working with you or even near you. If you are talking to someone and she is near she will BUTT into your conversation or interrupt it by calling your name and asking you anything. For example I was talking to the ladies (that I like LOL) at lunch and we were talking about ER (my FAVORITE show) and she was like DANIELLE DID YOU SEE MEDIUM LAST NIGHT (another favorite show of mine). I replied yes but I'm talking about ER right now. Now some might argue that I was mean and I would agree but my mother taught me not to interrupt and if you do then be prepared to get fussed at or have her spit in your face LOL (I've since told my mom that she said this and she was like no I didn't...umm yea you did lol) since I couldn't spit in her face I decided to cut her off at the pass. I wasn't talking to you, don't wanna talk to you therefore stop INTERRUPTING me. She is also the type of person that craves attention..when the attorney's ask her to do something she will go on and on about getting it done, when do they need it and how she has so much other stuff to do but she'll get it they don't care just DO IT! She walks through the office dragging her feet...creating enough friction on the floor and I'm sure between her cottage cheese legs that she could start a fire and breathing so hard I'm sure she's passing germs around that could kill a small nation. She is allergic to everything from air to wheat yet she eats double meat and double cheese on her sandwichs (I heard this because she was screaming on the phone and I heard her convo...I sit like 3 cubicles from her)...she just walked in and gave out this loud sigh..talking about I hate metro...of course wanting someone to ask her why is she late or something that effect....GREAT

I was at the gym yesterday..I've been going since Saturday (with one day off which was monday) and I feel good!!! I mean I'm not too winded anymore when I'm on the treadmill....I've realized that my legs tend to have a lot more strength in them than my arms do...cause I can do more reps on the various leg machines than I can do the arms. But when I tell ya my butt was hurting after doing this thigh machine yesterday I mean the butt was hurting LOL...I did 2 miles on the treadmill....3 sets of 15 reps on various arm and leg machines (I think 2 arm machines and 2 leg machines). Music went with me on the weekend I think we're going together this weekend and he wants to show me how to lift weights...therefore allowing my body to burn calories when I'm not working out. I would say he's motivating me but I think our bet is motivating me LOL. If I lose something noticeable by the end of march (now for me that would be 5 lol but he said he can't see we're thinking between 10-15) I get dinner (he's cooking) and a massage (with music, candles, the whole nine) so ummm yea a sister is SERIOUS! I've been eating oatmeal and special K for breakfast since last monday and chomping on baked chicken and anything else that isn't fried since then as well. Drinking madd water and eating yogurt is another thing I've been doing. I have yet to eat fast food and I'm gonna see how long I can stick with that LOL...which also means that I'll have to cook more..WOOOHOOO

EWWWWWWWWW home girl just started blowing her nose...I hate when folks do that and it sounds like nothing is coming out but your brain. Learn how to blow that crap out and stop making the rest of us url.

I think I'm gonna throw my scale away LOL. That freaking thing annoys the piss out of me...up 2 pds one day down 5 the next..well not literally like that but you people get me. I'm not weighing myself everyday like I was last year when I was losing weight however I've been doing it for the last 2 days and I'm ready to hurl that thing into oncoming traffic. So back to hiding it..cause it irritates me that I feel like I'm doing well and the scale is saying no no my friend your still a fatty LOL...on top of that according to health standards in order for me to have a healthy BMI (body mass index) I need to weight 128..AHHHHH HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH.........yea right. If I weighed that much do you know what I would look like. No butt, no arms, no nothing...i mean a sista like her booty so I ain't even trying to see 128 I'm just trying to see 150 LOL. I'm born and breed to have hips and bricks so all I'm trying to do is tone and tighten not go for the anerexic look that so many women these days are going for.

EWWWWWW once again she is sneezing all over the place and she keeps saying ahhhhh that hurt....I so wanna say something!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait for tomorrow to come...I'm getting off work early. My lil sis is coming, I have yet to decide what I'm doing other than cooking breakfast on saturday morning and take them to pentagon city or arundal mills LOL....we'll probably decide what they want to do saturday night when they get here tomorrow. So great

Trying to decide what to get Music for his bday in March....he'll be 24...yes I'm older than him LOL, not by that much though (I'll be 25 this year). Since we haven't got a clear "title" yet it can't be something over the top and even if we do have a title I still don't want it to be over the top we'll see. He talking about just buy me something in regards to music or his computer that's not too expensive versus buying him a burger (his words not mine LOL)..but I wanna do dinner and a hotel or go away somewhere....yea I'm that type of person and of course he's more we'll see I might just surprise myself and him....but I still have time so we'll see.

Why do folks get on the metro and try to talk on their cell you know your signal is gonna fade so please don't scream what, what I can't hear you let me call you should have said that when you first got on the phone.

Why was I listening to my mp3 player on the train and some man was trying to talk to me. The doors on the train we were on weren't closing and he was like they are closed and looked over at me (i saw him out the corner of my eye) i just turned my music up and kept on jammin. I mean you can see the wires coming of whatever I'm holding in my hand what did you think i was doing performing some type of retroactive shock surgery to my brain....

Why did the ladies at work say that the reason it's easy for me to ignore lil ms annoying is becuase I'm young and brazen LOL...she can come up to my desk and I not even pay attention to what she says....I guess I'm so use to ignoring folks that irk me...

Why do I so wanna take care of my nephew but I don't have the time or money to do it....he's by no means a burden on my parents but they have so much stuff to do that it pains me that my lil sister can be so hard hearted to them. She leaves him on the weekends to go hang out then comes home and fusses at him when he doesn't do what she wants him to do....poor baby and then he told my mom that he misses his innocent...she treats him bad half the time, good the other half and he still loves her.

My roomies sister (the one who moved out to live with a man that no one likes) asked her could she buy the dog crate from us. Roomie told her that it wasn't hers to offer and that she should email me and ask. She hasn't probably cause she knows I'll say no (for various reasons one being I'm getting another dog and two I don't want her to have it LOL). It's funny how she'll ask her sister stuff that also pertains to me but is scared to ask me anything....I'm past the caring phase do what you want. It's a new year and all I'm worried about is me. I don't have time to be worried about how your man uses your car, how he always has to seem to work when it comes time for you to attend family functions...anywho I digress

The negative force within me is waiting for the ball to drop or the other shoe to fall however you wanna put it. Cause this thing with Music is going good and I'm not saying I want it to go sour and I know that if I think it's gonna go sour then I'm subconciously gonna let it go sour so great. But I can't help that think it's all too good to be true. I mean if we haven't spent every weekend (or one day during the weekend) together since late october/beginning of november then we've spent a couple of days during the week together....we talk on the phone everyday (partially cause I like talking to him so i call to see how his day was) and partially cause if I don't call he will just to say hey or say something about what he's been doing....and even if it's not for a long period of time and he says I'll call you back later (which he does) it's still a convo. I mean yes we've done the deed (smile) but I can count on more than one hand how many times we've just laid there cuddling or talking till we fall asleep....or how many times he's come behind me which I'm in the kitchen cooking or have finished cooking and he's hugged me. I'm not trying to say I want it to go by anymeans however I understand that I can't count my chickens before they hatch..which is why I've realized that what will be will be...we spend time together yes, we're not together, although we spend lots of time together....we've both agreed that there should be no "rules" to this whole thing....especially since right now it feels like we're together why put a timelimit, frame or definition on it. My girls notice that he's all I talk about and from what I hear his boys know that he has someone new in his life..and we'll leave it at that. I went out on a limb yesterday and mentioned him to my dad...just said I have a new friend that I've been spending time with and left it at that.

I'm trying to not compare his nonchalantness to not so Constant LOL...cause that will cause me to be like well how come you don't tell me why you like me or that you miss me...I'm always telling you and to be honest some men are like that, my dad included. My dad just recently and by recent I mean me moving away permantely started calling me to check up on me and see how I was doing....he isn't afraid to say I love you however it's not something he says too often LOL...but that's what I love about my dad....he's a quiet storm. Music is quiet, sometimes when I look at him I wonder what's going on in his head and he'll be like what and of course I'll saying nothing and other times I'll just kiss him or he'll rub my face and I know that what is being created is different and I'm content in knowing that.

So I'm just taking it easy....all in stride grasshopper LOL....cause as we all know IT IS WHAT IT IS

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Aww girl, don't let the negative thoughts invade your mind space. Enjoy each other and just BE. Nice to see a sista in her element. Good for you!

January 18, 2007  

Don't sweat the small stuff, sis. Take it one day at a time. And as for the haters in the office...there will always be at least one hater in the bunch...brush your shoulders off.

January 18, 2007  

Tasha...I'm tryin girl but you know how that goes...I'm happy and I think that because of that I subconciously am looking for a reason for it to not continue...

MzNewy...Homegirl is annoying as all get out though I so wanna say something LOL..hopefully I don't explode on her one day

January 18, 2007  

I very much dislike people that pander for attention aka Beat around the bush Bobby's that make little statements cuz they want you to ask them some question you could care less about.

Dinner & a hotel sounds perfect for Music's b-day and don't let that negative force within get the best of you. The healthy lifestyle is goin well I see, keep it up, I hope you reach your goal so you can get that sensual massage LOL but you know you will get it either way

January 18, 2007  

empty...good name!! I'll have to change it to betty though LOL.eeww there she goes again doing her deep breathing so someone will ask what's wrong LOL...I won't let the force be with me LOL..I'm gonna try to keep it up...cause if I keep going at the pace I'm going I'm going to need it LOL

January 18, 2007  

Your coworker sounds like a trip and a half.

Nothing wrong with feeling it's too good to be true. Just don't ponder on it too long.

January 18, 2007  

Girl you have alot to say early in the day! I'm tellin you us LIBRAS are just alike. I experience alot of the same things at work. I am easily annoyed by my cowrokers and I cannot stand when somebody interrupts me when I am talkin and I will let them know about it. Say excuse me or something. I don't think "they" have any home training. If i can just get to the gym.....I'm so happy for you and Music, keep your thoughts positive.

January 18, 2007  

re Music

that is so nice

January 18, 2007  

This all happened in one day?

January 18, 2007  

Enjoy Music...don't let any negative thoughts cloud your mind. I find myself doing that a lot of times, and that's when I mess up. Happy thoughts, happy thoughs. **wink**

Congrats on keeping up your work out, bet or no bet. LOL I need to do something. I keep saying that, but I haven't had time to hit the gym. **sigh**

January 18, 2007  

dayum that was long girl I had to take 2 lunch breaks to read it LOL
get your work out one girl, you're doing good, i'm on a yogurt kick also had the blackberry by dannon delish!!! another good snack for me is fat and salty..and EWWW stay away from GERMAnia..YUCK..spreading germs all over the office!! GROSS!!!

January 18, 2007  

I approached my clerk to day and told her to get her cough checked. She coughs and doesnt even cover her mouth. I hate that mess. she will be all up in your face talking and cough all in your face. She is a smoker so I think she doesnt realize how gross it is. Is that mean? it's how I feel. She goes,"Oh it's just sinus drip." Whatever! cover your daggone mouth!

January 18, 2007  

Lady..girl she needs to take a trip to you know where LOL...I'm trying not to ponder

Mis..we LIBRAS do think alike LOL is and I don't wanna mess it up by thinking too much

Negro...nah two days LOL

gemini..sorry LOL I tend to be long winded sometimes and I'm trying to stay away from her but since her breathing can be heard near and far it's hard LOL

lyre...YES!!! I so wanna tell her to get that checked before she passes out dead at her desk..then again problem solved no more cough LOL

January 18, 2007  

Here's something to help you out with your coworker: Any time when someone has that killer breath, bad BO or anything else they
need to be reminded of, turn to your anonymous email notifier.

I sent myself an email to see if it's anonymous and it is.

January 18, 2007  

This comment has been removed by the author.

January 18, 2007  

WHEW..I had to read that in segments!! LOL

Love the fact that ur working out...even if it started with a bet. As far as the issue with the scale, you do realize that weighing yourself at different times changes teh reading a lot? Try first thing in the mornings bfor eyou eat. That thebest readings because during sleep more food is processed and the reading is more significant.

Nothing wrong with waiting for the other shoe to drop. As they say, "What can go wrong, will go wrong." Simple meaning: nothing is perfect, everything has it's bad side/issues.

The important thing is that when the shoe does drop you realize it don't or shouldn't stop the show, only enhance it.

January 18, 2007  

TSG...GIRL Why was I crackin up..I did send something to myself to try it out I need to do that when I get home LOL

Madam..I can get longwinded LOL...I have tended to remember that weighing in the morning is better we'll see if I can teach myself to listen to myself LOL....very true about the last line..tribulation only brings about strength

January 18, 2007  

LOL...I hate when people try to talk to me while I have on headphones...I'm going to use that line though *lol*

Nosy co-worker irks me. Please stop coming in on the tail end of the convo when you have NO idea whats going on...come in talking about grey's anatomy when we're just talking about the color gray!

step ya ear hustling up!

I'm shopping around for a gym *again* any good "cheap" suggestions?

January 18, 2007  

@ Honey

if she was a friend she probably wouldve put in on my wall...lame ho'

*dead* not the fetus moving around...Honey is going to get me fired from my job. AND the niggas was poking my stomach and shit...I'm like damn give my non existant baby brain damage why dontcha?!

bastard. tuh it's time to write a letter *lol*

January 18, 2007  

heyyyy honey!

how come i'm ova here dyin' laughin' at your description of old girl walking thru the office and breathing loud! you're a mess!! looks like you had a LOT of shit goin' on today! dayum!

anyhoo... i'm jus passin' thru! :)

Peace Momma!

January 18, 2007  

This was a long ass post! You know I am ADD.

Dont even stunt the secretary. She is a bona fide hater! Put your hater blockers on!! (I sound very young?)

I feel you on the nephew thing. I have a cousin that I wish me or parents could take care of.

Work it out at the gym!!Weight lifting will definitely get you toned and burning fat

January 18, 2007  

^^ *You know I am ADD.*
LMAO Me, too! This weekend take some time out for yourself and just relax. It's hard to go completly through life without drama. Just find 'your place' and clear your mind...

Have a good weekend!
: )

January 19, 2007  

I had to throw my scale away because I couldn't keep from cheating. I knew if I leaned just a bit to the left I could knock off a full 5 pounds on it LOL...

January 19, 2007  

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