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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I'm thankful for every moment ~Al Green

I'm thankful for......

....the snow that's on the ground cause that means that I'm able to see it :)

....being able to go home at the end of the month..I miss my family

....for the anticipation of his face when he sees what I got him for his bday next month

.....that others can see the weight loss even if I can' t I get so into the music on my mp3 that I feel like I'm singing it lol being the middle of the week

......the ability to know that you are a HOT MESS....I'm glad you're not around anymore

.....moving on to bigger and better things

.....talking to the bestest the other day, she misses me just as much as I miss her lol, we gotta do it big for her bday this year

......the growth of my locs, as I look at them each morning or play in them throughout the day I realize just how much they've added to who I've become this last year. HE allows things to come and go just when I need them to even when I think I can't do without them feelings for Him that grow each and every day, because of this I realize that it's not just a fly by night moment and if it doesn't last any longer than the next 5 min I'm greatful that I was able to experience it :)

.....learning something new (crocheting) everyone I know will be hatted out come christmas LOL he knows that I worry about him when he works too much cause he knows that I care about his well being

......true friends who listen to me vent, complain, and talk my head off about random stuff including him lol (I know they wish I would be quiet lol)

....the adventures that we always seem to get into when we least expect them to become adventures

......learning not to assume, things can get complicated when you do that

.....just being here at this moment in my life, I wouldn't change it for the world (I don't think lol)

"An attitude of gratitude creates blessings."-- Sir John Marks Templeton

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cool. I wont a

I love stopping in on Wed to read this post.

February 07, 2007  

Happy Wednesday

February 07, 2007  

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February 07, 2007  

" HE allows things to come and go just when I need them to even when I think I can't do without them"... There is so much truth to that and it has taken age/wisdom to appreciate that. Thank you for reminding me about it.
Stay blessed on this Happy Wednesday

February 07, 2007  

Deep....Glad that you enjoy coming by, I love Wednesdays :0 Hopefully my hat skills will be perfected LOL

Negro...Hey girl, Happy wednesday to you too

Desy...That was so hard for me to learn that everythign that you think is good for you isn't...thanks for coming by, stay blessed as well

February 07, 2007  

I'm gonna have to really think about that one...the come and go thing....
But as always I enjoy your posts.

February 07, 2007  

Happy Wednesday. I love reading your 'thankful for' reminds me that not everything is as bad as it seems sometimes.

February 07, 2007  

My hat should be emerald green thanks! That will be all! ROFL

I am glad your keeping this tradition.

February 07, 2007  

Mis...Yea I understand but if they didn't come and go how could you know that you've grown and changed because of them :)

Tasha...Happy Hump Day to you too!! That's why I love doing them lol

Lady..umm you get what I give you thank you very much you might get a yellow one..yea me too despite how that person was (you know who I'm talking about) I did learn something out of her "dying" LOL

February 07, 2007  

you sound to happy with where things are in life and with him...
and it always good to take a step back and appreciate the things in life that you are thankful for... make you see how truly blessed you really are...


February 07, 2007  

I love my true friends too. I always enjoy these posts!

February 07, 2007  

i like that quote at the beginning... im thankful every moment too... even the bad ones...

February 07, 2007  

i wanna see a picture of the locs please!!!!! pictures! pictures! pictures!

February 07, 2007  

As always, good stuff.

we should all be thankful for EVERY moments.

Let me know when you need my hat measurement. I'd like mine in blue.

February 08, 2007  

you losing weight...KEEP IT UP CHICA....

February 08, 2007  

This just made me think of all the things I'm thankful for. Good post!

February 08, 2007  

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