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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Trying Thursday


Lady at Work: Wont you shut up! I mean dang does everyone have to know about how you always pay your property tax on time and what your momma told you. I mean you are at WORK not the salon, I should not be able to hear it and I'm in a whole nother cubicle on top of that I shouldn't even be able to hear it if I'm standing in front of you desk. SHUT UP!!! I wanna to tell you that so bad, but I'm afraid that if I say anything dang on near that I will scream on you and bite your freakin head off. Yes you a grown woman and I feel some level of respect for my "elder", but you I PROMISE you make me want to forget that my momma taught me are allergic to everything...I think it's all in your head personally. On top of that maybe if you stop letting your dog kiss and lick you in the face on your open sores then maybe you wouldn't be so sick..I feel sorry for you, your parents, those who even consider you a friend and us at work cause we have to deal with you. You buy people's affection by doing nice things, boo you can do nice stuff for me all day and I still wouldn't like you. Stop walking by my desk and breathing all hard like I'm gonna turn around and ask you what's the matter...stop clearing your throat all loud like I care that you are so winded from walking one inch that it kills you.....stop saying ohhh I'm sooo tired...if you're that tired STAY HOME...better yet go live with your momma since you are 40 years old and talking about moving back in with her to save money...WHO DOES THAT!!!!

Red: Wont you leave me the piss alone!!!!! I mean dang we are over..stop sending me emails trying to gauge how I'm doing. I'm fine, thanks...doing rather well without you...glad that I took you out of my life. You trying to act like you care how I'm doing, while asking when can you come visit, is not a good look, I mean dang LEAVE ME ALONE! I hate to ignore emails but your emails are ones that I don't mind responding to for months at a time. The nerve of you, thinking that I care if you "check" on me. Please...don't do me any favors...I'm fine....THANKS

Constant: Am I mad at myself right now? You'll always have a special place in my heart, but I'm punishing myself by thinking that we could even be friends. It's clear that you have too much going on to even be concerned about friendship. How could you change your number and not even let me could you not email me and let me know you were out to sea but doing come I had to email you first to find all that out. Apparently you don't care and I'm continuing to care and that's not a good I'll stop. I have to make myself stop, it's a sick routine that I have. Acting like I don't care, when I do...forcing myself to try to move on when part of me is dwelling on the drama. I'm so finiky (sp?) that its annoying.....ERRRRRRR No more calling you, if I don't hear from you then oh well...I'm tired of being the good friend (cause that's what we are now), I'm tired of checking up on you and you not doing the same for me....I mean dang sometimes I like to recieve a call just to say hello.....believe me I won't be wasting my breath anymore.

Nurse Dude (remember him, if not go back to some posts during the summer of last year lol): are a HOT SPAMMY MESS!!!!!!!! Sending me text messages asking when can you sex me and what not. Boo I haven't talked to you or seen you since last year (I know it wasn't that long ago lol)...and if I haven't been dialing your number don't you think that means that it was what it was....we did what we did and I'm not trying to go there with you again...we both know the rules.....what we had was not a relationship....we were cut buddies.....THAT IS ALL. You do what you do, I do what I do and that's it. At first we were more than that but clearly you couldn't handle it and we just dropped down to satisfying one another for the moment....don't think that you can not see me for 3 months and then BAMN send me a hot steamy text and think that I'm gonna hop on it....UMMM NO. It don't work like that, you ain't that good LOL. On top of that your lil game you play aint' all that under cover either. Don't try to wine and dine me with your words, trying to act like you trying to be with me, I'm not STUPID. Just because I don't call you on it don't mean (and yes I used don't) that I can't see you coming from a mile away. You think you're all that cause you got pretty eyes and nice lips...ummmm boo boo I 'm not a fool and ain't nothing that good gonna make me loose my dang on mind..I can lose it on my own. On top of that it looks like you gained some weren't all that lil to begin with but now it might be getting out of me I'm not trying to be funny cause I'm not a 5 myself and actually I wouldn't want to be a 5 (don't be offended size 5's lol) I just like where I'm at but back to you LOL....your tummy looks like it might be on the verge of pregnancy....some of the weight I might have lost seems to have found you. HANDLE THAT. When you see me in the don't know me, unless I know you..meaning I will walk on by if i feel like it, if I stop to speak it will only be because I have MANNERS...not because I'm trying to BONE you....GOT IT...GOOD

Honey (yes that's me): GURL! You are a trip. You like him, so why are you worried about where this is all going, just be easy and let things happen how they happen. I mean haven't you noticed that when you over think things that's when you begin to think up things that don't even exist or stuff that ain't even an issue. Why do you do that to yourself? He likes you that's evident, I mean he spends almost every weekend with you...sometimes he comes over during the week....ok you don't go over his place alot but being realistic...traffic coming in your direction is wayyy worse than for him going back that way....and he likes going to the gym with you and he knows that you can't go to his gym which is why you all dont' go to his....your free pass is for the gym down the street from your house....why get a pass to go to his gym when you'd have to drive out there after work and you know you aint doing calm the HECK DOWN. On top of that why are you jumpin on the scale every morning...put that thing know you've lost weight stop acting like you haven't....look at pics from last year and even the year when toot was born....see how chubby your face was...look at it happy that you've come this far...STOP BEING SO DANG ON NEGATIVE. I'm so sick of hearing you complain to yourself about how fat you are and how you aren't losing weight.....put the scale away be on your grind for a month then weight yourself.....I bet you'll see progress. I'm gonna need you to chill though on wanting to think up stuff to do with him though, let him do some work....if you do everything then he will do NOTHING.....ok you can do something for him for his bday but breathe easy, you don't have to get him something everytime you're out at the store....calm down!! I know he makes you happy and you get all geeky whenyou think of him and all that stinky jazz, but fall BACK! Let things go where they go, do what you do and if he's there then ok and if not then ok. I mean your grown...let him know that you can have a life when he's not hang out when he's not with don't sit in the house the whole time waiting on him to call...i know i know you dont' do that and gurl pipe down I'm not saying you do..I'm just saying. You know I'm just looking out for you, cause it's me and you against the world...gotta be careful. I'm glad you're happy though, I'm glad that he calls you just as much as you call him...cause I hated when you felt like you were doing all the calling..feeling like you were bothering folks when they answer..ain't that some bullish. Funny how you love to be in love, you kill me with that LOL....loving to do nice things for people, just watch out. I'm here though trying to help you not blow caution to the wind...just doing my job so don't get mad when you know I'm right and you dont' wanna listen. So start paying attention to me :)

Toot: Why are you the cutest thing ever?! I love you more than life it's self. I want to shield you from hurt and take your pain away. I want you to know that I will always be here for you, Auntie will never ever be too far away that she wont' drop what she's doing to see about her Toot. You bring me joy, you light up my life and whenever I feel like I can't smile I look at your picture that sits on my desk. You are the reason that I pray God blesses me with children, you are the reason I push myself to do so much more than I even think I can do. I wish I were there each day to put you to bed, hug you when you need hugs and kiss you when you fall down. I know you have a mommie and you love her lots but I can't help but feel that you are sorta mine LOL...I mean look at's like I spit you out we won't tell anyone that your mommie sucks monkey balls LOL..I'm playing, but seriously I love you and just thinking that I could something as much as I love you doesn't surprise me it motivates me.....

Bestest: Why do I miss you so much? I have moments when of course I wonder what you're doing and where you are. How Livy is doing and how you're really, really doing. He sucks for treating you the way he did I know and believe you me if I could have him "touched" for $5 I would..maybe I can find a crack head LOL....I miss spending weekends at your house or mine..I miss when life was so simple that all we had to do was go get our nails done and we thought we were the bomb..and might I add we still are. I love how when I see you it's like we've never been apart, like we're still living a block away from one another. I wish I could see you everyday, but I can't and you know that you can call me at the drop of a dime and I'm there. I've done it before and I'll do it again. You are a strong woman and I admire you...I love you cause you're my're the twin that I wasn't born with...we're like the sun and the moon.....if I go too long without talking to start to pop up in my dreams. I cherish the day that we became friends...when you told the teacher that Leon ate my crayons....and you gave me a hug in the 6th grade cause Shauna picked me last to be on her've always subconscienly done that...been there when I've needed you even from 3 hours away....I can't wait to see you next month for her 2nd bday and your 25th....we're gonna make more memories to tell her when she grows up

Dad & Mom: Why do I get teary when I think of just how wonderful you guys are.....I mean I know it's not corny and I know you already know how much I love you....but I really love you more than life itself...I would do anything for you....knowing that I'm not there to somewhat ease the tension kills me. Dad I know your doing what you can and Mommie is such a quiet spirit but I feel like I want to bust some heads together...I mean why is she so frustrating..why can't she get with it!!! Why is she acting like she was no home training....why are you both so calm. LOL, I guess it's cause you know that patience is truly a virtue (and i have little) and that God has a plan for all of this and it will all occur in his time. I know he has it on lock LOL...but please belive give me the word and I'll come down there and do some damage :)

Sisters: Why are you guys acting like I'm your momma?! I mean dang we're not little anymore, so grow up. I can't solve all your problems with a phone call..cause believe me I would if I could...I love you guys and there is no difference in my love. However I ain't gonna lie I do like you on different levels LOL...but that doesn't mean that I wont' karate chop someone in their throat for either one you the moment you ask me to. Be good and I love you....I'm always here

Expecting life to treat you well because you are a good person is like expecting an angry bull not to charge because you are a vegetarian.-- Shari R. Barr

With that being said: BRING IT ON!!!! I can take whatever your gonna dish out to me life...cause i'm a GO GETTA!!!!!

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February 01, 2007  

You better pepe talk urself!! I'm all about the "make me feel good" mental speeches!!

This booty call dude needs to be retaught the game cause he is doing it all're not suppose to become a nuisance sir...

Old boo's wanted to be friends after they know they did you wrong...INAPPROPIATE. you should respond, only to say please leave me be!

okay, I'm leaving now :-)

February 01, 2007  

Deep...thank you

Madam....Gotta get it straight LOL. And yes he is acting like he can still get it but he doesnt know that I am partially booed up LOL....

February 01, 2007  

I swear I could eat your toot's cheeks to pieces!

I always enjoy how you express yourself. Was kinda surprised to see you talk to yourself, that's cool. Nothing wrong with checking yourself!

February 01, 2007  

Lady..LOL I feel the same everyone says he has cheeks like me I love that lil boy...hey every once in a while I gotta put my ownself in check.

February 01, 2007  

Toot is just too cute.

Constant is teaching you a looong ass lesson. People show you who they are. Believe them.

Man...why am I going through the same situation as you with regard to Nurse Dude. Why are these men so trife. Ugh. Stop feeling yourself so much.

I love this post. Always honest. Always honey.

February 01, 2007  

MizzJJ...I love my toot. Yes he is and I'm trying so hard to LEARN it and move on but you know how that goes..I seem to love the drama involved in it all....I don't know why Nurse Dude thinks he's the ish cause clearly he isn't...hey I gotta be me LOL

February 01, 2007  

Lady at work- I have a couple of those where I work. Always complaining about coming to work..stay at home then or quit.
Constant_ I'm tired of being the "good" friend too. (finicky) :)
Nurse - Why do they even bother?
Honey - Libras are so alike.
Bestest- I miss mines, she's turning into an alcoholic and I really need to help her realize it.
Dad,Mom and sisters- well dont have any, but I know you appreciated the fact that you do.

February 01, 2007  

Its always better out than in...YES you can take on whatever comes your way, but its always better to get it out, then to keep it all in...and YES STOP thinking so much, that's how YOU and I get into trouble, thinking up is what it is, so just let it be

February 01, 2007  

wow... so passionate. i'm tempted to do a post similar to this. well, whenever i decide to stop being lazy.

i agree w/ miz jj, Constant is teaching you a long, long lesson. i've been learning a long lesson too. it's hard to let the former Constants loose, isn't it?

February 01, 2007  

Everything in it's season...allow whatever you and Music are creating together to BE whatever it is meant to BE!!!

Don't overthink it...

February 01, 2007  

i love it. your coworker is disgusting!!

February 01, 2007  

Toot is absolutely adorable.

Your co-worker and my office-mate must be related. Nasty and triflin for no good reason.

I'm learning the same lesson from my own version of Constant. It's a hard lesson, but worth it in the end.

And you're very right. Just let things be with you and Music. God knows what he's doing, so don't try to out think him and take away from his plan for you.

February 01, 2007  

this is nice. I gotta do my own letters one day, even to myself. ...your "toot" is precious, he is so big from when I first started reading your blog..which was about a year ago...when you were speaking of nurse dude...

that nut, the nerve of

February 01, 2007  

I really like the way you clean out your closet. You can be a vicious vixen when you want to be. LOL

February 01, 2007  

yeah honey, "stop being so DANG ON negative" towards yourself!!! you're beautiful and so is your spirit! do like "this little light of mine:" let it shine! let it shine! let it shine! ;-)

February 01, 2007  

Relax, relate, release . . . wait a minute, I think that's what you just did. This is definitely one of those post that you feel better about after writing. Glad you were about to get that stuff of your chest.

February 02, 2007  

not bad..don't you hate loud cubicle neighbors....

February 02, 2007  

I'm glad you let all of that out...Honey you better stop beating up on urself, you are a fab. person :-)

And Toot....he could get in my purse *what my friends and I say about a really cute child* He is soooo adorable.

Aww I miss my lil youngins....let me scan some pictures of my babies :-)

the nieces and nephew NOT my nonexistant children!

February 02, 2007  

so you love being in love....does that mean you're in/falling in love.

February 02, 2007  

This comment has been removed by the author.

February 02, 2007  

feel better? lol

you know.. they say the smartest people talk to themselves.. but it's the CRAZY ones that respond back.. HAHAHA

im mad nurse dude still be popping up!

February 02, 2007  

Nice post.

I may have to steal err borrow err do a post like this one day. Well, mine will probably be meaner since being even a little nice makes me violently itch.

So, um why do you have to taunt me with the picture of little man all smiling and happy next to you? I can see the caption now. "Don't you wish this way you Freaky?" That's just mean. Mean I tell you.

Have a nice weekend.

February 02, 2007  

First, let me say you and your nephew look so cute together. Aww! I stole the quote at the end of this post and used it for my post today.

I loved the way you broke everything down and called folk out good and/or bad. The lady at your job reminds me of someone I used to work with and if not for murder being illegal; bitch would be dead.

Keep on keeping on sista're doing just fine.

February 02, 2007  

dang you had a lot on your mind girl..WOW!the lady at work is starting to piss me off..ask her next time she clears her throat to get a throat lozenges or else shut up! nobody wants to hear all that..and don't be so hard on are working it out at the gym with Music by your side...YOU GO GIRL! (did I just say that)..oh that is so old! *LOL*

February 03, 2007  

I love your blog!!! Tell us how you really feel Sis... I'll be back for more!!

February 03, 2007  

I love how you add yourself in the post! Too funny.

Nice tributes...LMAO at "Nurse Dude" and "Red"...sounds like two fucking losers.

Oh and Cute picture! What an adorable kid.

February 04, 2007  

The lady at work is certainly attention starved.

I'll be back for more laughs.

February 05, 2007  

I'm back and enjoyed the conversation you had with yourself. It's a brilliant idea. Congratulations on the weight loss!

February 05, 2007  

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