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Monday, February 05, 2007


So I was out sick on Friday which would explain why I didn't post and instead of telling you what I did this weekend..since it wasn't too off the hook..although I did hit up a baby shower, hit the gym and spend time with my baby (I'm now calling him this to his face LOL) was pretty chill. Today's post will be a tag..from the one and only Madam ( shoot me I haven't figured out how to do the one word link thing and I don't feel like doing it anyway so great (and yes I'm a tad cranky I wanna go home and go to sleep lol..on top of that I can't wear my heels to work cause I bought them the other day and there were two left feet in the box..wonderful..back to the shoe store I go!)

I have to share 5 facts that you guys don't know about me (you might though so we'll see):

1: I was adopted when I was almost 3 years old. My egg donor was on drugs and running around with men (she says there are only 2 men between the 4 of us but we think there are 3). We were taken from her and of course she now tries to make it seem like it was her choice..umm no when the state comes in and rips us from your house it's not your choice...I tell ya. I just recently started talking to her because she always seems to have something to say about me behind my back like i'm too good for her and what not..truth be told I am too good for her..but I respect her because she gave me life..nothing more nothing less....I could care less if I even talk to her on the regular she has lots of demons that she needs to deal with and I don't have time for anyone fake in my life now or anytime in the future.

2. I love ranch. I can eat it on anything..and I mean anything. When I go out to eat if I ask for ranch I can't eat my food until it gets there. I dip my chicken in it..I dip my burger in it, I did my fries in it...everything but eggs LOL..then again I've never tried it so I just might add that to my list.

3. I am a hopeless romantic. When I fall in love with someone I give it 100%, which of course can come back to bit me in the tail later, but hey that's what love is about. I do little things to let them know I'm thinking of them..send texts, buy candy....all that corny stuff. I like sitting in his lap or hugging him or just holding his hand. I tend to act like a baby, but not in a bad way. I just love the feeling of having someone in that area of my life. I don't become obsessed but when I'm in love it radiates through my skin LOL

4. I have to sleep with the closet door closed. I've been doing this for as long as I can remember. I don't know what it is, but when I was little I watched Freddy and got so terrified that ever since then I have to close the closet door before I go to bed. I can be in the bed and look and see it open and try to go to sleep but it's such a habit now that I will get up and close it. I'm not scared anymore it's just a habit now.

5. When I get out the shower I never dry off completly, therefore leaving a trail of water behind me. Music complains that his socks always get wet when I'm done in the bathroom, but hey I can't help it. I don't know what it is, but I will try to dry off and it never seems to work LOL. In fact I've been known to still have soap on my back when Ive gotten out the shower.

I now have to tag three people it's gonna be BK DIVA, Know1..and ummmm Freaky LOL

So see I'm not too weird, in fact it was hard coming up with a list LOL....It's Monday yet again and here I am wishing it were Friday.

In other news LOL. My middle sis is moving in with the best friend the first weekend in march and I'm going home to help her move in. I'm also going home the end of this month for my goddaughters bday and the best friends bday (they will be 2 and 25 lol)..funny how their bdays are only a couple of days apart. The best friend said sometimes she forgets when her bday is just because her daughters is so close to hers. So it's gonna be a busy month, I got the tire fixed and an oil change so I'm good.

I found out the Music likes ice cream cake so I'll get one of those for his bday and he wants some headphone splittler so I'll probably get him a gift card to best buy along taking him to dinner or something. We're still in the we're not "together" mode but we're together LOL...each of us kinda had a moment last week where someone asked us if we had someone and we responded well kinda sorta LOL...his was a coworker mine was my mom. It's funny cause we both said the same thing when the person asked us and when he told me I laughed and when I told him he we're on the same page....he knows we're a lil more than friends cause him spending time with me on the weekend is a given now LOL...I call him baby...and when I said aww you miss me while coming home from the baby shower he was like I miss my computer first (that's how he works on his music), then you and then everything else LOL....I tell ya that man....but he makes me smile more and more everyday...even when we joke around and call one another ike and tina LOL (no we dont' fight like that) or when I'm trying to throw him on the's funny how silly we are but that's what I love about the time we spend together... I see how we're evolving and I like it :) I'm such a geek when it comes to that LOL

Aight off to catch up and to act like I'm doing some work here at work.....

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*singing..."would u be my b.a.b.y. would u be my b.a.b.y...*

It's a fabolous song I love. Love the 'we're kinda sortof 2gether' phase...things as so cute then. and it definitely is a plus that u guys r on the same page...awww...young love :-)

who were u adopted by?

see, tags aren't the hard, but u gotta tag 3 people now.

February 05, 2007  

Madam...LOL I know I know. I wasn't adopted by a relative my parents just happened to be interested in adopting and the social worker told them about me and my sisters :) I know let me think of who to tag

February 05, 2007  

oh, it's super easy to link to someone else's page w/o putting the whole url in your post. you just type the word (e.g. honey-libra), click on the chain link at the top and then you paste the url in. voila! hmm... i hate when ppl tell me how do things when i'm cranky, so i hope that didn't bother you.

a lot of ppl have that closed door issue. i like for it to be open, just so i won't run into the closed door if i get up in the night! LOL

i don't dry off when i get at the shower either! when i stay at my aunt's, she comments that it's like i've been swimming in the bathroom! i don't know why i do it, but i do...

February 05, 2007  

I feel you on number 3 and partially on number 2! Lubs me some ranch, I am starting to feel blue cheese.

Your baby! Awwwwww. Music saying it's his Music, you, then everything else...double awwwwwwwwwwwww!

February 05, 2007  

I am not a big fan of creamy dressing unless it is Ceasar dressing, which is basically just garlic. Lol.

Any man that makes you smile like that sounds like a keeper.

February 05, 2007  

LMAO.. dammit it would be the day that I am catchign up on reading your blog I see this damn tag!!! LOL

aight I'll do it tomorrow

February 05, 2007  

My closet door has to be closed too. If I'm in the bed and it's open, I will get up and closet it. You know when you wake up in the middle of the night and it's dark in the room only the light from outside. Then you look at your closet and the clothes look like someone is there. Yeah that's why my closet is always closed.

February 05, 2007  

BLK..LOL, you're good although I do get cranky but not so much today..I'm gonna have to try that when I get a chance.

Lady...I love ranch can't get with the blue cheese though..yes that's my suga :)

Mizz...Hmm I can't get with the oily look LOL and so far he is a keeper

BK....HAHAHAHAHA...make sure you handle that

TSG...LOL yes!!! That's one of the reasons it's a habit for me to close it now haha

February 05, 2007  

You know I can't seem to get dry when getting out of the shower too...its weird..but I think it is cause I tend to rush a little.

February 05, 2007  

honey I have to close the closet door too, its something about somebody looking at me...lmao....I feel you

February 05, 2007  

see you lil folks work a nerve. talkink bout you dont dry off all the way. what about when you cant dry off all the way. lol... I am sorry you are sick. I am glad you had a good weekend.

February 05, 2007  

hmm i did this tag before....i guess i gotta think of 5 more things.......

isn't love grand

February 05, 2007  

I think I've done this one too but I'm sure I can probably pull out five more things.

February 05, 2007  

Brwn...I think I rush too then again it's just me in my room usually so who cares if the floor is wet LOL

Yazmar..LOL, especially in the dark when you're watching a movie

Deep...LOL lil folks girl I aint' little LOL..I'm doing a tad bit better do it again what love the kind of meme's probably has but you can do it again LOL

February 05, 2007  

Girl, I sleep with the closet door open, too. I have never given it much thought until now. You didn't tag me, but I may put this in my back pocket for a rainy day.

February 05, 2007  

I like cie cream cake too!! You gonna send me one!!

You two need to just make it official now. All this sorta kinda mess is unecessary!

February 05, 2007  

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February 05, 2007  

I have to sleep with my closet door closed too...but I also have to check under the bed, make sure the curtains are closed, and the bedroom door absolutely HAS to be closed. If I didn't have a boyfriend it would be locked, but I guess I can compromise on that one...

I'm such a light sleeper though...EVERYTHING wakes me up and I have to go through those motions because being half asleep and thinking someone broke into your house is no joke. If I had my way my dogs would be in my room, but again...that whole compromise crap... LOL.

February 05, 2007  

i have to sleep with the closet door closed too. when you wake up in the middle of the night a bit confused, the clothes can really scare you (especially true for me before i had my vision fixed)

February 06, 2007  

lmao @ #4... i think ur still scared! haha

i LOVE ranch too.. maybe not as much u.. but i love it!

my godson's birthday is the day before his mom's (she's no longer my "best friend" but no love lost..
we have waaay to much in common.. lol

February 06, 2007  

have you tried ranch w/pizza and spaghetti? i would think nasty but its actually good. (black folk i swear!!) romance is fab. my homies say i glow. appalled by you and the water!!! i hate you shower people like that!!!

February 06, 2007  

I sleep with the door open.......

February 06, 2007  

Dynasty..I'll have to keep checkin on your page to see if you did it :)

epsilonicus...I wonder what he's gonna think when I get it for him LOL..and why is it unnecessary sir lol

blackmamba...when Music is over the door is closed not cause you can see anything cause my bed is on the other side of the wall but anywho LOL...I dont like to keep the door locked just in case I need to get out lol

leela..that has happened to me a few time.

TTD...probably LOL...yes I love me some ranch so make sure you have some on hand when I come over again lol...yes we have ALOT in common

jameil...yes I have and I LOVE IT!!!! I can't help it I just leak water lol

Negro...makes it easier for someone to hide in there and get you

February 06, 2007  

Only my bedroom door has to be closed. No tv or radio, total you scarin Missy like that?

February 06, 2007  

Mis...LOL sometimes I can sleep in total silence other times the tv is one or something....she ain't scurred LOL..she too hood to be scared

February 06, 2007  

you were adopted? cool. my mom and her sister were BOTH adopted. mama from my grandma's sister. aunt from my grandpa's sister. really keeping it in the family!

i'm a hopeless romantic too! you shoulda heard me this weekend re-playing that damn jamie foxx "when i first saw you" over and over this weekend! all sighing and shyt thinking about what i wouold do if a dude ever said that shyt to me...

February 06, 2007  

Fallen...yea ours wasn't in the fam but I'm glad I was blessed with my dad and mom they are the greatest :) I LOVE that song I was watching that movie and like man if someone said that to me (keeping hope alive) LOL

February 06, 2007  

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