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Friday, June 08, 2007


So I'm here at work early jammin to Rihanna's new CD (no I didn't buy it lol) it's on under the music section. I know home girl can't sing too much but I'm tapping my foot at the beats on the CD..homegirl is smart..most of the time folks dont care how well you sing if you can get em with the beat you got em (maybe that's just me LOL)

Going to a birthday/engagement party tonight in DC...a homie from college recently moved to Chicago...well not recently she moved last summer wow it's been a year...and her and the fiancee are coming back here to celebrate her 25th bday and their engagement. Fun times!

Probably go see another homie off as she travels to Africa for a month. I'm gonna miss her but she'll be in my thoughts of course, as long as she brings me something back from the motherland LOL

The Hun has been acting weird since we had that whole dicussion about the got kind of heated. The reality is dont waste my time. If you dont wanna be with me, I'm not gonna convince you otherwise...I am not chasing you. Relationships take work, we're not perfect we can recognize this and move on or dwell on it. I no longer dwell....I think he does. I dont have time for it. He's going to MD after work to hang at his cousins house and I probably wont see him till Sunday only cause I'm going to MD to a fight party on Sat night (I think)

Sad when your broke cause you paid all your bills LOL

I registered for 3 classes yesterday. So come Aug 22 I will be in class Monday, Wed and Friday nights. Should be interesting since I havent had to really think about school stuff since about 2004 LOL. But I've always loved school and the work that comes with it (I know call me crazy) sooo yep I'm looking forward to it. Hopefully it wont take me the full years cause I'll be going in the summer too so I should be done after a year or so. Depending of course on the class schedule.

In other news I think it's time for me to move on job wise..not sure yet. But I've been with the same folks for 4 years and I need more space to use my degree, but I think I might wait till I start school..not sure. If I find something I will of course apply if you know of anything hit me up (I have a degree in Criminology..yea I know lol)

I feel kinda jazzy in my black and hot pink. Even got the pink shades :)

I've loved pretzels for as long I can remember..any type of pretzel..hard, soft, flavor or just salt..why did I notice the other day that once I start eating them I get terrible gas bad that if I passed it near someone I better be for dang on sure that there are billions of folks around so they wont know it's me.

Hmm what am I going to wear tonight, I have an outfit in mind but I know when I get home it's gonna not be the cleverist LOL..yes I made that up

What am I going to wear to the fight party..maybe a blazer and jeans, I think we're going for drinks before I'm not sure....

I decided to go ahead and submit to have thurs and fri after the 4th off. I mean why not..why come to work right after the holiday when I can stay in bed LOL...on top of that hopefully I will in some sun somewhere so I'm just planning accordingly LOL

I have to pee...why does it always come up at the wrong times..I mean dang sometimes I wish I had a toilet by my desk LOL

You know I'm into music...well if you dont know now you do :) So in case you haven't checked the following cd's out you might want to do so....if you live near me I might be nice and burn you a copy LOL...let me stop...So Joe's cd was good and surprisingly so was Bobby V's I'm not saying I liked every jam but I could deal with listening to it all the way through. I have yet to listen to Carl Thomas' new cd someone told me it wasnt' that good but I'm gonna check it out on liked his other cd's so we'll see. Some songs on Tanks album might be worth checkin out if you can find the cd for 9.99. I'm just being for real LOL..he is a talented singer but he only has certain songs where your like dang...sad but he does better on other folks stuff..but I love me some please dont go and if he sang it to me I would glue myself to him LOL..MUSIQ's cd was off the HOOOKKKK. I can't wait for Raheem's new cd and T.I.'s yes I am among the millions that love his swagger..notice I said not him LOL...I'm gonna check out Fabolous' new cd on as well...yea they got the new S*&^ LOL...why am I soo hyper..maybe cause it's Friday and I'm gonna shake my tambourine tonight lol...yes I like that song too ohhh and why I heard some tracks from Ms. Kelly's new cd and I must say that I will be purchasing that...great. She has a song called Comeback and it's already on the mp3 player in rotation.

I might come back and add some stuff I'm not sure. I'm suppose to be getting a tattoo next weekend, I'm getting sunshine on my back. That's what some folks tend to call me :) Unless I see something else it's gonna be that. I already have one, I have Libra with a lil star thing at the top of my butt lol.

Have a great weekend!! Hopefully I will even if it only includes sleeping and folding laudry (which LadyNay is sitting on my floor in a HUGE pile'd think that I have no clean clothes with that huge pile)

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hmmm... I would say her producers are smart. I'll watch and see what she does next.

The Hun
suddenly I am thinking of Attila. That wasn't your intention was it? Anyway, hope you guys can iron it out or let it blow over. Seems like you make each other happy.

June 08, 2007  


I LOVE the way you're handling the relationship matter.

on the music...I was SOOOO wondering about Carl Thomas' new one, which I just found out about last week. I heard the same thing about Tank...he's got a good voice but too few good songs. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Joe and I really don't think I've ever be really dissappointed by him, so I'll chance that one. I just bought Coko's gospel know the girl from SWV...and I LOVE it...i'm going to put another one of her songs up as my inspiration for today.

Well, have a wonderful time at the party...and be safe.

June 08, 2007  

happy friday!

rihanna - actually her best one to date..

carl thomas - sigh disappointing if you are a true fan but its doable

bobby v- ok

joe - disappointing :(

Tank - surprisingly good ;)

oh if u need music honey.. HOLLA u know I got all that already had them for over a month LOL

June 08, 2007  

You are always ripping and running. Sounds like you are going to have tons of fun this weekend. I need to get my cd collection up to par. My computer at home was LOADED but I got another so now I just need to SWITCH! Have a great weekend. check out my blog...I am writing again. Holla!

June 08, 2007  

GC...I actually think I might buy it. No that wasn't my intention but why do I think the same thing when I type that LOL

JMW...LOL sorry I tend to ramble, I think it's all because I'm growing up any other time I would be wayy immature about it. I heard her CD was good I'm going to have to get it since I've now heard it more than twice LOL.

BK..I see we are music twins LOL, cause I've had them over a month as well on the mp3..I tend to download them before they hit the streets I know bad LOL...aww you didnt' like to you LOL...and I will def be hitting ya up..and I wont be purchasing carls cd..I didnt' like it enough

June 08, 2007  

MRSTJ..Girl you snuck in on me LOL. You're back!! YAHHHHH yea I have to keep the music poppin or sitting at my desk and goin to the gym would be horrible

June 08, 2007  

Sounds like you are going to have a blast this weekend. Just have fun and give us details.

June 08, 2007  

so, I hope the thing with hun works itself the way it is suppose to. I want to say more, but for some reason I know you know.

I like Ms Rowlands cd. I love tambourine too. Eve did that.

I am excited about them. I want them.

June 08, 2007  

At least the clothes are clean! LOL

Have fun at the fight party, sounds fun!

June 08, 2007  

definitely can relate to someone acting "different" but it just takes time...

glad to hear you have signed up for classes, nothing like it...

June 08, 2007  

Tank cd is good. I was surprise. Joe cd gets a thumbs down from me. If you you don't have the one before this one, get it. It's so much better than the newer one.

Hope everything work out with you and HUn

June 08, 2007  

Diva..we shall see LOL

Deep..I hope it works out too but you can't make something work that isn't meant to be..and no I'm not saying what you think I'm saying...I do know :)

Lady...Yea I know right that's what I'm kinda like they can stay there they aren't dirty lol

TC...It kills me cause I was like what's wrong and he was like nothing then the day after BAMN and I'm like you cant do that dont lie and say nothin is wrong when it is..great

TSG...Yea I was expecting more I dont know why and I liked Joes cd LOL I actually like all his cd's some more than others but I like him overall..I hope they do as one is perfect

June 08, 2007  

Don't forget about Robin Thicke!! His cd is the bomb!!

June 08, 2007  

Keep going after your home. I'll have to hit up your archives to see what your heated argument was about, but don't let anyone get in the way of your dreams.

My boyfriend and I had arguments over investing. I basically told him he can follow or be left in the dust. He finally realized I wasn't about to let him get in my way, so he jumped in line and followed. We now closed on a second. Whatever you do, stay your course and follow your instincts. Take care, have a fabulous weekend!

June 09, 2007  

i like joe's cd as well.. i was disappointed w/ ne-yo's new joint.. but i aint buy so hey!

good luck in school... get all ur partying out this summer :-) like 6/29 & 7/21 (just throwing some dates out their for u to mark on ur calendar! LOL)

June 09, 2007  

tamborine is catchy but i don't know if i like it. rihanna annoys me. i love her hair tho. didn't hear musiq's cd but i need to huh? wasn't impressed w/tank's at all. not glue yourself to him!! hilarious. when is raheem's droppin? i will get it DAY ONE! i need to hit the laundry pile, too. it took me far too long to realize i was allergic to carrots so i won't talk about you and pretzels. i've always loved school, too.

June 10, 2007  

Hey, I hope you had a good weekend.

Musiq's cd is amazing. Rihanna huh? Hmm interesting..

I'm diggin' the way you are handling the relationship situation as well, best of luck.


June 10, 2007  

Hope you have a great weekend...!! =) Your right about one thing, Rhianna cant SING OH SO WELL....Did you see her performance on the MTV AWARDS?????? ((TSK TSK TSK TSK)) Not goo enough...! I personally thought she could do better...! For one, she's got beauty...>! =0


June 13, 2007  

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