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Monday, June 04, 2007

Late Sleeper

That's what I did this morning. I just stayed in bed past the time that I normally get up cause I wanted to...oh well. I was about 5 min late for work but my boss's dont come in till about 10 so I was good. On top of that I got madd work to do so I might stay late tomorrow so it all pans out. I went to see Spiderman 3 last night with R (yea, yea go ahead and say leave him alone...I'm not messing with him LOL..we're just friends) and it was SOOOO GOOD!! I wish it were in 3d though that would have made it even better. So we saw the movie and were up talking and chatting about life and what not...I told him about Hun.

Told him I couldn't spend too much time with him cause it would mess my head up and I dont' need that right now LOL...great. Enough of that

I'm ready to go back to sleep...

Hun sent me some pics he took yesterday why his tail look like a wanna be cop LOL

I realized that I do sometimes just assume that he will want to hang out....that's so selfish...

I told him that I need to feel more comfortable about moving in with him....I dont want any doubt

He understands but I don't think he fully does then again what man is going to admit that he doesn't understand LOL

I feel rather jazzy in my pink, gray and white today and it is somewhat drizzling off and on so that makes today feel a lil better

My car seems to work fine now..I'm taking it back to him on Sat just so the guy can look under the hood to make sure things are cool....dont want to be on the side of the road.

Hopefully I will know about grad school by the end of the week...the Dean is on maternity leave...great

It's hard realizing that a relationship really is about compromise....cause I've come to realize that I'm a stubborn lil thing LOL

I cant wait to sleep this weekend..since I didn't get to do that this weekend.....

Maybe I'll rent some movies I haven't done that in a while.....

Hopefully today goes by fast......

I dont want mess up a good thing just because I think the grass is greener when it's really not....

Sorry I've been MIA just a lot going on...if I ever go too long...just send me an email or IM I love getting those LOL

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my boss comes in late too
I slept late too. It was rough trying to wake up with the rain on my window.

ppl seem evenly divided on Spider Man. Either they loved it or hated it. I think I'll wait for the dvd

June 04, 2007  

GC...yes!! My thoughts exactly but it had stopped raining I just didn't want to get up LOL...I loved it and I can't wait till the DVD comes out then again I'm going to have to wait lol

June 04, 2007  

I liked Spiderman 3. The fight scenes were incredible. I did think that the scenes with the new chick (in that jazz bar) were not a good look.

I am glad to see that you have realized you are selfish. Now do something about it!!! Hahahaha lol

June 04, 2007  

Epsilonicus...YES I wish it had been in 3D that would have been sooo HOT (like Paris hilton says lol) no I was mad at him dancing with her LOL...I mean the first step is admitting right LOL

June 04, 2007  

My boss is out for the next three days! That means little to no work is going to get done. lol

My car is leaking antifreeze. Have to take it to the shop today.

June 04, 2007  

TSG...I heard that how I wish that were me least it's working LOL mine had NOOO OIL in it..great..just glad that it's fixed

June 04, 2007  

i thought the movie was aiight...maybe it it wasn't so long...but it was aiight...

i sleep in sometimes too...why not...HA!

now listen to me for a sec, little friendly suggestion...maybe you should consider no more "hangin out" with R or Q or K...if you wouldn't want the hun to do it, then you shouldn't do it either...hanging out with your homeboy is one thing, hanging out with someone that's more, might cause an issue or two...

just a thought...
catch up on that work honey...

June 04, 2007  

hey thanks for stopping by my spot. i gotta do better at updating that mug. yall got rain up there?? it hasn't rain in WEEKS in atlanta. girl, its so doggone hot! hopefully, it'll rain soon, we need it.

i would be iffy about moving in with ol dude too. thats a really big step. pray on it.


June 04, 2007  

You said don't say it so I won't say it again.

Everyone can be breaking at the same time! LOL

June 04, 2007  

the pic on this post is boss. lemme go walkin aorund your house so I can see what you be about.

have an even better day tomorrow too...LOL


June 04, 2007  

My Boos comes in late all the time too makes it easy to slack and read blogs though lol

June 05, 2007  

I hated s3 but keep doing your thing

June 05, 2007  

Relationships teach you as much about the other person as it does about yourself. Glad you are learning about yourself.

June 05, 2007  

Uh about to shack up with that guy?

June 05, 2007  

whew.. man.. wow.. umm yeah email me.. :)

June 06, 2007  

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June 06, 2007  

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