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Monday, May 21, 2007

Party like a Rockstar....

yea I like that song for some odd reason although I know that partying like a rockstar would probably mean that I'm doing some drugs LOL...I still like the song all the same.

So it's monday and wednesday is my friday of the work week so I'm excited and tired all in the same breath. This weekend me and Hun are going meet the parents LOL, well at least my parents that is. Hmm we'll see I wonder how they will react to one another. Guess I'll just have to wait and see. Now Monday wouldn't be Monday if I didnt have some kind of story about my weekend soooo here we go.

Friday: I got to work early so that I could get off early to meet up with Hun to look at some places. I left work between 415 and 430...why did I get to Woodbridge at 630-645ish. I was sooooo heated. I mean traffic was everywhere even on the backroads..he was laughing at me cause I was upsept like why is there traffic I dont understand, this is killin me. So I'm upset and heated about traffic and I finally arrive at his house and he gives me a hug calms me down and I apologize for being antsy (that's why I love him so much even when I'm agitated he still makes me smile lol) So we go look at some places find three that we like and head back to his house so we can eat dinner. His roomie who is our agent had his little girl with him for the day, she's 5 now (her bday was sat) and she's a character I tell ya, there was a long discussion on yesterday about how he needs to check her when she talks to folks or that stuff is gonna get out of hand, but I mean hey if he's the only one doing the checkin she's not gonna learn cause from what I hear her mom is one heck of a character too....poor guy. Lesson learned that you need to pay attention to who you sleep with isn't always everything clearly. So anywho Huns roomies fam was coming to help the lil girl celebrate her bday and she was excited. He told her that she needed to take her hair out, she's knows how but she asked me LOL..I didn't mind so I did it, he says she suckered me in LOL...sure she might have but I mean it's hair. So we head upstairs after I take her hair out and eat and she is trying to tell Hun something and he's shutting the door on her and telling her to go back downstairs so he can go to was like 11 something I think..shes saying that he's lying cause he's not going to sleep and all this other stuff....great. Her cousins come and she of course wants to tell Hun that they are here but we heard her dad stop her...that little girl I tell ya.....

Saturday...we get up and head downstairs amid lots of noise as you all can imagine and Hun goes in the kitchen to fix us some oatmeal. Why did one of the little girls come in and say ya'll should have fixed me some oatmeal too I like and Hun were like WHAT (as we looked at one another) who is this little girl I dont know you, I'm a stranger and you're telling me what I need to do for you. Ummm no. So he had to work and I had to get ready to go back to sleep LOL. I head home and he's off to work. I bummed around the house and was watching tv in my jammies when my cell's my sister and she's can you come get me and I'm like why....and she's like can you come and get me..mind you she's in suffolk and i'm here. So I get on the phone and call mom, dad and my other sis informs me that the parents are in a my dad finally calls me back, my mom has already talked to my sis and they are going to pick her up which is out of their way cause they were headed to MD after they left the she's at my house now with the boys, who by the way are getting soo big LOL. I left for work this morning and my nephew was like auntie I need you LOL...he's funny. So anywho apparently the boy who my sis was staying with hit my nephew with the door..she said it was an accident, I believe her cause when you do something to her or her kids she will straight cut you that's just how gutter she is...but apparently more was going on..I didn't ask too much I'm just glad that she's gonna be at home with my parents or at least the boys will be there.

After they got there around 8ish I get dressed to head to Love for a graduation party for a couple of friends who got their masters. Man when I say we partied we partied. I was sooo done that I threw up on the side of the road. I havent' thrown up since sophmore year of college. My shoes were off and the next morning my feet were dirty LOL. On top of that the headache I had was INSANE. My sis was like what was wrong with you when you came in you were breathing all hard LOL....probably trying to make sure I could still breathe LOL....but I had a blast, danced it up. Laughed at folks that tried to come to our party we were like we dont know you intruder intruder LOL...and you know when you drink everything is so much funnier and so much more emotional. I told my one of my homies boyfriends that he was a good guy cause he takes good care of her..they are about to move in together I told her the next day tell him that I meant that but I didnt' mean to cry LOL....I even called Hun at 4am..he laughed and tried to talk to me...then the next day was like dont drunk dial again I said sorry I will try not to then he was like nah it's ok..I said at least i called you i could have called someone else..great LOL

Sunday...after finally getting myself together and watching Shrek like 3 times with my nephew (I watched the third one on a website that someone hooked me up with..I must say I didn't really like it as much as I liked the others but oh well) and cooking dinner for the fam and roomie, getting the hair colored and retwisted (it's not a copper red color), I headed over to Huns house to hang out with him. I ended up staying over there until 430am and driving back to my house and going to sleep for another hour before I had to get up to come to work. Great. There was a long convo with his roomie about how his daughter talks to folks any kind of way and all that...then his gf got mad at this other dude that's staying with them cause she doesnt like his girl..technically shes not his girl but you get what I'm saying. She's never talked to her she just doesnt like her...and she said oh girl is first I think they were jokin then it got heated cause she had been drinking and she was screaming at him to get the F out....umm yea..I was about to go home but Hun asked me to stay so I did.....he keeps telling me he can't wait to move out LOL..great

So yea I have a house full...well a room full. They will be here till Friday so thurs we might just chill and Friday if Hun doesn't have that day off we'll bum aorund DC until he gets off then head down to the 757. Hopefully I dont fall asleep at my desk LOL

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It is so cool the way you share your life. I feel like a voyeur reading your stuff. You are like the Truman Show for real! LOL

Bratty kids. Who need's 'em!

You sound so happy.


May 21, 2007  

Girl, your weekend sounds like fun! Looking at houses is so exciting, but I'm really done with our agent, lol. Anywho, glad your sister and the boys are okay. Catch a few zzz's at that desk, I won't tell nobody!!

May 21, 2007  

SG...LOL you're funny not the Truman show LOL..and your right who needs bratty kids..NOT ME!!

Tasha...I did have a blast especially at LOVE I was DONE LOL. I'm tired of looking at houses I hope we find one soon remember you said you wouldn't tell nobody lol..cause I might have to do that before lunch

May 21, 2007  

glad your sister and the boys are good. glad you enjoyed your weekend.

May 21, 2007 too sometimes you just need it LOL

May 21, 2007  

lol @ "probably trying to make sure I could still breathe." you're silly...

kids say the darnedest things. i can just imagine what i'll hear from my students.

i also get heated when traffic is bad for no reason. i'm cool when i can expect it, but when there's no reason, eh, not cool at all.

May 21, 2007  

That was a lot. I don't know what to comment on.

Sorry you had the headache when you woke up. They are always fun.

May 21, 2007  

Kids...gotta love them!

May 21, 2007  

whew.. girl glad you had that kinda weekend.. made up for mine :) I'll post tonight well write it tonight and post it in the am about the last couple of days..

they changed my life!

May 21, 2007  

Ah kids. Sometimes just being around them makes me want to castrate myself with a rusty a tube of ocean water...while drunk...partially blinded...and with a nervous condition that causes my hands to twitch.

May 21, 2007  

you always seem to have so much fun stuff going on even when you think it's hectic or crazy. it's good that you have an active life as it shows you're doing something instead of nothing and complaining. mad props to you for doing what you can to get the most out of life and love.

May 21, 2007  

I'm glad you had a great weekend!!!!!

May 21, 2007  

I partied like a rock star on Friday night, and the only drug I had was alcohol . . . and I'm still feeling it.

May 21, 2007  

I partied like a rock star on Sunday night. And I am still feeling it on Tuesdasy morning!

May 22, 2007  

Bratty kids may get on your nerves but they provide a god laugh!

I know how to party lke a rockstar!!

I hope you and him find a place you adore.

May 22, 2007  

Kids normally imitate the behavior of the adults around them or push the limits with each adult they meet because they have no establish boundaries at home. It was cute now, it won't be when she's me old fashioned, LOL. How's the new nephew? I got a new god-daughter recently :)



May 22, 2007  

sounds like you were totally busy...and i so glad that your sis was able to get out and to somewhere were she & the boys would be alright...
i hope everything went well in the 757...

May 28, 2007  

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