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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"Life is not a problem. It is a miracle, a gift, a teaching, a celebration. Thanksgiving acknowledges the miracle of life - every gift - and saying "you're welcome" is a kind of thanksgiving in itself. It acknowledges the gift of thanks. It says that we live in a world of beautifully interacting thankfulness. It affirms that we live in a world awash with treasures, with miracles and blessings, that we are blessed with an endless array of people, moments, experiences, surprises, magic, curiosities, and beautiful coincidences to which our only delighted, ecstatic, and unchanging response should be thanksgiving.Thanksgiving is the soul's acknowledgment that all is well, that life is a grand and beautiful gift, that all we have to do is carry ourselves to the altar of life with a shouted breath of thanksgiving. Give thanks"

I know it's rather long but I liked it and since I wont be posting for almost a week I figured I'd leave you with something of some substance :)

So as I sit at my desk and I cheese cause today is my Friday (even though I'm not going to the DR I'm still going to the beach...any beach as long as it's not the office beach lol)!!! I think about what I have to be thankful for:

Of course life, health and strength.

A family that loves me unconditionally and with no holds bar

A God that blesses me even when I exhibit low patience

A mommie that shows me what it's like to be a strong woman and still get what you are destined to recieve

A daddy who is the epitome of the man I want to be blessed with (and I must say that Hun is that blessing)

Sisters that do get on my nerves but they teach me more and more about myself each day

Krate Digga for reminding me that this time last year was full of ups and downs...look how things are now :) thanks sir (and thank you for your IM's...cause you know I'm an IM whore LOL)

Everyone who sends me emails when I dont update alot LOL...I know I know I've been slackin on my pimpin but hey what can I say things do get hectic when you realize your an adult

My nephews who are growing each and every day. My toot (the 2 year old) told me this morning as I'm leaving for work...dont go auntie I need you LOL..I tell ya the things they say. The 1 month old is getting bigger and greedy haha

My Hun. I can't even begin to explain how he makes me see things now, he's wonderful and I pray that my parents see that when they meet him this weekend and if they dont boo to them LOL..sike let me stop. But for real even when we disagree...we disagree and move on we dont let it fester....I love him bunches :)

For the townhouse we FINALLY found!!!!! 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths and a half bath, with a nice basement and deck. WHOOOHOOOO. Now all we have to do is close on it :)

Life, love and happiness...I mean what more can a girl ask for. Even when you think life is kicking your tail you realize that sometimes you might have needed that kick in order to get to where your going.

Each of you.....I pray that you have a wonderful, safe, blessed holiday filled with laughter, fun and WONDERFUL FOOD!!! If you see me out and about slide me a hot dog (I prefer sausages but I'm trying to watch the weight LOL)

See next Wednesday!!!!!

EDIT: Kell's cd is on BET.COM I am crackin up at some of these lyrics I tell ya, this man is really he LOL....if you have time listen to it

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Ok. You can still sneak down to Georgia. lol.

I hope you have a great week. Enjoy the fam and the Hun.

You have a great holiday as well.

May 23, 2007  

Deep...dont think I'm not contemplating that..I am off till Tuesday...however the plane tickets are RIDICULOUS LOL...

May 23, 2007  

oh how i loved the intro...much needed...well, recieved.

wishing you a safe and wonderful weekend. I'm off every friday and i'm taking an early out tomorrow, so mine'll be cool too...or at least i hope it!

love the ref you made to your daddy; it was beautiful.

the rest of your list is great too and i can't wait til my niece and nephews say such sweet things to me.

May 23, 2007  

Yay...found a townhouse.

The way you gush about Hun, I'm sure your parents will love him.

May 23, 2007  

BluJ..Glad you liked it I thought it was rather profound. Your off every Friday..can I have your job LOL..I love my daddy what can I say :) nephew is hilarious talking about give me a kiss and hug before you go LOL

TSG...I know FINALLY!!! I hope soo too of course I'll talk about it if not LOL

May 23, 2007  

have a safe & fun trip.. and bring me back a shot glass ;-)

May 23, 2007  

Relax and feel free.

May 23, 2007  

You have a lot to be thankful for. You are truly blessed.

May 23, 2007  

U too-have a safe and lovely weekend filled with nothin but FUN and gettin "faded" na but just have lots and fun...enjoy yourself

May 23, 2007  

Love the first quote! and yes. R. Kelly does have some ridiculous quotes! lol

May 23, 2007  

oh hell no!!

i have been incognegro for far too long and then i come over here and see some shit about WE finally found a townhouse??!! LAWD!! when was big sis gonna be notified about this move?? (lol)

seriously, jus be sure to send my invite to the housewarming party! don't get caught slippin' either!! if i have to read about it on your blog i'm gonna go postal!! (lol)

i'm jus passin' thru to show some love. enjoy your time off! i'll be off friday, monday AND tuesday so i ain't mad atcha!

love you lots!

peace and big hugs

May 23, 2007  

It is what it nuthin wrong w/ pullin 'em to the side and gettin a little IM in the am...lmao

I think I went too far, but that's what Digga does..

Congrats again on the happiness both inner and outer...holla at 'cha if I make it to the 757 this year.

Leave the IM redlight on for me! Ha!


May 23, 2007  

wow! you found a place. Congratulations!

May 24, 2007  

Hope you have a great week!

May 24, 2007  

Seriously, Kell's cd cracked me up alllllll the way thru, lol.

Have a good weekend! I'm insanely jealous, lol.

May 24, 2007  

Wonderful quote, have a safe trip!

May 25, 2007  

i hope that you had a wonderful weekend...we all should be thankful for life...

May 28, 2007  

Its a wonderful feeling when you look up and realize that there is so much to be thanful for. Congrats on the house...!!!!

May 28, 2007  

Congrats on the house and hope all went smoothly with the meeting the parents!

May 31, 2007  

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