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Friday, May 18, 2007

Why Come....

I saw a lil girl this morning while I was walking to work who looked about 5 years old and she had a binkie in her mouth (pacifier)..umm what the piss and her sister looked about 3 and she had one in there they were not of the caucasian persuasion (and who cares if I spelled that wrong I'm tired lol)

I was blasting Chris Daughtery this morning..for some odd reason I think I have a punk rocker in me...then again he's not a punk rocker I just love his music...and that guy that was on idol the other night who sings I will wait for you....umm what's his name Elliot Yamin..he can sannnnggg too.

Sorry Melinda....perhaps being more ruthless would have gotten you farther, but I will def buy your CD when it comes out..why someone called her Shrek..totally uncalled for

I was crackin up this morning listening to Russ Parr..those folks are INSANE. While they were doing the horoscope they were like if your in the club and they play toot that thing up mommie and a horrible smell comes from you, you have a problem..why Marcel was like is that doodoo LOL...they were like you are so stupid..hahha then they went on to say poop that thing up mommie LOL..I was dying in the car on the way to the metro

I am soooo tired, I've been doing OT since last week..which consists of coming in early and sometimes staying late (I like to come in early versus stay late), yea the check looks nice but when your catching up on bills your like dang everything is paid and I got $15 to last me till I get paid again LOL...oh the joys of adulthood.

Me and the Hun talk about our future kids like they are here already LOL....I told him he cant be acting like that with Ahmari in the car LOL. He is always screamin at someone about this not being London and how they should drive on their side of the road.

It amazes me how in the zone I get when I'm in a groove at work, I mean give me my work and leave me alone..I tell ya

I realize now more than ever that I want to go back to school...being someone assistant is not my calling in life and belive you me some folks are called to do it. Don't get me wrong I love my boss's but I tell ya there comes a time when I look at them like oh I'm suppose to do that LOL..great (In case your wondering what my goal is after school, I want to work in research an example of what I want to do would be working for the Govt in the Health and Human Services office as a Child Support Program Specialist. I could probably do this now before school but that whole USAJOBS website confuses me LOL)

My mommie said I dont need to buy any more shoes...EVER. LOL how dare she, however the Hun said the same thing LOL.

My daddy did a good job of picking out my moms gift she had to get the ring resized cause it was too small but it's sooo pretty and of course when I took her to get that done, I got my fingers sized just to make sure LOL (although I do have a class ring that I wear all the time so I know my size)

I sooo wanted to try rings on but I knew that I would end of flying out of that store with one on my finger LOL

I love spending time with my mommie, she's the best. Says she doesn't need anymore grandkids this soon but she knows that I'll do the right thing LOL..great.

I can't wait to see Hun later, I almost said the Hun and that made me think of Atila and the Hun LOL..great my mind is forever wandering. I haven't seen him since Monday

I just finished reading this book called Cover Girls by TD Jakes. The book is fictional but has some scripture references and it held by attention which alot of religious "fiction" doesn't do. On top of that I could relate to lots of the things the women were going through..all I have to say is women have it going on. Just when you think she's dead you realize that she's in her winter, her hibernation season and we all knows what happens after winter :) I could go on and on but I wont' then again maybe I will another day...but go get the book it's on sale at Borders for 3.99 (sad I know it's in the bargain section)..totally a good read.

I forgot how much I love doing word searches..I got a book with some in them last weekend and I did one on the train coming to work this morning....I need to do them more often..I wish I could understand Sudko, it gives me a headache though LOL

I'm looking forward to this free trip that I got...hmm me and Hun are talking about going perhaps in Aug, we'll see

We might go visit my parents next weekend, hang out at the beach....

Next week is only a 3 day work week for me..WOOHOOO. I was going to come in on Thursday but I mean hey I still get paid so I might as well stay home and sleep!!!

Ive been wanting to blog but haven't had the time or I guess I'm back LOL

You have to go to YouTube and watch the person called Black Gesus perform this is why I'm black, he also has a song called throw some d's on's his rendition of the song..I gurantee that you will be crying LOL and I dont mean tears of sadness

This is the season of weddings, babies and love period LOL....we all know what folks were doing during the winter hhahaha

Red (my ex from TX) sent me an email, he's getting married next summer..of course I said congrats and I wish them well...they have a lil boy. Of course he has a lil boy and he didn't even tell me when I was there but after I had gotten home and told him I didn't want to deal with him anymore LOL...anywho. He was like I wish......nooo buddy you wish nothing LOL. I'm happy leave me alone..then he goes on to say you got a man now go ahead and focus on him like you been doing, I was like thanks I am take care have a nice life..this fool talking about I guess you dont miss me..I deleted that email and kept it moving.

Postage went up..I mean dang sooner or later its gonna be easier to drive to where they are than write a letter LOL..ok maybe its not that serious yet but WOW.

I'm getting off early today to look at more townhouses with Hun and the sun is not shining outside. Something about getting off early to a bright sunny day that just does something for me :)

My mommie said my nephews are doing fine, my sis left about a week or so ago to live with her so called aunt who is her so called boyfriends mom which YES would make her related to him...we don't know whose lying my sister or the aunt..ah well as my mom would say it will all come out. But my toot was sleep and my JJ his brother is gaining weight nicely he weighs 9 lbs.
I miss them but she has to make her own decisions, good or bad. I'm just praying that nothing happens to my babies in the process.

I want all of you to have the BOMB weekend..even if you do nothing, cause that's always
great...take care

Tip of the Day: If your bored at work, Phone someone in the office you barely know, leave your name and say, "Just called to say I can't talk right now. Bye." (LOL I thought that was funny)

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OH wow I'm first.

There was alot of children and Hun talk throughout this...

Yall looking for a place...

You and the ring size stuff...

Sounds like you really do see your future with Hun. :-) It's a beautiful thing, enjoy it.

Red makes me sick, he is married with child, he shouldn't care if you miss him or not! Why can't folks be happy with what they choose without...*sigh* nevermind

The babies are doing well. YAY!

May 18, 2007  

Lady..I'm sending your consellation prize now LOL...yes it's very apparent that we both want children and with one another so thats a good thing LOL. Umm yea I just love trying on jewlery LOL..I didn't tell him that though haha...yes girl getting married and still worried about what I think..I think nothing of you thanks LOL

May 18, 2007  

Sounds like your having a better day.
Poop that thing up? Too funny!
Binkies at five? Shame.
I wish my job was offering ot.
You have a BOMB weekend too.

Melinda doesnt look like Shrek.....

May 18, 2007  

hey, Melinda is from the Ville. So, I know she will be alright.

So, am I invited to the wedding? (you and hun are too cute)

I hope you have a phenomenal weekend.

And if Red emails you again, tell him I will bust him in his eye if he doesn't leave you alone. lol.

I have to go and get that book.

May 18, 2007  

Ok, the binky at five is a shame. I can see that poor child walking around Kindergarten with a binky and a blankie for good measure.

It sounds like you and Hun are on the course for a happy future together. I'm too happy for you.

Russ Parr and 'nem are too crazy...poop that thang up, I heard it too. LOL

May 18, 2007  

I love those sudoku puzzles. I have two puzzle books at home now.

Something about the sun makes my day. I love for it to be sunny.

Glad the nephews are doing good. I'm confuse about the aunt, sister, and the boyfriend. Lawd!

May 18, 2007  

The binkie thing...this is why so many kids have the fugliest teeth!! Both kids probably still suck a bottle too.

Your sis, the aunt, the boyfriend who could be her first cousin? Woah!

Your job...I have to say I've been on both ends as an assistant and as a manager with my own assistant...I prefer being an assistant...but that could be because my current manager is a sweetheart and my old assistant was a lazy good for nothing

Have a GREAT weekend yourself!! It's yucky here in NY today...was in the 40's and rainy this morning.

May 18, 2007  

actually you spelled "Caucasian" right.

May 18, 2007  

people and kids...i don't get it..
binky at 5?! HELL NAW...i don't like them things...

anywho...i love just reading your random thoughts...

the whether outside does pretty much suck...but you have a GREAT weekend!!!

May 18, 2007  

"Just called to say I can't talk right now. Bye"

That made my day Hon! Too funny!
Sounds like you have a lot going on. I'm mad at Ex from Tex (first cuz he's given Texans a bad name), but "Go take care of your man like I know you're doing anyway?" Did he say that with his kid on his lap?


Girl do you and be happy doin' it!

Be blessed.

May 18, 2007  

i have a love/hate relationship with sudoku. i love 'em when i get it right and hate it when i can't figure it out.

man, if we got paid OT on my job, i'd be a millionaire! lol... no, really, i probably would be.

good luck with everything and i hope you have a great weekend!

May 18, 2007  


Miss ya chile'. You've got me listening to Russ Parr and Steve Harvey in the morning...see can't even pay attention to the road cuz' I'm laughing too hard most of the time

3 and 5 with a pacifer? Mother should be ashamed of herself.

The Hun?! Lemme go back and read the archives....have I been gone that long? Has Honey traded in....the pimp card?!

May 19, 2007  

Just passing through. Don't get to stop by as much as I'd like. Hope you had a good weekend.

May 21, 2007  

aww. i miss russ par. dc metropolitan area radio is the greatest! we don't have anything like that out here in cali. dag i miss russ par!!!!

May 22, 2007  

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