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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Enough Said...

Today is that day...where I take time to think about all the things I have to be grateful I am grateful for the following....

that I haven't thrown myself or my computer out the window

that I haven't gone off on my bossess

Lord give me strength....back to work I go!

posted by Ms.Honey at 11:29 AM


We are going to make it.

Don't go off.

Please Hammer dont hurt em.

May 16, 2007  

clutch the pearls honey..

You aint going got your mind under control


May 16, 2007  

Deep...I'm trying sooo hard not to say something but man it's sooooo hard

Yaz...LOL I've been clutching them and chewing gum to keep me sane and the pearls are all oily from my sweat LOL...and I'm poppin my head as hard as Mary over there to remain calm LOL

May 16, 2007  

bad day huh?

May 16, 2007  

I knows the feeling...keep your head up Ma!

May 16, 2007 dont even know the half

Royce...Doing all I can do to keep it above water.

May 16, 2007  

Well AMEN sista!

May 17, 2007  

lol. is that how you're feeling? lol. hold on girl. 1 more day to go.

May 17, 2007  

Girl I feel you. I am not feeling it right at this moment but I feel you! Trust!

May 17, 2007  

Yeah, don't hurt the computer. Unplug it pack it up and ship it off to me. :o) What? Stealing is better than destroying...sometimes.

May 17, 2007  

Wooo-saaah girl!! It's gonna be alright :-)

May 17, 2007  

Dont hurt nobody!!

May 17, 2007  

Girl...I can SO relate!

Don't become unhinged sweetie!


Weekend is ALMOST here!

May 17, 2007  

All I can say to that is Amen! I feel you on that. Am more tempted to get up and walk out and not say a word, and not return.

May 19, 2007  

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